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Game Infinite's Most Anticipated Games - Infinite Summer 2022

In my January Installment of this bi-annual series during the Game Infinite Best of 2021 Event, I predicted that 2022 was going to be a landslide year with countless game releases. I thought we were going to have so many games we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. So many games from 2021 got delayed into 2022 that the year seemed inevitable to be jam packed with countless hits.

Despite one crowded February, 2022 has been the opposite of such craziness that I expected. Many titles have been delayed into 2023, and we have seen record setting dry spells. The covid delay is starting to hit as many of the games that were earlier in development during the pandemic is now starting to see this delayed wave of emptiness. Additionaly, three games I had on this list for most anticipated did release and unfortunately are destined to be on many outlet's worst lists. Babylon's Fall, Final Fantasy Origins, and Crossfire X are all long time residents on this anticipated list, that ended up being just awful bombs in every way and some of the worst games I've played in recent memory. Adding Diablo Immortal's "worst meta critic score...EVER" controversy, 2022 has had some real fails so far.

That's not to say we haven't had some amazing games this year so far, but it does mean that the rest of the year and 2023+ promise to continue to deliver some amazing games. During our INFINITE SUMMER 2022 Event, we will be bringing a list of all the amazing upcoming games that we can't wait to get our hands on!

To keep this list in scope, this list will largely focus on AAA, AA, and some mainstream or larger indie games. To help keep it streamlined and limit the list, even more anticipated Indie Games are regularly included in our monthly series Indie Game Round Up where we discuss and showcase indie games we are excited about. While, we will be largely focusing on mainstream or AAA games, some indie titles may still appear.

36. Street Fighter 6

I have never been a huge fighting game fan, nor have I played much of the Street Fighter franchise before. As a complete outsider, I don't know really much to expect from this game. I know that it has quite the following, but personally it looks stylized and fun. I would need to see more to get more excited for it.

35. Diablo IV

I think it was actually pretty bold (maybe foolish is a better word) of Xbox and Bethesda to still bring Diablo IV to Summer Game Fest. With all the controversy surrounding its spinoff cousin right now, Diablo Immortal is all in the gaming news for all the wrong reasons. With some of the worst most blatant pay to win microtransactions, that put Battlefront 2's controversy and all other games to shame, Diablo Immortal is slated to be the WORST REVIEWED game EVER. At a .3 on metacritic, Bethesda has put the Diablo name through the ringer, into a record book you don't ever want to be in. Now is maybe not the best time to showcase the full sequel of Diablo. That being said, they did anyways. Diablo IV is coming in 2023, and we got a nice extended look at the game. Fans of the franchise can only hope that IV won't require 100,000 real US dollars to level up your gear. That's right you read that right. That ALL BEING SAID, I was impressed in the visuals and gameplay of this new game, just enough to have it squeak onto this list. I realize many have this way higher on their anticipation lists; however, as a non-diablo player with 1% faith in Blizzards abilities right now, I couldn't place this game very high. I wish it success however.

34. Lies of P

Lies of P is a Pinocchio meets Souls-like game with an interesting premise, and intriguing world. It looks fascinating and gives us Bloodborne vibes. We got a alpha gameplay look in 2021, and we hope to see more of it in 2022.

33. Boundary (2023+ Release Likely)

(Update Mid 2022: A brief playable beta was available during steams indie event, and I finally got my hands on this game when I was starting to believe that I never was going to. I will say for certain that the realism manifested in difficulty. The developers really captured the actually difficulty of trying to make a FPS in the floaty zero-g environment that is outer space. You don't feel like a super soldier or Master Chief, you feel like a slow squishy balloon that could pop at any second. You float around space, it is hard to get a sense of your surroundings, and you die a lot. I found it having a bit of a difficulty spike as it plays like no other shooter I've ever played.)

(Update 2022: I am concerned this game may have become Vaporware. It used to be way higher on this list, but I am no longer confident on its release. With the 2020 release window now over a year behind us, with little to no word from the developers. Infrequent social media updates come with little mention of the never approaching release, and silence to comments asking about an release update, I have a feeling we may never get to see this game. While it's normal for games to be quiet, it is unusual for devs to miss multiple announced release windows from one year to another without really addressing the delays. It still looks really fun and has an interesting concept. I hope that 2022 will be the year we finally see it, but my expectations have slowly evaporated. Each year the the steam page release date keeps getting updated and delayed with little word or explanation from the developers. The fact that now 2 years of delays have happened without much mention or transparency, makes me hesitant we will actually see it. I understand that some times games have long development cycles, but being two years late on a previously announced release date usually spells development trouble. I have a bad feeling it won't release; however, I will keep it on the list for now.)

(Update Early 2021: With a "2020 release" for pretty much all of 2020, 2020 came and went with silence from the developer. Like many on this list, I am presuming COVID was a factor in its delay to 2021. I realize this smaller lesser known title ranks high on my list, and it may not end up being the quality a high ranking deserves, but I have just been looking forward to this game for quite some time.)

(Update Mid 2020: We still are no closer to a release date, and with COVID I suspect the game will be further delayed. However, my excitement level for this space shooter has only increased. It is a lesser known more niche title, but it is one I am personally looking forward to)

Original Post:

I did not hate Call of Duty Ghosts as much as most of the fan base did. I enjoyed many aspects of the game from having a dog companion to fighting aliens in multiplayer. One of the things I loved most about Call of Duty Ghosts was the opening mission in orbit. The opening mission of Ghosts was super cool even to the biggest hater. Now, we get combat in space in other games but most often it feels super sci-fi like Halo. This put us in white astronaut suits floating around white space station-like areas with guns. It felt both sci-fi and realistic at the same time. Boundary is a multiplayer shooter game super reminiscent of that setting. Low earth orbit combat with astronaut suits and zero-g combat. Ever since coming across this title I have been super excited to play it.

32. Exoprimal (2023)

It turns out that all Anthem ever needed was a massive onslaught of hundreds of dinosaurs. That's what I thought of when I saw this game was that it reminded me instantly of Anthem with it's Javelin style eco-suits. I've said before that not enough games have dinosaurs anymore and this game tries to make up for the rest with a whole hell of a lot of them. It actually reminded me in part of World War Z (game) with the swarm mechanic of the dinosaurs. If anything this game proves that "Ironman vs Dinosaurs" is always a game we have needed that we didn't know we needed; hopefully they can pull it off.

31. GigaBash

We don't get enough Kaiju games, and that is puzzling to me, because I feel like the entire Kaiju genre is perfect for video games. I think Kaiju may even be better suited for games than film because you can better capture their destructive scope. GigaBash promises a fun Kaiju brawler that looks like city destroying level of fun.

30. Lost Soul Aside (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2022: Initially put on my radar in 2020, now into 2022, I haven't seen much of anything about this interesting looking Fantasy game. That being said, hopefully we get some word this year. )

Original Post:

Apparently this game has been announced for like 3 years, and it completely skipped my radar. I want to thank my friend, former #GiFriends streamer, and fellow gaming news blogger REDXMAUDE for introducing me to this awesome game. It gives me some Final Fantasy, Code Vien vibes. It is a really cool looking open world jrpg, and it is now on my list. What is interesting is this started out as a one man developer, but interest picked up turning it into a larger team making the game.

29. Crimson Desert (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Original Post:

I was really disappointed by Black Desert. From the beautifully obscured graphics hidden from an insanely messy and overcrowded HUD, to boring gameplay and combat, I just couldn't get into it. Which is such a shame because I anticipated it so much, and to this day has one of the best character creators and character models I have seen. Crimson Desert is their next game, and looks even more amazing than Black Desert. Hopefully the beautiful gameplay we have seen so far won't be hidden by a screen full of HUD garbage, and will feature more natural feeling and active combat.

28. Overwatch 2

(Update Mid 2022 - Another half a year, and another update to this section of the list. Despite my belief that this Avatar of gaming was never going to actually release, Blizzard actually surprised me with a playable beta and NOW after the June Xbox event, we now know that it is coming Free to Play n October 4th! It is unreal to finally have a release date! I really had lost faith. We saw new characters and maps, but the biggest update with the single player PVE campaign is still pretty absent. This game could have risen higher on this list now that we know more; however, I just have little faith in Blizzard's ability to pull this off. They have been failing so hard as a company. If you ask about a Blizzard controversy you have to specify "which one". Not to mention, they currently have put our 3 of the worst 5 reviewed games in history at this point, with multiple launch PR disasters in the last few years. Between Diablo Immortal, Diablo II Remaster, Warcraft 3 Reforged, they have had some major fails lately. I really hope that OW2 doesn't join this trend. I truly hope they can rally, and do better, and pull this off. Until then, I will believe it when I see it. We want this game, we just don't want to be hurt again Blizzard!)

(Update Early 2022: I don't really think anyone cares anymore. I'll keep it on the list for now, but it is slipping towards the bottom. I think this game is vaporware and with all of Activision Blizzard's controversies, and the stepping down of former Overwatch creative director Jeff Kaplan, I have small hope for the future hope of Overwatch 2. Blizzard is just not currently in a spot to release anything. There are even rumors that 2023 isn't happening either. If it does release, I think it will be a skeleton of what was promised and few may care at that point. This game is a live service, and the sequel only ever was a major expansion instead of a "real" sequel, so the years of development hell that this has been in just is confusing. The word of what the culture and workplace environment Blizzard has sometimes been, only points to maybe why this game hasn't released yet. Many of us have lost faith in Activision Blizzard because of the back to back controversies; to a point, I can only barely call myself excited for this game any more. I hope the company can cource correct and start treating it's employees better.

Days before releasing this article, a new rumor/leak revealed that Overwatch 2 is in development hell, and is getting massive downgrades. Talks of "mobile" compatibility downgrading the game to make it easier to port tells me Blizzard might have a iOS / Android port in mind. That last thing Overwatch needs is a graphical downgrade.)

(Update mid 2021: Officially Delayed to 2022+)

(Update early 2021): Good god Blizzard will this ever get an update? We have heard pretty much nothing so far.)

(Updated Mid 2020: Overwatch 2 is becoming the Avatar 2 of games. I am not convinced it will ever actually come, and when it does, will we still care? It dropped several tiers because I haven't played Overwatch in quite some time because it seems to be in content limbo. Nothing new happens, and it is getting old. I have put enough hours of my life into it that I am happy to wait for OW2 to come, but will it be too little too late? This was an expansion that really needed to come out in early 2020 to keep it relevant. Blizzard has had multiple controversies in 2020 from Blitchung to the BLM Protest backlash, that they desperately could have used some positive press with this pseudo-sequel. Since we have heard almost nothing about it, I predict this being pushed to a 2021 title and by then the hype may have dropped too low)

Original Post: (It really didn't age well)

Do I even really need to explain why Overwatch 2 is on my list? I am a huge Overwatch fan. I have put more hours in Overwatch than I think I have any other game. I love the characters, the lore, and everything. It almost, almost was my Game of the Decade beat out so slightly by Mass Effect 2. I am also excited because I think I have played enough of it for a while; I am ready for something new. Overwatch 2 is the only game on this list that hasn't been in some way announced or implied as coming out in 2020, but I highly suspect it will come out. I doubt Blizzard would announce this more than a year before release, and they will want to capitalize on the new console launch with Holiday 2020 promising to bring in some real money to the gaming industry.

More than just being a massive Overwatch fan, Overwatch 2 promises to redefine our expectations of what a "sequel" means. Overwatch is an example of what good looks like in the Live Service genre. In a genre where failure seems common, the few successful stories like Overwatch and Fortnite have their own problems. How do you make sequels to massively successful live services that entire business model revolves around people slowly hoarding loot and skins over long periods of time. These games are directly measured in player bases and twitch views. A sequel usually implies a completely restarted game, different player bases, and starting over on loot. With super successful live services games it could be disastrous to split player bases. It also could discourage people from wanting to buy skins/loot because they don't feel like they can keep it forever. Fortnite and Overwatch both took new approaches to the sequels. Unlike a new "Season", slapping a 2 on the game can excite even more people into coming back and can boost player bases. Fortnite saw some record numbers with their "Chapter 2" stunt. Overwatch probably will as well as long as it is priced properly. Blizzard is promising cross compatible multiplayer, all your skins will migrate over, and the thing every Overwatch player has been clamoring for for years, a Story Mode. Overwatch 2 has been called a "glorified expansion" and that might end up being the case, but if the content is large enough as they say, and the effort there, I don't care if they call it Overwatch 2 or even feel like it should be paid. I am excited for Story Mode in Overwatch.

27. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Another game that should be higher if it wasn't for sheer caution. Call of Duty has been struggling the last few years. Problems at Activision, development trouble, studios being pulls and moved around to get games out in time, all have lead to the last two games being pretty bad. Cold War looked like the rushed leftover stew that it was that took all hands on deck at Activision to even get it out in time. It was one of the worst Cods in recent years, and Vanguard was markedly better, but still a snooze fest. It has the worst sales of any COD in the modern gaming era, and no one played it. Even Elden Ring beat Vanguard sales, and no one beats COD sales. It's just been one failure after another since the first Modern Warfare reboot. Fool me once, fool me twice as they say...

So this sequel will either be a turning point back towards quality, or a further dive downward. Hopefully when Acitivision finally is brought under Xbox the quality will start to shift back in the right directions. I really do want this game to succeed and be a great game, I just am very skeptical at this point. Technically there is some hope as Infinityward's last solo game was the first reboot MW, and it was great. If they put in the effort, like they did with the first Modern Warfare reboot, then this game could be a phenomenal experience.

26. Stray

(Update Mid 2022: Stray turns out to be right around the corner when it got a July 19 2022 release date during Sony's June State of Play. We also learned that it will be free for Playstation Plus Extra & Premium members at launch.)

So, "That PS5 Cat game" made my list because of its weirdness, art, and premise. One of the indie titles revealed to us during Playstation's 2020 Future of Gaming event, showed some really great indie games coming to PS5. Stray is about a cat living in a world populated by robots. That sentence alone got it on this list.

25. Re:Verse

(Update Mid 2022 - We are now officially past one year since the game missed its bundled launch with Resident Evil Village. It was delayed to 2022, and that window is half gone. At this point, if the game is still launched tied to Village I think that would be a huge mistake. You can't release a separate multiplayer game over a year after it's main game launched; its player base would really struggle. Whenever it does release, it needs to be available separately, if not free to play. Capcom did update during Summer Game Fest that this is supposedly still coming in 2022, but I will believe it when I see it.)

RE:Verse was supposed to be a bundled game with Resident Evil Village, much in the same way that RE3 remake came bundled with a multiplayer game. However, Village's release came and went and now as we approach into 2022, this RE universe multiplayer game is still not here. Resident Evil has always struggled with multiplayer, and still hasn't found that right formula. However, I have some hope for RE:Verse because it looks to have the right look and fun cast of characters. It may end up being a disappointment, but for now it holds my excitement. I will say that RE:Verse needs to change it's pricing model with the massive delay, or else player counts will suffer. Right now it will be free for Village owners. It needs to be either purchasable separately or go full free to play, with some type of reward/premium version given to Village owners. Being bundled with a game that released a year prior could hurt player counts at launch.

24. HoYoverse Honkai: Star Rail

We got a double helping of anime overlord during Summer Game Fest with the announcement of Star Rail and ZZZ. These two games from HoYoverse both proved exciting and something that I got on my radar. Star Rail looks like Genshin Impact in space, and that's a combo I am more than down for.

23. HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero

Another Scifi-Genshin game, ZZZ came out right after Star Rail with even more anime scifi action. This one more grounded, but still featuring giant mechs and other sci-fi elements. I love this art style, anime, and sci-fi settings, so two is better than one? The real question will just be which of these two will be better?

22. Perfect Dark (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update Mid 2022: Xbox brought in a second team, Crystal Dynamics, to help The Initiative in working on the game. Usually when a second team is brought in it is because there is some kind of development trouble. Perhaps the scope of the game was proving too big, or some other delay was dragging the project. There is even rumors of a soft reboot of development behind the scenes which could spell longer delays. Since then we have seen many important and higher up developers from Initiative quit the project, further adding to this appearance of trouble behind the scenes. Right now it looks more like Crystal Dynamics is mostly developing with Initiative simply aiding, instead of the other way around. We still having heard of much of anything since pre-Summer events 2022. Hopefully we will get an update soon, and the project can back on track.)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

When Xbox revealed a Perfect Dark remake/reboot was coming, I was really excited. This was one of those franchises that I always regretted missing back in the day but has since aged out of my ability to appreciate it the way I would have back then. It's too old to play and appreciate, so a remake return is just what I wanted. We don't know much about the game with just a cinematic trailer at the time of writing, but I really look forward to playing this series with modern visuals.

21. Star Ocean: The Divine Force

I was not super familiar with this IP before the reveal of this game. I wondered was this Final Fantasy or some other JRPG series? It looked like Final Fantasy in space. I was blown away by this trailer, and it instantly made it on this list.

20. Code Syn (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2022: I've heard nothing about this game since putting it on the list, and it's been a while. 2021 came and went without any news that I saw, so my hopes for 2022 release window announcement is small. However, with the absolute failure that was Cyberpunk 2077, many indie games capitilized on the unexpected genre vacuum that was left in its failure. However, those were all 2D or isometric, so I would love a full 3D cyberpunk game.)

Original Post

Tencent is trying to become the Disney of games as they slowly buy ownership of many major studios and most recently announced new AAA studios in the US. They got a little bit of flack by some for this trailer as some believed it to be a Cyberpunk 2077 ripoff, but honestly, I think that the artistic style of Cyberpunk has room for more games. I thought this game looked more fun than some other outlets initial impressions. I am always down for another good sci-fi RPG. This one let's you have a giant cybernetic pet bear. If that doesn't peak your interest, watch the trailer for yourself and see what you think.

19. Star Wars: Hunters

This game is either going to be a major success, a blast to play, and a total win; or it is going to be a complete disaster. I feel this in the Force itself. I would rank it higher but being a mobile and switch only title is a red flag to me, on top of Zynga's reputation that this game could be a micro transaction filled nightmare that makes Battlefront II look tame in comparison. I think that is why Zynga is sticking to the mobile and switch space because why else would they avoid the PC, Xbox, Playstation markets with such a profitable license such as Star Wars? Star Wars is too valuable to skip platforms, so there must be a reason for it. However, it is still Star Wars, and it looks fun what little we have seen so far. It certainly looks unique with new never really touched on character types such as playable Jawas and a Robot Jedi?

18. Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We at Game Infinite gave the first Spider-man a 10/10 as it was truly a phenomenal game, and more than just a fantastic super hero game, but a top tier game in general. Everything from the incredible world, to ultra polished action, and a great story, the first one was just next-level. This sequel promises to be bigger and better than that, with Miles Morales and Venom joining the fray. We are fresh off a rebirth of Spider-man fandom with the current success of Spider-man No Way Home on the MCU side, and with the Spider-man Into the Spiderverse sequel coming, perhaps would it be too much to ask for even more Spidey crossovers? This game is going to be big, and we are extra excited for it.

17. Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

I have a confession to make. I have played very little of the Resident Evil universe. I never touched them throughout the years. The classics were too old, and the games releasing during the 5-6 era were just really poorly received. I tried to get into Village, it was just too dark and grey and I struggled to connect. It is not a bad game just not for me. During the remakes, I really didn't like 2R either. I called it "blind wandering back tracking simulator" as half the game feels like back tracking to find some random little thing the game doesn't tell you need or where it is. The only game I liked was 3's remake. It just felt like a faster paced zombie shooter, with an actual gun. I liked Jill and the game, despite its short length and lack of impact with RE fandom. RE4 is often told to me to be one of the best, so I hope that its remake proves to quality experience. I had similar barrier to entry into Final Fantasy until 7's remake changed my experience. Hopefully RE4 will be another game I enjoy from this universe.

16. Steel Rising

I found Steel Rising instantly appealing. I love the era and the whole aesthetic of the characters and world. Steel Rising is a technological blend of eras seeing robotic characters existing in a much older time period then they would ever normally appear, with an almost mannequin like appearance. What if mechanical warfare happened long ago you ask? There are several archetypes in games that I love and one of them is alternate histories. In Steel Rising King Louis XIV has an automata army that he uses to terrorize the citizens of Paris.

15. Forspoken (Formally Known as Project Athia)

(Update Mid 2022: Delayed to October, I still have high hopes for this Unreal 5 game. As we approach a increasingly light 2022, Forspoken is shaping up to be one of the few next-gen feeling games we will get in the later half of 2022. As we see more and more of it, my excitement level increases as it just truly looks incredible. I have a feeling with its weak strength of schedule and early impressions we could have a sleeper hit, assuming it survives being a new IP with a 70$ price tag.)

(Update 2022: From vague but impressive Unreal 5 tech demo to a somewhat obscure and vague reveal and name change, Forspoken has been a little bit of a anticipation roller coaster for me. However, the most recent Game Awards trailer really sold me on it. It looks beautiful, and now is one I am extremely excited for. Forspoken could be a sleeper hit for 2022; Now coming in May. 2022)

Original Post:

Forgive me but Athia is just a cooler name than Forspoken... Change my mind. That being said, Forspoken promises to be an exiting and gorgeous open world RPG built on Unreal 5's next gen powers.

14. Naraka: Bladepoint - Campaign

I was pleasantly surprised by Naraka Bladepoint last year. It is a fun, fast, and visually beautiful game. I liked how it totally turned the Battle Royale genre on it's head with something different and fresh. I liked its approach to character customization in an economy that had skins. Despite having skins you can still customize faces and hair. The game overall was just a fun surprise. Now with its launch on Xbox we have the exciting news of cross play and gamepass addition. However, the biggest and most exciting news was the coming of a campaign. This will give us a story and more content to experience in the Naraka universe. This technically isn't a new game, so putting it on this list is a bit of cheat, but getting such a huge update as to include an all new campaign, I think is enough to warrant an exception.

13. The Last of Us Part 1 - PS5 Remake

We have heard rumors of a Last of Us Remake for some time now. I will admit that I was in the camp of wondering why this was necessary. The Last of Us is a beautiful game that didn't feel like it needed a full ground up remake. This game does admittedly blur the lines between remaster and remake. It is definitely too much overhaul to call it a remaster, as they are completely overhauling the character models and animations to be more in line with Last of Us Part 2. Remaster seems like an understatement, but It still isn't a "full remake" in my opinion. They recorded no new lines, and didn't change anything of the layouts. It's the same game, kind of. I would call it a "remodel". Same house, but much more than new paint. When I saw the reveal and the side by sides, I was convinced to change my mind that this was a beneficial endeavor. It isn't a project I thought was necessary but I am ok to admit when I am wrong. It is a beautiful and impressive looking overhaul that I would like to play. However, whether or not this "remodel" of Last of Us is somehow worth 10 more than the original game at 70$ is debated by many. I think that this should have been a $40 or $50 title easily.

12. MultiVersus

(Update Mid May 2022: Multiversus is almost upon us with a July release. We've gotten much more look at the game now, knowing that it will be free to play and include voice acting. We have seen characters such as Iron Giant and more. It definitely has some unusual character choices for sure. Early impressions from closed alpha testers have proved positive.)

One of the things I love most in gaming is cross-overs. I'm a sucker for the multiverse in fiction, and I just love anytime we get to see gaming crossovers. I want more Smash Bros - Fortnite level crossovers in gaming; they just don't happen nearly enough. Multi-verus tackles WB Games license with an epic Smash-game with the likes of Superman vs Gandalf or Shaggy vs Harley Quinn. This is a win that I am more excited for than I maybe should be.

11. Wonder Woman (2023+ Likely Release)

I can't believe that Wonder Woman is finally getting her own video game! All we have to go off of so far is a cinematic teaser that only shows the art style and character model. I think we are entering a golden age of mainstream high quality super hero games, and it is time for Wonder Woman to have her shot.

10. God of War: Ragnarok

(Update Mid 2022: With God of War skipping Sony's big June Summer Game Fest State of Play, this was really the last big event before Holiday 2022 to hype up such a major Holiday 2022 release. Gamescom and Game Awards is just way too late. Unless Sony surprises us with another state of play, the likelihood that God of War is dropping in 2022 is now near zero. It is sad, but considering how GOW was a GOTY game, its sequel has much to live up to. Since part of it's delay we now know is due to Christopher Judge's injury, that is all more the reason it is best to wait until this game is ready. They are cooking a sequel to a master piece; we can wait. )

(Update 2022: We now know the game's official title will be Ragnarok despite internet rumors to the contrary. We also know a big reason to the delay was the real life injury for Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge who took to social media to "take blame" for the game's delay. He cites his surgery and recovery was a major part of the delay to 2022. He spoke very highly of the games developers and studio who at no point made any mention of his recovery as part of the games delay. Gamers flocked in support of Christopher Judge, and we wish him a speedy recovery!)

(Update 2021: Officially Delayed to 2022)

Original Post:

God of War Ragnarok has a hell of a lot to live up to. God of War 2018 blew it out of the water with a legendary soft reboot to the franchise, sweeping many, including our own, GOTY nominations and wins. A sequel to such an amazing game will have much to prove, but I am confident in the teams ability to not just live up to but surpass the previous. God of War was amazing, but it managed to be a GOTY without one of the things that God of War is known for, massive grand scale god boss battles. Kratos only fights one godlike character the whole game, and while visceral, was still fairly small scale. We never get to see Kratos fully just UNLEASH. I want to see the face off teased at the end with Thor. Thor vs Kratos is something that can truly take God of War Ragnarok to 11/10. Let us fight ODIN.

9. Final Fantasy XVI

(Update Mid 2022: During Sony's Summer Game Fest State of Play event, we got a new trailer and a shockingly soon Summer 2023 release window! I am extremely impressed by early gameplay as the scenery looks beautiful, and the characters look interesting.)

(Update 2022: Still no word on a possible release date or window. Low likelihood of 2022 release. With the Game Awards behind us, a 2022 release date seems highly unlikely, as that would have been the time to show case it.)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Original Post

I have long been outside the Final Fantasy franchise, only ever playing bits and pieces of games I wasn't interested at the time. That all changed when I played Final Fantasy 7 Remake. A phenomenal 10/10 game that forever made me a fan of the franchise. Since then I have gone on to play some of 15, 14, and 13. While I have a long way to go to catch up on the franchise, I am excited for the future with Final Fantasy XVI. I am excited for a more fantasy setting than the modern era games I have played so far. Final Fantasy 7 remake and the excitement for 16 were two very big reasons why we launched the Gi Channel Final Fantasy Infinite! Check it out for regular Final Fantasy news and entertainment content!

8. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Remake Part 2)

The reason we all tuned in to the Final Fantasy 7 Anniversary event. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 has an official name, REBIRTH. Personally I would have rather "Remake Part 2" been the official name, as I don't want a confusing name to hurt this game. Learn from the Wii U dear developers! There are already google search suggestions for "is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel to remake?" This already shows fans are confused by the name. I have seen articles from outlets confirming that "yes this is the sequel". I realize some might think VII Remake Part II is clunky...and it is; but it makes sense and it's what we have been calling it for the past two years. Hopefully the naming choice won't hurt sales. Especially with "Intergrade" and "Crisis Core" other 7 subtitles getting in the mix.

That all being said, I am ecstatic to finally get news on the next installment as FF7R was one of my favorite games in recent memory and a GOTY contender. We also know now how many games are planned in the 7 Remake series. Rebirth will be Part 2 of 3 with a third and final game being announced in the future.

7. Project Eve (2023+ Likely Release) MOST ANTICIPATED NEW IP

(Update 2022: With an updated trailer in 2021, I still hold out hope for a release window announcement in 2022. While, the rest of the games on this list are sequels or standing on existing IP's / existing universes, Project EVE has special note of being my most anticipated new IP as of 2022.)

You probably haven't even heard of this game, which is why I understand if this unknown title surprises you for ranking so high on my list. However, If you haven't heard of this game you must watch the trailer. It promises some of the best graphics and photo realistic character models. The detail on the character's face is just so impressive. This looks like next generation more than anything I have seen so far. Plus the gameplay looks much like Nier Automata meets Bayonetta. With amazing graphics, fluid gameplay, and more, it ranks ultra high for me.

6. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake (2023+ Likely Release)

Quantic Dream is responsible for two games that I hold in high regard with Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human being two just phenomenal games. When rumors started circulating that they were working on a Star Wars title, I was ecstatic, and I must have watched this trailer a dozen times scanning every frame for details. Eclipse is the first video game or non book media that we've seen so far to take place during the High Republic era. Also, while this is a cinematic trailer, the visual detail is within capability of Quantic to be actual representation of what this game could look like. The sad part is this is in early development, and reports show they are still hiring people for the development. Industry estimates puts this game far out in the 2026+ territory, so sadly this game could be years away.

5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake (2023+ Likely Release)

Knights of the Old Republic is widely regarded by many Star Wars fans as one of the best Star Wars games ever made, but it is also quite old at this point. The Old Republic is an era of Star Wars that needs a modern game, and this full remake promises to deliver. We know little about it other than it's PS5 timed exclusivity, and changes to the combat. I am hoping that we will see a more hybrid real time combat system similar to Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Mass Effect, as the turn based combat should be a relic of the past in my opinion. I am always excited for anything Star Wars, so a chance to experience a new era and setting is going to be exciting. What makes me even more exciting is the developer hand chose this era and remake, lobbying for the right to do it, which tells us they are passionate about the source material.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023)

Officially revealed during Star Wars Celebration 2022, the much anticipated sequel to the phenomenal Jedi Fallen Order. Jedi Fallen Order was our pick for GOTY 2019. It proved not only to be the best Star Wars game of the modern gaming era, it was one of the best Star Wars games ever made, and achieved a greatness even more than just a "Jedi Dark Souls". Its tactical gameplay, engaging characters, and its intense "you-must-experience-it-if-you-haven't" ending all made us wanting more. Survivor is easily our most anticipated Star Wars game as of now.

3. Mass Effect "4?" "Will Continue?" (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update Mid 2022: I have said before that in my opinion the only game that could pull of the impossible task of dethroning Mass Effect 2 as the greatest video game of all time...could be a different Mass Effect sequel... if it is pulled off. That is the bar that I have set for Bioware. I don't want another Andromeda or Anthem. I want them to one up themselves, and create once again the greatest video game ever made. They've done it before, and if they take on this challenge of making a true Mass Effect sequel; then it is fair to ask them to do it again. Mass Effect must be equal or better than Mass Effect 2. That is no easy task, so frankly I really don't care how long it takes or if it is 100$ on the PS6 when it launches. If they take on the task of making Mass Effect "4" and they fail to deliver, they risk devaluing the original trilogy, and that is something no fan wants.)

(Update 2022: During N7 Day 2021, we got a poster update as a fun reminder that the game is still in development. With little to any chance that this game is coming any time soon, I leave it as #2 only for that reason. If I had a release window or even more information, it could be #1.)

Original Post:

I stipulate that with a teaser announcement, that doesn't even come with a project name, let alone an actual name, the untitled Mass Effect sequel has 0.000000001% chance of releasing in 2021. In fact, EA has called this "early development" which means even in ridiculous Anthem hellish development of 16 months wouldn't drop it in 2021. As well, I wouldn't want them to. I don't want them to rush this. I want this to be a well crafted, phenomenal, GOTY shoe-in. I don't want this in 2021, or even 2022. I want this to be perfect. I just couldn't think of a game I am more anticipating for. I absolutely love the Mass Effect series; it is my all time favorite series. I remember sitting there with my friend, watching the 2020 Game Awards, and when Liara wipes off the N7 Logo, standing up and cheering. It was the best moment of the night, and one of the most exciting pieces of news of the year. Knowing that a Mass Effect sequel is happening to continue the story is my dream. Words can't truly explain how excited I am for more Mass Effect.

All we know so far about Mass Effect 4? 5? Something else?, is that Liara is in it, and it takes place in the Milkyway Galaxy some unknown possible 900 year period after ME3.

Special Honorable Mentions: GiFriends YT Project Games + IGRU Articles

Before we get to our Top pick, we wanted to highlight three stand out special games from our ever growing list of GiFriends Indie Developers who are hard at work at some truly remarkable games. We didn't put them in the same ranking due to our ongoing collaboration with them. We have collaborated with these developers to get their trailers in our Indie Dev YT project, to regularly help share and talk about their games. While picking just three was incredibly difficult, we think you'll agree these need to be on your radar! See some of the amazing GiFriends creator games on our Youtube channel. Also Check out our most popular regular series, Indie Game Round Up with regular anticipated indie games. It drops at the end of each month with amazing indie titles, many of which are unreleased.

HM: Starship Simulator

I personally cannot wait to get my hands of Starship Simulator because the promise of realistic space sim and explorer, a Microsoft Flight Simulator but for space is just a dream come true. We know the developer has been hard at work crafting a impeccably detailed ship for us to command and cruise around an unknown undiscovered universe.

HM: Shred & Tear

Lucid is hard at work on a just visually fantastic and impressive Indie-AAA brawler. With impressive AAA visuals and combat, Shred & Tear looks to be a game that could easily have been developed by a larger AAA team. We cannot wait to get our hands on the demo and start some mechanics-waifu mayhem.


Another indie studio that impressed us with their AAA visuals is ACE with their game AIKODE. This action cyberpunk game is our most popular trailer to date in the GiFriends Indie Dev YT project. The game looks incredible, and the little we have seen of gameplay excites us!

2. Hogwarts Legacy - MOST ANTICIPATED GAME 2022 (Possible delay to 2023+)

(Update Mid 2022: After many months of silence, and delayed trailers, we finally got an in-depth look at Hogwarts Legacy with 14 minutes roughly of gameplay. We now know much more about the game. Such a detailed look at this game, the quality of that look, and a ramp up in marketing and reassurance in the press has cooled rumors of its 2023 delay. This is a good thing as 2022 is desperate for a Holiday anchor with more and more games getting delayed to 2023, this looks to be a more quiet Holiday 2022. I hope its tale end of the year release window doesn't eventually slip, as I can not wait to get my hands on this game. I have high hopes for this game, as I want it to be a GOTY contender, and the detail looks to possibly set up a quality experience. Hogwarts Legacy is my most anticipated game still slated for 2022, and would have been umber one had it not been for the reveal of our number one pick.)

(Update 2022: Hogwarts Legacy has slowly slipped the the top of my most anticipated list as games in front of it have released. While we have not gotten much info on it's since it's original reveal, I hope that we will get word soon. Rumor was it was supposed to have a trailer at the 2021 Game Awards before a last minute delay. All I can say is I am past ready to play a quality RPG set in the Harry Potter universe.

A new rumor dropping during the course of writing, says that Hogwarts will receive an official delay to 2023 due to development troubles. This is just a rumor as of right now, as the still official window says 2022.)

(Update 2021: Officially Delayed to 2022)

Original Post:

There are so many amazing tv/film franchises that are just begging to be turned into a quality video game. Harry Potter is one of those games, long over due for a quality AAA attempt at a game.

1. Starfield - Most Anticipated 2023+ (Delayed to 2023)

(Update Mid 2022:

THIS RIGHT HERE. This shows the power of gameplay. Logo teasers, grand press conference speeches, cinematic trailers, none of them can compare to finally actually seeing a game. I was not really too excited for this game, I've never been a huge Bethesda fan. And while space as a setting is always enough to peak my interest, we simply just hadn't seen anything from this game. I think this is the biggest jump I have ever had on my anticipation list. This went from the high double digits, a game I didn't really expect much from, all the way to the NUMBER ONE SPOT. This game could be a GOTY contender if Bethesda takes its times, and launches it in a good state. Admittedly, they are hot off of Fallout 76 and don't have the best current reputation, but I hope they learned their lesson. This could very well be a disaster; however, I just want to fall on the side of optimism here.

We see fully customizable characters, fully customizable and flyable space ships, and the single fact that rocketed this game to the top of this list: 1000 fully explorable planets. You read that right. This game appeals to the absolute space nerd in me. Some are reasonably concerned about the scope and the vastness. Will the game feel "too" empty? Is the scope too much for the quality of the game? Possibly. I don't expect more than a handful of "crafted planets" with cities and stories and detailed crafting. I would be willing to bet that most of those 1000 planets will be mostly empty, procedural worlds. However, I think I am ok with that. Space is HUGE. I want to feel the vastness of space. I am ok with entire planets just existing for the sole aspect of making this universe feel vast. I want to explore. I want to land on a planet and feel like I am the only thing on the whole planet. Space Travel feels authentic when it is vast and empty. As long as there is still a good story and good few planets, the rest will just appeal to the explorers in us. Vast and empty "can" work if the smaller more quality parts are still there. I want to use Flight Simulator as an example of vast empty nothingness translating into a phenomenal experience.

It really came as little surprise to me that Starfield has been delayed to 2023. It was supposed to release this Holiday and in May having seen virtually nothing of it. Before Xbox's June event, we only had a single teaser with no gameplay. It was simply too close with too little to release. Industry insights revealed developers working on the game were worried its 11/11 release date was going to result in a Cyberpunk / Fallout 76 level failure. The decision to delay is a disappointing one for many, but a smart one. Now that we know the vast scope of this game, it needs the time in the oven this deserves. I want a masterpiece, not Spaceout 76. If they take their time, and deliver, this could be a system selling GOTY contender for 2023.)

Original Post

I really am not a fan of Bethesda, and have always struggled to get into their games. That being said, the promise of a Skyrim in space proves to have the potential to change Bethesda's reputation and losing streak. I am down for anything Space, and Starfield will prove to be a test for the worthiness of Microsoft's Bethesda acquisition. With 2022 here, we still don't know much or have seen much about this game, but hopefully it will live up to the hype.


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