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Creator Round Up: Overwatch

Another Creator Round Up is here and we are excited to target the phenomenonal creators in the Overwatch community. Creator Round Up is an important series here at Game Infinite because it is more important than ever to support creators! We love this series as it shines a spotlight on amazing and talented creators of a given fandom, and we are super excited to bring this Overwatch installment to our readers. I have been a day one Overwatch player. It is one of my favorite franchises, and I am someone who has followed it closely over the years. For years it was my go to live service. I played it religiously through its golden years and through the low times during the last years of OW1, and the very rough launch of OW2. Overwatch has had its up's and downs with the community, but up or down, we loyal fans still love this incredible game and universe. This is evident in the fact that this will be the BIGGEST Creator Round Up to date! We had so many responses to be a part of this newest article, and we get to showcase so many amazing creators.

We are NOT receiving any spiff or commission from recommending these creators. They are simply creators we enjoy and recommend to our audience.

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission or content we own. Content is not featured in any particular order. Artist quality is our opinion, and we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work or time table if you commission them. Game Infinite is not responsible for these artists work and your hire/collaborate with them at your own risk.

This List is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking.

1. @artnoush_ - Fan Artist

Link: @artnoush_

Meet the extraordinary fan artist known by the handle artnoush_, whose creative prowess knows no bounds. Specializing in a mesmerizing and vibrant animated style, artnoush_ has breathed new life into the realm of fan art. With a kaleidoscope of colors at their fingertips, they've taken Overwatch characters such as the formidable D.Va and enigmatic Kiriko, and spun them into captivating masterpieces that transcend the digital canvas. Through artnoush_'s pieces, these characters evolve and capture the essence of the Overwatch universe in a uniquely dazzling manner.

2. @Luchidart - Fan Artist

Link: Luchidart

Luchidart is an incredible artist we have been working with for a while now, and we never stop being amazed at their incredible work. Luchidart has produced several incredible original commissions for us, including this absolutely phenomenal D.Va fan art. Luchidart also drew several amazing pieces for our Gi Channels such as Final Fantasy Infinite and Mass Effect Infinite. In addition to our commissioned D.Va, they also have an absolutely incredible Widowmaker.

3. @bradleyspeed - Cosplayer

As a long time Lucio main, I have so many hours as this character as he is absolutely one of my favorites to play. He is able to carry teams, turn the tide of battle, and hold the line on hard fought overtime. It is rare to see cosplay or fan art for him, so when I stumbled across bradleyspeed, I thought we absolutely HAD to get him included in Overwatch Creator Round Up. Bradleyspeed nails the vibe and look of everyone's favorite green frog.

4. @reika_draws - Fan Artist

Step into the imaginative realm of Overwatch artistry with reika_draws. This skilled artist specializes in a unique style that blends soft, yet vibrant colors and tones. From, Mercy D.Va, to Kiriko, reika_draws brings characters to life in a way that's both charming and captivating. With a playful approach and a knack for infusing each stroke with personality, their artwork turns into a delightful visual experience that's truly one-of-a-kind. We love the soft colors that are instantly recognizable as Reika's pieces.

5. @Chellyko_ - Fan Artist

Link: Chellyko_

Chellyko_ possesses a remarkable talent for chibi-style Overwatch art that is nothing short of enchanting. Specializing in distilling the essence of characters into adorable, pint-sized forms, Chellyko_'s prowess is exemplified by their Kiriko chibi. This miniature rendition of Kiriko exudes an irresistible charm, capturing every detail with a delightful twist. Through their skillful hands, Overwatch's characters take on a new level of endearing appeal, making Chellyko_ a true master of the chibi art form.

6. @faebee_ - Cosplayer

Link: Faebee_

Faebee_ emerges as a cosplay gem, embodying Overwatch's Kiriko with an utterly fun vibe. Their signature "uwu" and vibrant color style infuses a touch of whimsy and quirkiness into their portrayals. Faebee_'s transformative ability takes Kiriko to new heights of charm, captivating audiences with their unique and delightful approach. Faebee_'s cosplays are a testament to their creativity and ability to reinvent beloved characters, leaving a trail of smiles and admiration in their wake. The donuts are a fun touch...

7. @mamura_senpai - Cosplayer

Mamura_senpai stands out as an exceptional D.Va cosplayer in the world of Overwatch enthusiasts. What truly sets her apart is the unwavering commitment to her craft, showcased through high-quality photoshoots that elevate her portrayals to an art form. With meticulous attention to detail, she brings D.Va to life in astonishing ways, capturing every nuance of the character's persona. Mamura_senpai's dedication to authenticity and her ability to immerse herself in D.Va's world are evident in every frame. Her cosplays are a testament to her artistry and passion, leaving admirers in awe of her skill and the stunning visuals she creates.

8. @tofu_games - Cosplayer

Link: tofu_games Photography: @hannaramirezphotography

We first came to discover Tofu_games back during our retired channel's Apex Infinite days. We continue to enjoy her Apex content in our Apex Friday's system, and her Loba is truly one to watch. However, we eventually came to discover her incredible Overwatch cosplay as well, and found it absolutely necessary to include her in our Overwatch Creator Round Up! One thing that Tofu absolutely excels in is bring joy and happiness to her shots. In so many of her shots she brings the lighting, color, and excitement. She smiles a lot and makes her cosplay projects breathe with energy either through pose, setting, or smile. We can never get enough of her super talented D.Va shots as she always nails D.Va bubbly personality.

9. @teatherxrie - Cosplayer

Link: Teatherxrie Photography: @andy_de_photos (Kiriko) / @magic_missile_studios (Junker Queen) / @bounce_light (Ashe)

One thing that makes Teatherxrie stand out is her ability to tackle some of the lesser cosplayed characters of Overwatch, and delivering on that creation 11/10. Ashe and Kiriko are lesser cosplayed than D.Va in the Overwatch community, but It is pretty rare to see Junker Queen cosplays. On all fronts, she delivers cosplay shots that are just S tier in all ways. Teatherxrie delivers on poses, outfit attention to detail, props, and setting. Her cosplays could easily be used as official cosplays by Blizzard.

10. @siznart - Fan Artist

Link: siznart

Siznart's art is a gateway to a world of undeniable cuteness, where Overwatch's D.Va is transformed into an embodiment of "uwu" charm. With a cutesy anime style that's uniquely their own, siznart crafts D.Va artworks that radiate pure adorableness. Their digital brush captures the essence of innocence and sweetness, breathing life into the character in a way that's hard not to love. Siznart's ability to harness the "uwu" factor elevates D.Va into a realm of irresistible charm, making their art a heartwarming delight for Overwatch fans and beyond.

11. @nymphahri - Cosplayer

Link: Nymphahri Photography:

Nymphahri shines as a standout D.Va cosplayer, skillfully merging the character's essence with her craft. Through high-quality photography, she transports viewers into Overwatch's world, skillfully using dynamic poses and captivating backgrounds. Nymphahri's ability to encapsulate D.Va's spirit in every frame resonates powerfully, establishing her as a must follow creator in the Overwatch cosplay scene.

12. @cierracos - Cosplayer

Link: Cierracos

GiFriends and former Mod of Game Infinite, we have been long time fans of Cierracos. Her incredible cosplayers are always fantastic, with attention to detail. She is a huge D.Va fan like most Overwatch creators and ourselves, but one unique and incredible aspect is her bringing to life non-traditional versions of D.Va. While she excels as default D.Va she also brings to life incredible variants of the character that make her stand apart. If you are a cosplay, tiktok, or Overwatch fan, Cierra is a must follow.

13. @nica.cosplay - Cosplayer

Link: Nica.cosplay Photography: @usk_workshop

We discovered Nica.cosplay first as part of the Apex Legends community back during the Apex Infinite days. While we initially loved Nica's work for her incredible Apex characters, we came to learn about her insanely high quality Overwatch cosplays as well. Nica.cosplay stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of cosplaying, wowing enthusiasts with their impeccable portrayal of Overwatch icons like Ashe and Sombra. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to perfection in every aspect of their craft. From their expertly crafted props to the meticulous attention to detail in their costumes, nica.cosplay's commitment shines through. It's not just about donning the outfits; it's about embodying the characters with flawless precision. Their quality poses and masterfully executed photography further enhance the realism, capturing the essence of these heroes in breathtaking ways. Nica.cosplay's transformative ability to bring digital avatars to life is nothing short of awe-inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on the cosplay community and fans alike.

14. @7bpictures - Digital Artist

Link: 7bpictures

Venture into the realm of digital art mastery with 7bpictures whose expertise brings Overwatch's dynamic characters to life in unprecedented ways. Specializing in crafting photorealistic renditions, this artist's work transcends traditional boundaries. Their intricate attention to detail is evident in every pixel, whether it's D.Va's signature look, Ashe's rustic charm, or Widowmaker's allure. What truly sets them apart are their close-up portraits that unveil the characters' emotions and stories with uncanny realism. Each piece invites viewers to explore the nuances of Overwatch's heroes on an intimate level, showcasing a level of artistry that's both mesmerizing and groundbreaking.

Thank you for joining our latest Creator Round Up! We think these amazing creators are worth your time! If you enjoy Creator Round Up, let us know what theme we should tackle next! If you enjoy Game Infinite content, you can support us here and get discounts on cool LOOT!


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