Game Infinite's Most Anticipated Games - Infinite Summer 2022

In my January Installment of this bi-annual series during the Game Infinite Best of 2021 Event, I predicted that 2022 was going to be a landslide year with countless game releases. I thought we were going to have so many games we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. So many games from 2021 got delayed into 2022 that the year seemed inevitable to be jam packed with countless hits.

Despite one crowded February, 2022 has been the opposite of such craziness that I expected. Many titles have been delayed into 2023, and we have seen record setting dry spells. The covid delay is starting to hit as many of the games that were earlier in development during the pandemic is now starting to see this delayed wave of emptiness. Additionaly, three games I had on this list for most anticipated did release and unfortunately are destined to be on many outlet's worst lists. Babylon's Fall, Final Fantasy Origins, and Crossfire X are all long time residents on this anticipated list, that ended up being just awful bombs in every way and some of the worst games I've played in recent memory. Adding Diablo Immortal's "worst meta critic score...EVER" controversy, 2022 has had some real fails so far.

That's not to say we haven't had some amazing games this year so far, but it does mean that the rest of the year and 2023+ promise to continue to deliver some amazing games. During our INFINITE SUMMER 2022 Event, we will be bringing a list of all the amazing upcoming games that we can't wait to get our hands on!

To keep this list in scope, this list will largely focus on AAA, AA, and some mainstream or larger indie games. To help keep it streamlined and limit the list, even more anticipated Indie Games are regularly included in our monthly series Indie Game Round Up where we discuss and showcase indie games we are excited about. While, we will be largely focusing on mainstream or AAA games, some indie titles may still appear.

36. Street Fighter 6

I have never been a huge fighting game fan, nor have I played much of the Street Fighter franchise before. As a complete outsider, I don't know really much to expect from this game. I know that it has quite the following, but personally it looks stylized and fun. I would need to see more to get more excited for it.

35. Diablo IV

I think it was actually pretty bold (maybe foolish is a better word) of Xbox and Bethesda to still bring Diablo IV to Summer Game Fest. With all the controversy surrounding its spinoff cousin right now, Diablo Immortal is all in the gaming news for all the wrong reasons. With some of the worst most blatant pay to win microtransactions, that put Battlefront 2's controversy and all other games to shame, Diablo Immortal is slated to be the WORST REVIEWED game EVER. At a .3 on metacritic, Bethesda has put the Diablo name through the ringer, into a record book you don't ever want to be in. Now is maybe not the best time to showcase the full sequel of Diablo. That being said, they did anyways. Diablo IV is coming in 2023, and we got a nice extended look at the game. Fans of the franchise can only hope that IV won't require 100,000 real US dollars to level up your gear. That's right you read that right. That ALL BEING SAID, I was impressed in the visuals and gameplay of this new game, just enough to have it squeak onto this list. I realize many have this way higher on their anticipation lists; however, as a non-diablo player with 1% faith in Blizzards abilities right now, I couldn't place this game very high. I wish it success however.

34. Lies of P

Lies of P is a Pinocchio meets Souls-like game with an interesting premise, and intriguing world. It looks fascinating and gives us Bloodborne vibes. We got a alpha gameplay look in 2021, and we hope to see more of it in 2022.

33. Boundary (2023+ Release Likely)

(Update Mid 2022: A brief playable beta was available during steams indie event, and I finally got my hands on this game when I was starting to believe that I never was going to. I will say for certain that the realism manifested in difficulty. The developers really captured the actually difficulty of trying to make a FPS in the floaty zero-g environment that is outer space. You don't feel like a super soldier or Master Chief, you feel like a slow squishy balloon that could pop at any second. You float around space, it is hard to get a sense of your surroundings, and you die a lot. I found it having a bit of a difficulty spike as it plays like no other shooter I've ever played.)

(Update 2022: I am concerned this game may have become Vaporware. It used to be way higher on this list, but I am no longer confident on its release. With the 2020 release window now over a year behind us, with little to no word from the developers. Infrequent social media updates come with little mention of the never approaching release, and silence to comments asking about an release update, I have a feeling we may never get to see this game. While it's normal for games to be quiet, it is unusual for devs to miss multiple announced release windows from one year to another without really addressing the delays. It still looks really fun and has an interesting concept. I hope that 2022 will be the year we finally see it, but my expectations have slowly evaporated. Each year the the steam page release date keeps getting updated and delayed with little word or explanation from the developers. The fact that now 2 years of delays have happened without much mention or transparency, makes me hesitant we will actually see it. I understand that some times games have long development cycles, but being two years late on a previously announced release date usually spells development trouble. I have a bad feeling it won't release; however, I will keep it on the list for now.)

(Update Early 2021: With a "2020 release" for pretty much all of 2020, 2020 came and went with silence from the developer. Like many on this list, I am presuming COVID was a factor in its delay to 2021. I realize this smaller lesser known title ranks high on my list, and it may not end up being the quality a high ranking deserves, but I have just been looking forward to this game for quite some time.)

(Update Mid 2020: We still are no closer to a release date, and with COVID I suspect the game will be further delayed. However, my excitement level for this space shooter has only increased. It is a lesser known more niche title, but it is one I am personally looking forward to)

Original Post:

I did not hate Call of Duty Ghosts as much as most of the fan base did. I enjoyed many aspects of the game from having a dog companion to fighting aliens in multiplayer. One of the things I loved most about Call of Duty Ghosts was the opening mission in orbit. The opening mission of Ghosts was super cool even to the biggest hater. Now, we get combat in space in other games but most often it feels super sci-fi like Halo. This put us in white astronaut suits floating around white space station-like areas with guns. It felt both sci-fi and realistic at the same time. Boundary is a multiplayer shooter game super reminiscent of that setting. Low earth orbit combat with astronaut suits and zero-g combat. Ever since coming across this title I have been super excited to play it.

32. Exoprimal (2023)

It turns out that all Anthem ever needed was a massive onslaught of hundreds of dinosaurs. That's what I thought of when I saw this game was that it reminded me instantly of Anthem with it's Javelin style eco-suits. I've said before that not enough games have dinosaurs anymore and this game tries to make up for the rest with a whole hell of a lot of them. It actually reminded me in part of World War Z (game) with the swarm mechanic of the dinosaurs. If anything this game proves that "Ironman vs Dinosaurs" is always a game we have needed that we didn't know we needed; hopefully they can pull it off.

31. GigaBash

We don't get enough Kaiju games, and that is puzzling to me, because I feel like the entire Kaiju genre is perfect for video games. I think Kaiju may even be better suited for games than film because you can better capture their destructive scope. GigaBash promises a fun Kaiju brawler that looks like city destroying level of fun.

30. Lost Soul Aside (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2022: Initially put on my radar in 2020, now into 2022, I haven't seen much of anything about this interesting looking Fantasy game. That being said, hopefully we get some word this year. )

Original Post:

Apparently this game has been announced for like 3 years, and it completely skipped my radar. I want to thank my friend, former #GiFriends streamer, and fellow gaming news blogger REDXMAUDE for introducing me to this awesome game. It gives me some Final Fantasy, Code Vien vibes. It is a really cool looking open world jrpg, and it is now on my list. What is interesting is this started out as a one man developer, but interest picked up turning it into a larger team making the game.

29. Crimson Desert (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Original Post:

I was really disappointed by Black Desert. From the beautifully obscured graphics hidden from an insanely messy and overcrowded HUD, to boring gameplay and combat, I just couldn't get into it. Which is such a shame because I anticipated it so much, and to this day has one of the best character creators and character models I have seen. Crimson Desert is their next game, and looks even more amazing than Black Desert. Hopefully the beautiful gameplay we have seen so far won't be hidden by a screen full of HUD garbage, and will feature more natural feeling and active combat.

28. Overwatch 2

(Update Mid 2022 - Another half a year, and another update to this section of the list. Despite my belief that this Avatar of gaming was never going to actually release, Blizzard actually surprised me with a playable beta and NOW after the June Xbox event, we now know that it is coming Free to Play n October 4th! It is unreal to finally have a release date! I really had lost faith. We saw new characters and maps, but the biggest update with the single player PVE campaign is still pretty absent. This game could have risen higher on this list now that we know more; however, I just have little faith in Blizzard's ability to pull this off. They have been failing so hard as a company. If you ask about a Blizzard controversy you have to specify "which one". Not to mention, they currently have put our 3 of the worst 5 reviewed games in history at this point, with multiple launch PR disasters in the last few years. Between Diablo Immortal, Diablo II Remaster, Warcraft 3 Reforged, they have had some major fails lately. I really hope that OW2 doesn't join this trend. I truly hope they can rally, and do better, and pull this off. Until then, I will believe it when I see it. We want this game, we just don't want to be hurt again Blizzard!)

(Update Early 2022: I don't really think anyone cares anymore. I'll keep it on the list for now, but it is slipping towards the bottom. I think this game is vaporware and with all of Activision Blizzard's controversies, and the stepping down of former Overwatch creative director Jeff Kaplan, I have small hope for the future hope of Overwatch 2. Blizzard is just not currently in a spot to release anything. There are even rumors that 2023 isn't happening either. If it does release, I think it will be a skeleton of what was promised and few may care at that point. This game is a live service, and the sequel only ever was a major expansion instead of a "real" sequel, so the years of development hell that this has been in just is confusing. The word of what the culture and workplace environment Blizzard has sometimes been, only points to maybe why this game hasn't released yet. Many of us have lost faith in Activision Blizzard because of the back to back controversies; to a point, I can only barely call myself excited for this game any more. I hope the company can cource correct and start treating it's employees better.

Days before releasing this article, a new rumor/leak revealed that Overwatch 2 is in development hell, and is getting massive downgrades. Talks of "mobile" compatibility downgrading the game to make it easier to port tells me Blizzard might have a iOS / Android port in mind. That last thing Overwatch needs is a graphical downgrade.)

(Update mid 2021: Officially Delayed to 2022+)

(Update early 2021): Good god Blizzard will this ever get an update? We have heard pretty much nothing so far.)

(Updated Mid 2020: Overwatch 2 is becoming the Avatar 2 of games. I am not convinced it will ever actually come, and when it does, will we still care? It dropped several tiers because I haven't played Overwatch in quite some time because it seems to be in content limbo. Nothing new happens, and it is getting old. I have put enough hours of my life into it that I am happy to wait for OW2 to come, but will it be too little too late? This was an expansion that really needed to come out in early 2020 to keep it relevant. Blizzard has had multiple controversies in 2020 from Blitchung to the BLM Protest backlash, that they desperately could have used some positive press with this pseudo-sequel. Since we have heard almost nothing about it, I predict this being pushed to a 2021 title and by then the hype may have dropped too low)

Original Post: (It really didn't age well)