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Danuskocampos - Creator Interview

In the world of fandoms, where nerdiness meets creativity, Danusko stood out to us with their incredible fan arts. Overwhelming with their remarkable talent and unwavering dedication to their craft, Danusko has carved a niche for themselves in the realm of nerdy fan art, captivating audiences with their unique interpretations of beloved characters and stories. As we delve into the art and life of this gifted fan artist, we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped their journey, offering a glimpse into the boundless imagination of a true creative force.

Scroll down to see amazing art from Danusko, as well as learn about their process, motivations, journey, and more!

(Misc. Danuskocampos)


GI: What motivates you to create fan art, and how has it enriched your artistic growth? Share your experiences, challenges, and the joy of bringing beloved characters to life on canvas or screen!

Danusko: When I was young I used to create my own stories and characters, (surely they were always game or movie inspired), but I was in my teens when I started doing fanarts while I worked at a shop. When there were no clients I was always dreaming about the games I was playing at home on the PS2, so the fanarting started there. Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Tomb Raider, to name a few. That five year practice surely helped me to develop skills and to start risking myself at the comics and illustration market, where I’m at until today. 

Lara Croft Tomb Raider -

GI: What draws you to Lara Croft as a subject for your art? Tell us the appeal of this adventurous archaeologist and how you capture her essence in your pieces. For our Tomb Raider Infinite community, tell us more about your Tomb Raider fan art! 


Danusko: Tomb Raider was my first 3D exploration game, I jumped from Sega Genesis to a Ps One and my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe the size of the game, I played it for a week straight until I finished it. I was shocked by the mummies and Atlantis levels and it took me a lot of time to have the courage to play it again, it was kind of a horror game for me at the time. But it was from Tomb Raider 2 onward and when Lara was on the cover of numerous magazines when I started drawing her. My first drawing was the TR2 scene where she saves the Monk from two goons. Classic Lara is my favorite, she is very Iconic as she was designed.

Wonder Woman -

GI: How do you convey Wonder Woman in your artwork? Tell us about the challenge of portraying a demigoddess who embodies power, justice, and compassion.

Danusko: I like to draw Wonder Woman as a powerful, tall and intimidating amazon, who strikes fear and respect just by standing, but has a compassionate expression. I always like to make her hair as beautiful as I can, because I think it is one of her strongest features. I have been drawing muscular women for almost 20 years by now, it all started when I was first commissioned to work at a client’s Original Character who was an amazon, and since then I receive lot’s of requests for muscular female characters, and Wonder Woman is my favorite.

Street Fighter -

GI: Which Street Fighter character do you find most intriguing to illustrate? Tell us about your interest in the vibrant world of martial arts and share your artistic process when depicting these fighters. Tell us about your Street Fighter art?

Danusko: I was always happy when I receive positive feedback by drawing Street Fighter and fighting game characters, because they are the most fun to work on. Fighting games are my passion and I love to draw Chun Li and Juri the most. But my favorite character is Ryu, curiously. I think it’s easy to notice that Street Fighter art has a huge influence on my art style.

Ciri (The Witcher):

GI: What aspects of Ciri’s character resonate with you? From being a skilled warrior to her connection with Geralt and her magical abilities, what is it that speaks to you?

Danusko: I’m only familiar with The Witcher 3 game a little from the Netflix series, but I’ve always seen Ciri as a super intriguing character that needs to be explored more. I truly hope for a new game based around her, especially showing her travels on other worlds.

The Future and more...

GI: How do you approach capturing the essence of other characters in your art? Whether it’s a superhero, a fantasy figure, or a sci-fi icon, discuss your techniques and inspirations. Is there a character you plan for the future you would like to tease for our readers? 

Danusko: I try to make a character edgier when they are edgy, cheerful when they’re positive, cocky when it fits and so on. Of course I prefer to work on characters I have some history with, that way I can try to  capture or enhance their features for them to be recognizable. For now I’m busy with work projects, but I’m always thinking about new fanarts I’ll love to make, like a Bayonetta & Dante crossover and plenty others.


Thank you for joining us for another Creator Interview! Make sure to support these amazing artists. If you are (or know of) a creator you would like to see us create an article on, let us know!


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