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Creator Round Up: Mass Effect

In our next Installment of Creator Round Up we are taking on one of my favorite franchises and communities. I have been vocal about how the Mass Effect trilogy is my favorite video game and series of all time. I absolutely love the characters, story, and lore in this much beloved franchise. If you are like me and love everything Mass Effect, you should definitely check out our dedicated Mass Effect Channel, @masseffectinfinite where we bring regular Mass Effect cosplay, fan art, screenshots, and news! In this article, we got the exciting opportunity to feature some amazing creators who have amazing Mass Effect content!

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission. Content is not featured in any particular order.

This List is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking.

ICYMI: Mass Effect Discussion Panel Infinite Summer 2022

(See some of our Mass Effect Creator Round Up Collaboration Partners guest appear in our Mass Effect discussion panel from our 2022 Infinite Summer event!)

1. @Luchidart - Fan Artist

Luchi has done an absolutely amazing job designing some of our Gi Channel Profile Picture arts. Their art is the main for our Mass Effect Infinite and Final Fantasy Infinite pages, and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. In addition to this amazing Commander Shepard they drew for us, they regularly put out absolutely amazing pieces.

2. @cshells_n7 - #GiFriends MOD / Mass Effect Infinite MOD / 3D Artist and Cosplayer

Cassie is one of the most incredible and talented creators we have had the privilege to work so closely with. They have been a GiFriends Mod for our Mass Effect Channel from it's beginning, and they regularly put out absolutely amazing 3D renders and cosplays for Mass Effect. Their 3D art really brings to life so many amazing characters and even have some of the best cross over art. Her Miranda cosplay is also fantastic. We are lucky to have her talent in the Game Infinite family. Support her on her own pages and the ME Gi Channel. She also was a guest creator on our 2022 Infinite Summer Mass Effect Discussion Panel shared above!

3. @soylentcosplay - Cosplayer

Soylent is an absolutely phenomenal cosplayer who manages to pull off one of the hardest cosplays in Mass Effect to make look real. Asari head pieces are challenging and difficult to make look like the game, however, she manages to pass as a perfect IRL Asari. If they ever decided to do a live action Mass Effect adaptation, they seriously should consider bringing Soylent in to help make the Asari look authentic. We love having the ability to feature her on our Gi Channel.

4. @lightspeedstream - Twitch Streamer

Lightspeed Stream is a fantastic streamer with a focus on playing through Mass Effect. Additionally, they have an impressive Mass Effect collection with some really cool items and meet ups. Lightspeed also guest appeared in our 2022 Infinite Summer Mass Effect Discussion panel listed above!

Streamer Quote: "I love that you have control of your own story. Garrus and Tali are my favorites characters because they will be by your side, and great conversation with them. I love playing video games, and the power of storytelling."

5. @miraofthewilds - Cosplayer

Miraofthewilds regularly delivers stunning cosplays, and one of our absolute favorites it their incredible Miranda cosplay. Tackling the more unique black suit Miranda, She really just brings to life this fan favorite character, and we enjoy having the ability to feature her on our Mass Effect Channel.

6. @bansheebitch - Cosplayer

Bansheebitch not only regularly delivers fantastic Miranda cosplay, she manages to just deliver the attitude and vibe the community's favorite Space "Ice Queen" Additionally to her phenomenal professional cosplay shoots, she also does video game line sync's on her reels that really bring to life some fun dialogue from the games. We absolutely love having her cosplay on our Channel.

7. @teamemeraldcos - Cosplay

Teamemeraldcos over and over again delivers amazing cosplay photography and armor sets. This Commander Shepard shot is just a fantastic and lifeline depiction of our BroShep. They really are adept at armor cosplays and great photography. We always look forward to their updates on the Mass Effect Infinite Channel.

Photography: 1. @littlevinny000 / 2. @kewelworld

8. - Fan Artist

Dillaya manages to take Mass Effect, which is a more serious, mature, and darker tone, and deliver regular fan art in the most vibrant and color filled pieces. We absolutely cannot get enough of their style. They are not afraid to tackle less common subjects or variations. For instances, I can't recall seeing Sentinel hard light armor very often, and they tackle some of the lesser common ME Fan Art characters. These few are just a drop in the bucket of a fantastic catalog of amazing Mass Effect art.

9. @moewanders - Fan Artist

We recently just fell in LOVE with this piece from Moewanders. This is definitely something I need on my wall. The Normandy backdropped by the Singularity is just gorgeous. This is the type of majestic art you can expect from Moewanders!


Thank you to our amazing Creator Round Up Partners! Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Creator Round Up"! It is a article series where we highlight epic creators in various gaming communities!

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