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Dragoncon 2021 - Event Recap

Dragoncon 2021 is the first con or large event I have been able to attend post Covidpacalpyse, and I have to say it was an absolute blast. I give them props on offering safe environment requiring not just masks, but also either vaccination cards or a 72 hour covid test. Despite there being thousands of people in crowded areas, it still felt safe.

Dragoncon is also the biggest con I have been to as it seemed even larger than C2E2 or Star Wars celebration. My only regret was only being able to go for a part of one day. This is a 5 day even for a reason, as I could easily spend 5 days there. The artist ally was like 4 or 5 floors and I had to rush past so many amazing artists, but the ones I saw were incredible. I got to see so many amazing cosplayers, but I could see how someone could spend an entire day just meeting and photographing cosplay. Also the celebrity section was the biggest I've seen. I didn't even get to meet everyone on my list, but I did get to meet Garrett Wang aka Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager, one of my childhood heroes. He was just a super cool down to earth guy, talking about his podcast. As well I got to meet Anjali Bhimani who voices Rampart from Apex Legends and Symmetra from Overwatch! I also met well known cosplayer and American model, Yaya Han author of Yaya Han's World of Cosplay: A Guide to Fandom Costume Culture

Below is a list of just some of the amazing celebrities, artists, cosplayers, indie comics, and more that I saw at Dragoncon 2021. Links are below so please support and check out these super talented creators.

Garrett Wang (Harry Kim - Star Trek Voyager) Delta Flyer Podcast

Anjali Bhimani (Rampart - Apex Legends, Symmetra - Overwatch)

I have been a day one player of Overwatch and Apex Legends, so getting to meet a voice actor for these two games is an absolute amazing experience. Anjali was super nice, and meeting the voice of Rampart and Symmetry is amazing.

Starpower Comics

I discovered a indie comic series titles StarPower. If you are into sci-fi this looked really cool. I instantly attracted to the art style and setting. I picked up vol 1 and can't wait to dive in! Support them at

I came across an amazing artist @JOEYQUINTIN and while they have an absolutely amazing lineup of art, my favorite was Sith Elsa. The Star Wars x Frozen cross over art was too amazing to pass up. Check them out!

I was at the con for less than 5 minutes before I already saw the amazing 2b cosplay of @___landonsmith Definitely check out this cool cosplayer!

I came across another indie comic series featuring White Widow, and got to chat with the amazing creators who bring it to life. You should definitely check out

@yayahan is an absolutely huge cosplayer with countless sets and even books under her name. She is well known in the cosplay world, and getting to meet her in real life is really cool. As a platform that supports hundreds of cosplayers, we were honored to be able to meet this talented creator and get their cosplay wisdom. Our favorite is her amazing Assassin's Creed cosplay.

For more con events, follow us on @gameinfinite and help our platform grow! If you know of an amazing small creator, cosplayer, artists, dev, comic writer, please let us know so we can help boost them!


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