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IGRU August x Indie Racers Festival 2022 Event

We have a very special IGRU for August as we have partnered up with @WerysGameStudio the talented makers behind Race Me Now who is hosting their very own indie racer centric festival. #INDIERACERS festival features over 25 racing indie games. We partnered with WGS to cover the event and we have several from the Indie Racers Festival Event in addition to some preexisting features for this month! If you want to see the full list of featured indie racers you can also check out We have three traditional IGRU discoveries as well as a bunch of games pulled from #INDIERACERSFESTIVAL Scroll below for more.

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Please Note -

(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may or may not be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. These games and developers have no implied relationship with each other unless otherwise stated. We have contacted these developers ahead of time. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming, possibly unplayed, an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. Final Game Release is not guaranteed. We cannot speak to final product. The final versions of these games may vary widely from their current state. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. These lists may contain games we have been supplied review copies. These lists may contain games we have backed on Kickstarter or preordered digitally. Any images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however may contain screenshots we have taken ourselves. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. GiFriends now offers a paid tier for extra promotion. If a member is a GiFriends ELITE member, they will be listed as such. Indie Games may not be affiliated with other Gi Partners.)

These games are listed in no particular order and are NOT a ranking.

First up we have hand picked several amazing looking racing games that really caught our attention, that we were excited to feature in in this months IGRU. These racing games are a part of this unique racing indie focus festival. #INDIERACERSFESTIVAL is an all racing focused indie event hosted by @WerysGameStudio the makers behind Race Me Now and we are excited to partner with these talented developers. All the games featured here have been done with permission from the developers.

1. Race Me Now | GiFriends - Official Trailer

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: WerysGameStudio

Race Me Now, GiFriends WerysGameStudio, delivers a super exciting retro artstyle racer that we first showed off during INFINITE SUMMER 2022, and now the developers behind the game have brought their passion for the indie racer genre to #INDIERACERSFESTIVAL partnering with many developers and streamers to showcase amazing indie racing games. We are glad to be a part of it and help feature the festival in IGRU August.

2. Pocket Wheels

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Florian Wolf

Developer Description: "Pocket Wheels isn't just a racing game, it's an objective-based 3D platformer. Take a seat in various toy cars with special abilities and explore a house full of themed rooms filled with collectibles, objectives and race tracks!"

I'll be honest; I am a total sucker for this art style. I love games that look like this so I can't wait to race around in this world. It doesn't currently have a release date, but it is available to wishlist. I definitely want to race in Pocket Wheels. It just reminds me so much of old school arcade racers or hot wheels racers I played when I was younger.

3. Runner Party

Release Date: TBA 2022

Developer: Creartstudio

Developer Description: "A competitive Multiplayer running game up to 4 players (either on LAN or online) - Use traps and projectiles ! Make life difficult for your competitors ! - Slow down the enemy to get ahead ! - Get hit and you risk losing the race !"

2D platforming competition racing on foot is the name of the game in Runner Party. We absolutely love the art style of this one and think it looks super fun. It will be launching early access some time in 2022.


Release Date: Available Now! SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends August 30 50% Off On Steam

Developer Description: "Race through future cities and across the surface of other planets to out run, out maneuver and out pace your competition. Metric Racer, a fast paced, cartoon shaded futuristic racer."

What's better than racing on wheels? FLOATY CARS! Hover racers are always awesome, because what is better than just hovering around at high speed? Plus this game offers a level editor, so call me intrigued. You can get it 50% off until August 30th through out the event.

5. You Suck at Parking

Release Date: TBA 2022

Developer: Happy Volcano

Developer Description: "You Suck at Parking™ is the only racing game where your goal is to stop. Colorful yet uphill, challenge the world, and customize your ride in this ever-evolving parking simulator."

"Parking simulator" may sound like the most BORING idea ever, but Happy Volcano is proving that wrong with a crazy over the top chaotic parking racer? It's hard to describe, and watching the trailer is just chaos incarnate. It looks EPIC. I want it. It is TBA 2022.

6. Neodash

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Axan Gray

Developer Description: "Drift at full speed across gaps, traps, and neon-drenched environments that react to a captivating soundtrack. Build and play community-made tracks, or dive straight into a spectacular campaign."

We couldn't be more enticed by this Tron meets Mario Kart looking racer. The colors and visuals look incredible; It is newly released as of this event, and available to play now!

7. Rat Racer

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Jacku

Developer Description: "Rat Racer is a physics-based car simulation where everything is calculated in real time by Nvidia PhysX engine. All tracks are "virtual sandboxes" where you can drive everywhere and do anything what your car physics allows."

Rat Racer is a top down derby style racer that we think looks exciting! We also like the dark, almost cell shaded art style. It is available now in early access.


8. Video Game Fables

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Momiji Studios

Developer Description: "Funny, lighthearted RPG with fast, unique, challenging, turn-based combat set in a creative, colorful, abandoned game world that hasn't had a player in decades."

Classic retro art style combined with a fun bright nostalgic gameplay, Video Game Fables is here to delight players with its quirky and fun gameplay.

9. Sippin Hot... | GiFriends - Official Trailer

Release Date: 8/30/22 COMING SOON!

Developer: Sippin Hot

Developer Description: "Hop and bop your way to victory against a wild parade of killer blocks in this endless runner!"

Yes, "Sippin Hot Blickety Block N Bop Those Bad Battle Boys Down To Size Supreme" is it's real name. It's on steam like that, or as I like to call it "Sippin Hot...∞...Supreme". It is a super bright and colorful infinite runner platformer and we can't wait to try it out!

10. Those Who Came | GiFriends - Official Trailer

Release Date: Available Now!


Developer Description: "With their world on the verge of collapse, the spacefaring Sainen sent forth a ship of explorers, hoping to find a new home to survive extinction. Work with others to create a safe haven for your people on a hostile planet and heal it in this sci-fi coop survival RPG where teamwork is key to success"

Those Who Came is a sci-fi RPG set on a hostile alien world. It has a intriguing artstyle and look, and it is available not to try!


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. If you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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