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Game Infinite Review Process Updates!

We are making two big changes to our reviews!

Up until now for narrative based games, I have always waited to publish a full review until I have completed a game’s story. However, I feel this strategy has caused me to miss publishing reviews of many games that I enjoyed. Either it took me too long to complete or the game just fell off and I never completed. Some games are worth discussing, but I never felt able to commit the upwards to 100 hours some of these games demand to be "complete" Being the opinionated person that I am, I feel that I can at least convey my early impressions of a 20, 30, or 100 hour game when having only partially completed. I am launching reviews that will be labled as “impression reviews” this means that I far enough in to share it’s quality, but I have not completed the story, and therefor the score may not be final.

This will allow me to push our reviews faster and more often. With overly crowded release windows, and my need to play dozens of games at once, Impression Reviews I hope will offer more reading content for our followers!

Secondly, I am inspired by the delay of Cyberpunk 2077 to December 10th to make a change to our review calendar, and how I measure games for our yearly End of Year events. I’ve always measured games for GOTY and our lists as January to December. It always worked well in the past because December is usually such a empty month. However, I think I am going to adopt a similar strategy to the Game Awards and redefine our calendar to be December to December.

I want to be able to enjoy and finish Cyberpunk 2077, and not feel forced to finish it in time for end of year lists. So moving forward, games that release December 1st or later will be moved to next year’s lists.


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