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Creator Round Up - Resident Evil 4

In the eerie corridors of Resident Evil 4, where every shadow hides horrors, a passionate community of creators exists. From the iconic Leon S. Kennedy, the enigmatic Ada Wong, to the innocent and likable Ashley, these talented creators breathe life into the characters we’ve come to love. Whether it’s meticulously crafted cosplay, haunting fan art, or captivating in-game photomode shots, their creations are amazing.

For the Month of April, join us as we drop into the creator world of Resident Evil 4. In this month's Creator Theme, we feature the remarkable work of RE4 cosplayers, fan artists, and virtual photography. Grab your green herbs, check your inventory, and prepare for a terrifying journey. Make sure to show some support and love for these creators by clicking their links and dropping some follows!

(To the best of our knowledge, all fan art work in this article is generated by humans and not AI generated. Each artist we feature has a wide variety of artwork with recurring style and often show progress and WIP's. As AI grows more and more involved in today's world, we try to support human artists as much as possible)

ezysummerscosplay - Cosplayer

Original Photography: Radore (Ashley)

Ezysummer is a cosplayer we have featured multiple times before, and we absolutely could not wait to once again support their incredible cosplay in our Resident Evil 4 April Event. Her Ashley and Ada are next level, and her attention to detail is worthy of your support.

Creator Interview:

If her cosplay interests you, you can learn all about her process, journey, and see even more cosplays at her special Creator Interview article special feature we did on her here:

In addition to showcasing her phenomenal cosplays, we included her in a very special super collab for this month's theme! See below...

"LuchiXEzysummer" Art vs Cosplay - Special Gi Collaboration

Original Photography: Radore

Fanart: luchidart

Several months ago, I had this idea of a way to bring creators together, and collaborate with multiple creators. We support thousands of artists and cosplayers, and I came up with this idea for a ArtXCosplay special, where we commission one of our artist creator friends to recreate one of our cosplay friends in art form. Luchidart is a recurring talented artist on the Gi platform, and these Creator Round Ups. We thought they were the perfect person to bring Ezy's Ashley to life in artform with this special Gi LuchiXEzy piece! This collab made in partnership with Ezy turned out incredible; and we love the final result!

(This was a new special piece made for this event and not included in the community poll)

guolfo - Fan Artist

The community voted in a separate two part poll, and guolfo was declared Best RE4 Fan Art. Their take on Ashley was absolutely beloved by our viewers as they fell in love with gulf's art style and innocent look. We think that this piece is definitely worthy of the recognition it got.

Clowcos - Cosplayer

Clowcos resonated with viewers who voted his cosplay BEST RE4 COSPLAY of the event, and we agree that they did a fantastic job bring this hero to life. He personifies the attitude, atmosphere, and vibe of the character greatly, and clearly the cosplay resonated with our followers.

yudithcosplays - Cosplayer

Yudithcosplays regularly delivers wonderful takes on our favorite characters, and her portrayal of Ashley from RE4 was a must include in this list. We really enjoyed the setting, pose, and cinematography of their cosplay. She really just succeeds in this cosplay.

logancureart - Fan Artist

Logancureart blew everyone away last month with their Halo Cortana fan art, and they returned in force with this absolutely phenomenal Ada fan art. We here at Game Infinite are HUGE fans of Logancure as their fan arts are just an incredible level of quality, bringing poster / key-cover-art-worthy pieces.

purple.amelie - Cosplayer

Purple.amelie blew us away with tie incredible cosplays and take on Ashley or Ada. Purple delivered incredible detailed cosplays with wonderful settings and photography. It is clear that they have a passion for these characters and world. When we saw their Ashley, we were just blown away at this incredible cosplay. Purple's amazing cosplay was an inspiration for this month's theme! We absolutely can not recommend her cosplays enough, and we can't wait to see what she delivers in the future.

thevhenix - Cosplayer

Photography: mab.fx

If you have been following Gi for a while, odds are you have seen the incredible work of thevhenix. They have been in multiple Gi events, Creator Round Up's and even did a one on one interview with us! From Tifa, Pyslocke, Yor, and so many more, their incredible cosplay never stops; and when we saw they had an Ada cosplay, we knew once again we had to invite them back to this RE4 month!

Creator Interview:

If her cosplay interests you, you can learn all about her process, journey, and see even more cosplays at her special Creator Interview article special feature we did on her here:

oyenpaws - Fan Artist

Many artists have unique or recognizable art styles. But oyenpaws has one of them that I can instantly identify as an oyenpaws piece without even checking the handle. Oyenpaws also has this incredible flat, anime style, that just reminds me of something from a card game. I feel like someone needs to approach Oyenpaws to turn all these characters into a card game, as they just fit perfectly. We definitely want to showcase more of their amazing pieces.

thisis_amm - Cosplayer

Photography: alrlostsomewhere

Thisis_amm IS Ada Wong. This cosplayer delivers many amazing cosplays but their take on Ada Wong is just one of our favorites of theirs. She nails the attitude and vibe of this character. We knew they were a must include on this list.

naofaro - Fan Artist

Naofaro really has a dark, ethereal feel to their art pieces. Some characters often have an almost ghostly aesthetics to them, and they really deliver a portfolio of amazing characters. When we came across their Ashley and Ada, we knew we had to include them in our month's theme!

scionjay96 - Virtual Photographer / Streamer

Jay is a long time supporter of the Gi Platform, famous for his incredible work in moving the needle for the entire Virtual Photography community himself. If you are a VP fan, than odds are you have probably heard of scionjay96. His work in the Tomb Raider community is legendary, and when it was time for him to visit the RE4 remake, we were eager to see his take on this capturing these incredible characters in their new 4k glory.

calvinsimsart - Fan Artist

Calvinsimsart came to April swinging with their fantastic Ada Wong art that we were able to feature. We love their style and think this is a must see for any Ada fan! Calvinsimsart has quite a catalog of characters, and if you like anime and waifu style art, this Ada is only a peak at what they can do.

charming_kitsune - Cosplayer

Photography: ricardos_portraits (Ada), (Ashley)

Charming_kitsune has so many amazing cosplays, and they are just deliver a gamer uwu vibe that always just feels uniquely "charming kitsune". They have so many amazing and fun takes on characters, we definitely hope to see them return in future articles and Gi events! Check out their incredible cosplays here.

Game Infinite RE4 Playthrough Photos!

Are we allow to showcase a brief look at our own original stuff here? You love RE4 right?...Check out some of our favorite shots from our time with the RE4 Remake photomode. To see more Game Infinite Original Shots, follow us on Insta or X! Keep Scrolling for more creators!

ayyasap - Fan Artist

Any respectable fan of gaming fan arts should already know about ayyasap, and if you don't...WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? Ayyasap regularly delivers countless incredible fan arts of beloved characters, so including them in our April RE4 theme was a must invite. I think their Ashley is easily one of our favorites of their entire portfolio.

giovannatcos - Cosplayer

We absolutely enjoy Giovannatcos many fun takes on beloved characters. Their Tifa and 2b are loved by our Gi Channel followers. Ada is a character that exudes an attitude and vibe that just bleeds through in Giovannatcos' cosplay of the character. She manages to nail that badass vibe of Ada in her poses, facial expressions, and energy. We instantly knew we had to include her in this list.

nico_artoooo - Fan Artist

I think Nick is competing with thevhenix for frequent flyer miles on these Creator Round Ups. Nick churns out so many amazing pieces, that I am not surprised that he already has a piece ready for our themes! As a fellow RE4 fan, it was clear that he shares our love of these characters. Their take on Ashley, Ada, and Leon were fantastic, and we are glad you get to see it here. However, We have featured countless art pieces of Nick, so see below how you can see a larger look at this artist.

Creator Interview:

If Nick's art interests you, you can learn all about their process, journey, and see even more amazing art pieces at their special Creator Interview article, a special one on one feature we did on them here:

danuskocampos - Fan Artist

Danuskocampos has a fantastic art style that we just really enjoy, which is exactly why we asked them back for RE4 month on Gi. We have featured their amazing art before, from characters such as Hulk, Wonder Woman, Lara Croft and more, they have some next-level pieces. Their Ada is no different, and was worthy of a spot on this list!

Creator Interview:

If danuskocampos' art interests you, you can learn all about their process, journey, and see even more amazing art pieces at their special Creator Interview article, a special one on one feature we did on them here:



Thank you for stopping by our Creator Round Up! Make sure to drop some follows for any creators here you enjoyed! If you would like to see us feature a particular creator or a particular theme you would like to see, let us know in the comments on this social post, or send us a DM!


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