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Game Infinite Best of 2020 Event Recap

While 2020 was for many of us, a year we were glad to see end, that didn't mean it was a bad year for games. We saw so many amazing games and new achievements in gaming. It was also a time where we saw amazing smaller content creators push their creativity to the limits with amazing fan art, cosplay, and streaming. Some games gather around them, loyal and specific fan bases. This gave rise to our successful and enjoyed Gi Channels. They bring game specific content to those who need more of a specific game. Like last year, our channels participated in our annual Best Of event. This article we will celebrate the nominees and winners on our main and channel categories. We had our followers vote in a wide variety of polls before declaring a winner in each creator category. All the winners will receive one entry for our random drawing of a mystery grand prize box. We will also be celebrating industry awards of games we felt needed special recognition, including our Indie and overall GOTY. Check out these winners in all Best of 2020 event categories, follow these creators, and check out these games.

There are three main sections, GiFriends content, Industry Awards, and our Gi Channel content.

GiFriends - GIFRIENDS are our community of content creators who have partnered up for regular collaboration and partnerships. All content shared with permission.

GiFriends Best Fan Art


A @naytendoshop

B @dmtkirtay (WINNER)

C @trash_senpaiii

D @_paintless_

GiFriends Best Casual Cosplay

A. @nahluamui

B. @vanibea

C. @ayriahazelnut

D. @cierracosplay (WINNER)

E. @gabbi.cosplay

F. @_dellarys_

GiFriends Best Cosplay 2020

A. @nahluamui

B. @altheashrimpiecosplay - Shrimpie

C. @zorua.maximum

D. @altheashrimpiecosplay - Althea

E. @pamm.pann (WINNER)

F. @dragonlordcosplays

Streamer of the Year

A. @avari.chu

B. @mikeofalltradesyt

C. @lyvfactotum

D. @beastxleigh

F. @razorninja


Gi Channels are "Game Specific Pages" under Game Infinite devoted to more niche news and content under that franchise. All content shared with permission.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay

A @luminalisa

B @shirokir_cosplay (WINNER)

C @n.for.natsumi

D @nadyuuki.cosplay

E @twili_creations

F @avacynangelofhope

G @sarah_dahlinger

H @ayriahazelnut

I @dragonlordcosplays

Best Final Fantasy Fan Art


@artmon.naro (WINNER)

Best Tomb Raider Cosplay


A @_dicroft_

B @anniegraves.cosplay (RUNNER UP)

C @jade_chaos

D @mrs.littledance


A @samanthas_cosplay

B @altheashrimpiecosplay

C @linlin_cosplay

D @surinek

E @_athora__ (WINNER)

Best Tomb Raider Fan Art

A. @justartist6 (WINNER)

B. @_adayka_

C. @artmon.naro

D. @molen_illustrated

Best Apex Cosplay

A @raeganocosplay

B @baguetteacosplay

C @larktofu

D @afoxyygrandpa

E @kamiterzieva (WINNER)

F @_dellarys_

Best Apex Fan Art

A. @natschbatsch

B. @g21mm

C. @renecarano

D. @kerrikoto

E. @mayaa_artt (WINNER)

F. @lady.nefeli

Best Apex Streamer

A. @yourtruezero

B. @gahrgoyle

C. @izzy_ivyy (WINNER)

D. @velvetfrootloopttv

Best Nier Fan Art

A. @noaheisenman

B. @melonpaw

C. @j_the_concept

D. @josephqiuart (WINNER)

E. @robepate

F. @inkandsleep

Best Nier Cosplay

A. @ljudmilacosplay

B. @julezrulezzz

C. @margrilate

D. @angiev_cosplay (WINNER)

Industry Winners. These are some stand out games receiving special mention by Game Infinite.

Best Art Style 2020

Best Remaster 2020

Best RPG 2020

Players Choice GOTY 2020

Player's Choice Best New Game Character 2020

Best Ongoing Game 2020




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