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Everything at Xbox Games Showcase 2023 - #infinitesummer23

The showcase we all were waiting for, finally arrived, and delivered on its promise to bring the games. Xbox Showcase 2023, followed up with a double feature with the lengthy Starfield Direct is here. Below is our #INFINITESUMMER23 Event recap with all the news and announcements. We got exciting updates from Xbox first party studios with games like Fable and Avowed, as well as fantastic updates from third parties such as Ubisoft, CD Project Red, and Activision Blizzard. As always the event was heavy on world premiers and especially "Day One on Gamepass". Also, as far as I could tell, the entire showcase was good on Xbox's promise that first party would focus on gameplay, in-engine, or in game with cinematic. As far as I could tell, there were no 100% CGI Xbox first party trailers present.

Watch the full and very long but game dense showcase below, or scroll down for our break down of the event. Stay tuned for more gaming news and entertainment during our month long #infinitesummer23 event!

(full presentation)


In an amusing trailer, we were introduced to Dave (portrayed by Richard Ayoade), who monologues that the era of heroes has come to an end. To our surprise, Dave is unveiled as a colossal figure who launches an attack on the protagonist. Additionally, we caught a glimpse of gameplay footage for a brief moment. Although no specific launch date was provided, it was announced that the game will be available on Game Pass on Day One.

We finally learn what Compulsion Games, the studio behind We Happy Few and Contrast, has been working on. They revealed its next game: South of Midnight. In the trailer, an undead-like guitar player is interrupted by a woman looking for a creature.

Star Wars Outlaws

During the showcase, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment finally unveiled their highly anticipated Star Wars game. In the trailer, we are introduced to a crew of non-Jedi rogues who allude to a mysterious "Syndicate" and the depths of the criminal underworld. The trailer showcases the main character engaging in a game of Sabaac before finding herself under attack in a quintessentially Star Wars cantina, from which she narrowly escapes using a nimble speeder bike. It's worth noting that she is accompanied by a very toy friendly, marketable creature companion. It has planned release in 2024. Ubisoft has promised to reveal further details about this captivating game during its upcoming Summer Game Fest Ubisoft Forward Event. I will reserve my opinions for the gameplay reveal, however, I will say I was more than a little disappointed that once again we are revisiting the Age of the Empire, and once AGAIN, we are getting a pre-rendered protagonist. This feels like a huge missed opportunity to give fans the customer character RPG Star Wars fans have been asking for. I want to choose my species and character type.

33 Immortals

A game that sort of feels and plays like Hades but can be played with 32 other players... Developer Thunder Lotus apparently liked that idea with its upcoming 33 Immortals. It’s releases in 2024 and will be a Game Pass day one release.

Payday 3

The bank robbing co-op FPS is out September 21, 2023 and will also be a Game Pass day-one launch.


Avowed was on many of our Bingo cards, and it's all too short trailer did manage to deliver on our anticipation levels. Avowed looks to be what Skyrim would be if it was made today. Today, we were treated to an exciting glimpse of gameplay from Obsidian's highly anticipated RPG, Avowed. Set in a captivating fantasy world, a devastating plague threatens the land, and you, as a resilient and formidable warrior, are entrusted with the task of solving the situation. Naturally, the solution involves embarking on thrilling adventures, engaging in intense combat, and harnessing the power of magic. The gameplay footage bears a striking resemblance to Skyrim, immersing players in a familiar yet enthralling experience.

Microsoft has announced that Avowed is slated for release in 2024, with the added bonus of being available on Game Pass from day one.

Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island

Well this certainly wasn't on my bingo cards...Anyways. Hey, it will be a free expansion so...enjoy.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

At first I thought we were getting an expansion or another DLC, but surprisingly, a whole new entry in this fantastic series is coming. The next entry in Microsoft’s rebooted flight sim franchise is coming out in the year of it's name sake 2024, and it features a a huge slate of aerial-related careers, including fire fighting, search and rescue, cargo delivery, and crop dusting. Microsoft also revealed a new Dune-themed expansion coming to Microsoft Flight Sim in November.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Ninja Theory says all this footage was captured on an actual Xbox Series, and if that turns out to be true, I will give them credit to the visual state of this game. I am not personally really into the hellblade series, but I know many fans cannot wait for this potential GOTY nom. Still no specific release date yet for this sequel, but it’s out in 2024 and will be on Game Pass day one.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Such a weird trailer. So. So weird. Moving on.

Forza Motorsport

I'm more Horizon than Motorsport, but this game does sure look beautiful. Considering, Horizon 5 broke the mold of being "just a racing game" and took our GOTY that year, I have to give its alternate series a serious look. In the new gameplay trailer shown during the showcase, we got a look at some new GM vehicles, including the Corvette E-Ray.

Knits-Gami: Path of the Goddess

Ninja Demon action something or other...that's the pitch go watch the trailer.

Still Wakes the Deep

The Chinese Room's next upcoming game was teased through a super short trailer, offering a glimpse into a spine-chilling first-person horror experience set on an eerie oil rig. While short on the details, its atmospheric dread and suspense will play a significant role in the experience. The trailer left us anticipating its release in 2024.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The first big expansion for CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, brings Johnny Silverhand back and also stars Idris Elba as special agent Solomon Reed. This big expansion is out September 26. Personally, as someone who was like many gamers, very disappointed in the original, this is too little too late, and I will not be returning, especially since it is paid DLC. After the debacle the original game was that many players paid full price for utter garbage, this should have been free to launch buyers. All the gamers who waited and got the much improved game for 10$ may be willing to pay for the expansion, but frankly this game isn't getting any more of my time, money, or space on my SSD. However, for the those who are excited about this, I am happy for you. (That's a lie.)

Cities: Skylines II

Cities Skylines II, a new city builder sequel coming to Xbox and PC on October 24.

Clockwork Revolution

This whole trailer I was super confused. Why does this look like Bioshock Infinite off I doesn't look that BAD, but it sure looks VERY VERY inspired by that game. Inexile’s next big game, Clockwork Revolution, looks very inspired by Infinite, with Steampunk-esque aesthetic and first-person shooting. It even has the rails and the "timey-whimy story". The game will apparently let you manipulate time and the future...somehow? Unfortunately, no release date beyond a clever “in due time.”.

"Does it come in Black?" - Xbox Series S "Carbon Black" edition with 1TB SSD

Does it come in black?

At the very end of the main event, Phil Spencer re-capped everything and also announced a new Xbox Series S console that will include a 1TB SSD and will be "carbon black". This new version will cost $350 (50$ more) and launches September 1. He also stated that supply for Series consoles is sufficient now that people should have no trouble finding consoles. This has been true for Series for a while now in most places, but it was great to have it confirmed on Showcase.


Finally, a massive and in-depth look at everything Starfield. Honestly, I feel like nothing short of a very Bethesda-like buggy launch could prevent this game from being a distant and easy GOTY. That title is theirs to lose. With Jedi Survivor absolutely dropping the ball with its unplable disastrous launch state on PC, I feel like the field is very clear to take this title. 2023 has delivered some great games, but it has had nothing so far worthy of GOTY 2023. The year is only half over, but this year is Bethesda's for the taking if they can only TAKE IT. Thanks!

Thank You for reading our recap of Xbox Games Showcase during Summer Game Fest, our recap as part of our own #infinitesummer23 event! Stay tuned for even more industry news and other events.

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