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How is the First Descendant? - Beta Gameplay (Game Infinite Review)

I decided to try out an upcoming sci-fi looter shooter coming soon titled The First Descendant. I have to say, this was a super fun experience. My initial impression upon seeing it's reveal was positive and jumped the game high on my anticipated list. The game looked beautiful and exciting, and definitely looked like a promising upcoming UE5 showcase that I couldn't wait to try. Upon starting the game, I was impressed that for what will be destined to be a free to play shooter (something that is admittedly a highly saturated genre) I wasn't expecting a high quality opening mission. The game kicks off with a decent, cut scene filled, high production feeling opening level and mission. It doesn't feel free in the beginning, but a AAA opening level. I can easily see this becoming a new sci-fi world to enjoy with interesting lore, antagonists, worlds, and factions.

(Game Infinite Gameplay on our GiPlays series)

However, I will admit right out the first impressions were I felt like the similarities between it and Destiny were a little to same feeling. The UI and certain design choices feel at times way to "Copy my homework" in terms of Destiny. The floating orbs, the character editing menu, and certain UI elements feel very similar. That being said, I do feel like the game stands enough on its own to distinguish itself, and the game still has time to further distinguish its UI elements.

Despite those similarities, I will say that overall my experience was very positive, and I couldn't wait to keep playing. In a gaming landscape that is increasingly fighting for our time, and with every game feeling daunting with 100's of hours, I couldn't wait to play more and didn't feel pulled to 87 other games in my view. I wanted to play it. The game offers three choices for initial characters to choose from, and I decided to start with Viessa as I liked her gameplay elements and abilities. She has ice based powers that sounded engaging.

(Game Infinite Photos)

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