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Creator Round Up: Fan Artist (Commission Special)

In our next Installment of Creator Round Up we are taking on fan artists, but not just ANY fan artists. We are recommending artists who we have specifically commissioned in the past; artists who have done custom art just for us. In the post-AI Art future, it is more important than EVER to support artists. But it is also important to use credible and recommended artists for quality work! We wanted to showcase the amazing art they have done for us. They do amazing, affordable, custom art to our satisfaction, and in a timely manner. If you want to get your own custom art of a character you love, check out these artists, and see who's art style appeals to you most!

We are NOT receiving any spiff or commission from recommending these artists. They are simply artists we enjoy and recommend to our audience.

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission or content we own. Content is not featured in any particular order. Artist quality is our opinion, and we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work or time table. Game Infinite is not responsible for these artists work and your hire them at your own risk.

This List is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking.

1. @Luchidart - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Commissions from Luchidart)

Link: @Luchidart

Luchi has done an absolutely amazing job designing some of our Gi Channel Profile Picture arts. Their art is the main for our Mass Effect Infinite and Final Fantasy Infinite pages, and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. They most recently took a stab at our OC Infinite Girl Gi mascot!

Their specialty is a style that feels like a perfect blend of anime and comic feel. Yuchi delivers quick, high resolution, and affordable. However, Luchi is a very busy artists, (well worth the wait), so make sure to plan ahead to get on their waitlist.

2. Nico_artoooo - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Commissions from Nicoartooo)

Nick has been a long time supporter and fan of the Game Infinite platform. They were one of the very first artists we partnered with. They designed our very first and original Infinite Girl mascot. Subsequently they have provided some incredible Mass Effect fan art for our Mass Effect Infinite Gi Channel, including an absolutely fantastic envisioning of a What If scenario I came up with following the Control Timeline of ME3.

Nick's speciality is a style that has a particular animated feel. His art is instantly recognizable as a Nico piece. He is fast, affordable, and very communicative with step by step process and feedback.

3. Chaosringen - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Commission from Chaosringen)

Chaosringen is a huge FFXIV fan and one of the few artists I know that tackles FFXIV fan art! The FFXIV community is huge and passionate, but I rarely come across traditional fan art for the game. I really loved Chaos's art style that feels so perfect for the fantasy genre. The tan colors used feels like traditional sketch pad feel that fits perfectly for the fantasy genre. I thought their style would cross over perfect to another fantasy universe, and I challenged Chaos to tackle my custom character, a Deathblade Assassin from Lost Ark, the result was nothing short of incredible. Being a a fan art of a custom character, this is one of the most unique and original pieces in our collection!

Their style is a very sketch fantasy feel, that feels right at home in a fantasy art book. They excel at characters from fantasy settings with detailed and intricate. Our custom character had a complex feathery armor, and other pieces we've seen have armor with tiny details. They delivered quickly, high quality, and were communicating on progress. They listened to our requests. However, Chaos is a very busy artists, (well worth the wait), so make sure to plan ahead to get on their waitlist.

(Other Art by Chaosringen)

4. Andrismaowni - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Commissions from Andrismaowni)

Andrismaowni has really helped boost content for our Mass Effect Infinite Channel during a time when content was a little light. They drew an incredible Miranda and Infinite Girl N7 cosplay variant for us! Their style is very focused on a light hearted, uwu, anime light, style that if you are looking for a very uplifting and kawaii style. They are fast, affordable, and very good at the "cutesy", hyper stylized anime look that is their style. They delivered quickly, high quality, and were communicating on progress. They listened to our requests.

5. Pichimiko - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Custom Art from Pichimiko)

Pichimiko is the second artist on this list to be used for our Gi Channel profile pic backgrounds! We just loved their 2B so much, we had to make her our Nier Infinite profile art background.

Their style is very uwu, anime, with a focus on large eyes and exaggerated facial features. They delivered quickly, high quality, and were communicating on progress. They listened to our requests.

6. Suoniko - Fan Artist

(Game Infinite Commission from Suoniko)

Special Feature: (@michaela.lee1) Link: @suoniko

Suoniko is an absolutely incredible artist, and the pieces they produce are incredible. They produce detailed, high quality anime pieces, that are professional levels of production quality. We partnered with them and one of our streamer creator friends, Michaela Lee on a special project to turn Michaela into an Anime OC. Game Infinite and Michaela couldn't have been more happy with the result.

They produce incredible high quality, high resolution, premium anime art. They delivered quickly, high quality, and were communicating on progress. They listened to our requests.

(Other Art by Suoniko)

Thank you for checking out our artist friends, and make sure to go support them on your favorite social media platforms or consider hiring them for a custom art commission! Game Infinite is now available to follow on Threads where we will be continuing our support of featuring amazing creators. Come back next time for our next Creator Round Up!


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