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Game Infinite Tshirts! (and more Merch!)

We are so excited to share that our Game Infinite store is now live!

You can Shop Now at

Ever since Game Infinite started, we have wanted to bring shirts to our friends and followers. I still have multiple friends who keep asking me for a shirt for the past year. I originally wanted to get this live earlier in the year, but covid related delays and becoming a new parent pushed this back.

I am so eager to share in the fun that is our gaming community by rocking this new Merch with all of you. I will say that any revenue raised from this store will be turned back into growing this community and brand, so that we can better bring you all the latest gaming news and entertainment, and continue to better support our amazing #GiFriends!!! If you do choose to support this platform in this way, please tell us so that I can show my gratitude!

It has been a long ride to this day, we made prototype shirts early on, and then I moved on to finding a distribution partner. I found one I liked because it integrated into our website very nicely. However I found out late that they actually force higher prices on the women’s style shirt. I spent some time investigating if this was negotiable, even if eating into the profit of the shirts.

It was something I just didn’t feel comfortable with. As someone who desires Game Infinite to be an open and inclusive place, I was not comfortable having our store having different gender based pricing.

I didn’t want to speak for anyone so this may not have be bothered anyone by it, but it bothered me. Game Infinite wouldn’t be where it is without our many female identifying members.

Thankfully, I was able to discover Teespring, which gives us total control over profit % and allowed us to offer the same price for general tees and women’s style clothing.

We offer several additional pieces of Merch on the new store, including a Hoodie, Facemasks, and Leggings!

Thank you for continuing to support our community and helping me pursue my dream at Game Infinite!


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