Game Infinite's Most Anticipated Games of 2021 (JUNE UPDATE)

So at the beginning of the year I wrote a Most Anticipated list for 2021, and now that we are half way through 2021 I think it time for a mid-year update! Many games have received delays to 2022 since the original post. Some games have released and won our hearts or failed to live up to the anticipation. Many games have still not released and remain on the list. So far 2021, has really failed to deliver many exciting new titles. My list of great games for the end of year lists is looking quite bare so far, but all hope is not lost as many amazing games still have 2021 release dates, windows, or presumed windows and I have many new ones for this list! I will say that while this list of games I can't wait to play, the order is less important as game announcements come and go. In general, all of these games look exciting. I was originally going to update this list earlier, but with E3 here fresh with new game announcements, here is a June update that includes anticipated titles I have come across since January, including new ones from Summer Game Fest 2021 and E32021. Not all of these games have confirmed 2021 release dates, especially with the uncertainty of the post-Covid world. However, games that are confirmed 2022 are listed as honorable mentions at the end, with some games listed on the main list still with unknown release dates.

25. Vampire: The Masquerade BLOOD HUNT

So Vampire Masquerade was supposed to get a new full game release this year, and in what felt like moments before it was supposed to release, the game was delayed indefinitely with the entire development team being fired. Honestly I would love to read a Jason Schrier article on what happened to that. Big release games don't get delayed that close to release with an entire loss of staff without drama. And here we are a few months later, with now a Vampire Battle Royale?? Was this just a quickly made cash grab to hold us over, to make money why they hired a new team for the other game?

I smell something odd here. It just doesn't feel right. Part of me expects Bloodhunt to be a buggy, bad, cash grab attempt at a free to play title that will crash and burn miserably. The other part of me enjoyed the trailer and the concept, so therefore I want it to be good. However, wanting it to be good and expecting it to be good is a different thing. I expect it to struggle in the BR space filled with games of much bigger brand reconginiton, but I still put it on the list because I am intrigued.

24. Babylon's Fall (Moved from 2020 list!)

(Update 2021 - post E3 2021. We got a new look at Babylon's Fall at E3, and I will say it looked a little rough. It dropped a bit on my excitement level, as honestly it just looks like a less pretty version of Godfall; and Godfall didn't review that well either by most circles. I still have it on this list, as it could still turn out to be fun. It is going to be a Fantasy set Live Service game._

(2019 Original Post) Well, we aren't getting Scalebound, and it doesn't seem like Bayonetta 3 is ever actually arriving. So while Xbox and Nintendo fans may be left disappointed, Playstation fans seem to be closer to a new game from Platinum Games than the rest. This game looks to be a highly stylized hack'n slash (surprise surprise) set in a medieval magical world. I hope that the time on Bayonetta and Scalebound haven't taken the energy out of Platinum so they can deliver something eventually.

23. Crossfire X (Moved from 2020 list!)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Crossfire X went from a blurb during Xbox's E3, where we saw a vague cinematic teaser for a military shooter to an exciting game with a free multiplayer component and an actual campain. It was only really noteworthy for being a much needed Xbox console exclusive during a time when Xbox was struggling to deliver them. We have heard pretty much nothing about it since that reveal, and all of a sudden a open beta dropped. I had a blast in the game even though there was only one "modern' mode. The beta contained legacy modes from the old pc game. The legacy was old and ugly bland version I largely skipped. The new modern polished mode was super fun. I am very excited for more competition in the modern military shooter genre, and I think there is plenty of room for Crossfire X.

22. Sword of Legends Online

An upcoming JRPG MMO, SLO looks like a fun new free to play entry in the fantasy MMO genre.

21. Nakara Bladepoint

Naraka is an upcoming asian set Battle Royale game that seeks to make a name for itself in the popular and saturated BR space by going for a JRPG/MMO aesthetic, replacing the traditional BR elements with swords and asian art styles. I got the opportunity to play the beta, and I will say the game looks really fun.

20. Nier Reincarnation

I am a huge fan of the Nier franchise, with 2B being one of my all time favorite female or android characters in gaming. So when a new Nier title was announced that wasn't the Replicant remaster, I was excited! However, it ranks low on this list because it is a mobile only title. This makes me worry about its quality. I'm not a mobile hater, in fact I want MORE games to come to mobile, but they need to be like Genshin Impact or Fortnite where they also come to all the other platforms. We need mobile games that are on mobile and others to show that they are "real" games. Being mobile only makes me worried. Why not at least PC? We also have seen very little of the gameplay, and the little bit we have seen is mostly the "3D" moments, where I fear some of the game might not be as much Automata as we would like or even expect. Also a reason it ranks low is that some of the impressions I've read from the international version (not here in the US yet) has been mixed to negative. That all being said, I really really hope that when the English version arrives in the West, that it will still manage to impress us.

19. Aliens Fireteam

Will Fireteam end up being Colonial Marines or Isolation? Few franchises have such quality variety as the Aliens franchise in gaming, but I will admit I am quite intrigued by the coop hoard mode shooter concept because it just seems painfully obvious for the sci-fi setting. This is a universe built for this mode that I wonder why it took so long for Fireteam to be made.

18. Crimson Desert

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

I was really disappointed by Black Desert. From the beautifully obscured graphics hidden from an insanely messy and overcrowded HUD, to boring gameplay and combat, I just couldn't get into it. Which is such a shame because I anticipated it so much, and to this day has one of the best character creators and character models I have seen. Crimson Desert is their next game, and looks even more amazing than Black Desert. Hopefully the beautiful gameplay we have seen so far won't be hidden by a screen full of HUD garbage, and will feature more natural feeling and active combat.

17. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is another game that sold me with a trailer. There are ALOT of games that look like this. There just are a lot of anime or cartoon jrpg's, and honestly they start to just blur together to me as an outsider to the genre. This one managed to stand among the rest to me with this exciting gameplay trailer from the Summer Game Fest 2021.

17. Scarlet Nexus

I waited to do my mid year update for this article until after E3 to see if any major changes would happen with the game news. Much to my dismay, I didn't get many new game announcements that looked exciting to me. However, one small silver lining is unlike other entries on this list, we won't have to wait long for Scarlete Nexus as it is mere days away at time of writing this section. Scarlet Nexus looks to be an action packed anime-inspired game from Bandai that looks like it could be a sleeper hit for 2021.

16. Stray (Moved from 2020 list!)

So, "That PS5 Cat game" made my list because of its weirdness, art, and premise. One of the indie titles revealed to us during Playstation's 2020 Future of Gaming event, showed some really great indie games coming to PS5. Stray is about a cat living in a world populated by robots. That sentence alone got it on this list.

15. Perfect Dark

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

When Xbox revealed a Perfect Dark remake/reboot was coming, I was really excited. This was one of those franchises that I always regretted missing back in the day but has since aged out of my ability to appreciate it the way I would have back then. It's too old to play and appreciate, so a remake return is just what I wanted. We don't know much about the game with just a cinematic trailer at the time of writing, but I really look forward to playing this series with modern visuals.

14. Code Syn (Moved from 2020 list!)

Tencent is trying to become the Disney of games as they slowly buy ownership of many major studios and most recently announced new AAA studios in the US. They got a little bit of flack by some for this trailer as some believed it to be a Cyberpunk 2077 ripoff, but honestly, I think that the artistic style of Cyberpunk has room for more games. I thought this game looked more fun than some other outlets initial impressions. I am always down for another good sci-fi RPG. This one let's you have a giant cybernetic pet bear. If that doesn't peak your interest, watch the trailer for yourself and see what you think.

13. Battlefield 2042

I would rank Battlefield 2042 higher based on just the trailer. This trailer is just on fire, making me want to be excited for this game. However, DICE delivered a real stinker in Battlefield V. The game was pretty bad and largely unliked by critics and players. Instead of reassuring players with quality, they have stripped this game way down to a point where I think it being a premium AAA title is a bit of a stretch. While in the past, the Battlefield campaigns have been bland and forgettable, that just means they should do better not scrap it. Battlefield 2042 is launching multiplayer only and I think that is a huge mistake at 60 or more dollars. This game will be competing with the 2021 Call of Duty which I highly expect to offer a campaign, zombies, integration into Warzone, in addition to regular multiplayer. Come fall will players choose between COD which will offer 3/(4ish) modes or Battlefield which offers one, Especially with Battlefield V still fresh in players minds?

The biggest selling point Battlefield 2042 has so far is its new massive player count, another reason I am hesitant of their 60$ AAA strategy as player count is going to matter in this game. I really hope I am wrong and this game will be amazing and successful, but time will tell. Despite my concerns, I still rank it high out of pure optimism.

12. Solar Ash (Moved from 2020 list!)

This game makes this list for one reason and one reason only. It is the first game I have seen that has the newly understood scientific realistic depiction of a black hole. Now there may be other good things about it but that's all I needed to see before I was sold. Thanks to mathematical models used to create the black hole in the movie Inception, and a confirmation of accuracy by the first image taken of a black hole, we now reasonable know what they look like. Now that we know, I want to see more depictions of them in entertainment media and pop culture, because not only are Black Holes mysterious and weird, they look cool as hell. Solar Ash has a black hole in it and that's all I needed to see from the trailer to make it a must play for me.

11. Kena Bridge of Spirits (Moved from 2020 list!)

Do you want your own pet Porgs? Well, you can't have one. This is the closest you may ever get as this is a game about living in some magical forest with a huge host of little black furry creatures as your pets. That may be all that most need to know about this game to make them interested...little furry cute things. Many of us are excited for this Disney Pixar-esque looking game that promises to deliver a quality action platformer in the art of a Pixar movie.

10. Lost Soul Aside (Moved from 2020 list!)