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Imdrunkontea - Creator Interview

We first came across the super talented artist, Imdrunkontea thanks to our Gi Channel Nier Infinite, and was blown away by their incredible 2b fan arts. Then we celebrated their absolutely fantastic Cortana during Halo Month on our Game Infinite Creator Theme back in March. Their other fan art from worlds like Metroid and Genshin, really sold us that we needed to do a full specail feature on IDOT's amazing chracter arts. We hope you enjoy their process, art style, and journey in this latest Gi Creator Interview.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram at @imdrunkontea, or X: @imdrunkontea


Inspiration -

(Genshin Impact)

Game Infinite: What initially drew you to create fan art for games like Genshin Impact and Halo, and can you walk us through your creative process from concept to completion?

IDOT: As much as I consider myself a gamer, what really draws me to a franchise is the world-building and the community that develops around that. Although Genshin and Halo are very different in their genres – the former being an anime-inspired fantasy world, and the latter being a military-centric sci-fi universe – they both simultaneously draw from, and expand upon, stories and concepts from real life.

As a result, you have this really creative community around each that contributes to the world-building on top of what is officially released by the developers. Be it fan art, music, lore discussions, etc. – not every successful game can say the same thing. And while there are tons of other great franchises in each respective genre with huge fandoms, one visit to a local anime or comic con and you’ll see the lasting power of having such open, yet iconic, designs and storytelling. As an artist, it’s hard not to be drawn to that.

In terms of creative process, I often start with a certain “feeling” that I want to emulate with the piece. The hook can be a moment in the story, or a specific pose, or even a piece of music that leaves an impression on me – and I use that as a starting point for the composition and mood that I want to have. This can often change as I work on a piece, or I may not even end up being successful, but I think it’s important to have that initial spark of inspiration when you start out.

A few other notes – I’ve found that it’s incredibly helpful to work zoomed out for as long as possible. All the polish and details in the world won’t help you if the fundamental composition of your piece isn’t working. That, and remember to flip the canvas repeatedly to reset your eyes as you draw. I definitely abuse that function when I’m drawing, as my twitch viewers can attest to!

(Halo: Cortanta Fan Art)

Character Connection -

(Metroid: Zero Suit Samus)

Gi: "When choosing a character from a franchise such as Metroid to depict, what qualities or aspects of the character do you feel most compelled to capture in your art?"


I think Metroid is an interesting one because Samus and the Metroid universe as a whole is so easy to treat as a blank slate by fans and fan artists. Despite appearing in so many games in the series, Samus arguably does not have a narrowly defined personality – to the point that official depictions are somewhat inconsistent, depending on when the game was released and who the developer was. This makes it easy for gamers and artists to have their ideas about who she is, and easy to adapt them to other styles. It makes for a fun challenge when drawing fan art or making a fan design that retains the iconic features of the original, while using that less-defined quality to your advantage.


In fact, a lot of Nintendo games are designed that way, and I suspect it’s for much the same reason – it gives the developers an iconic base to start with, but opens up many more options to keep the next game in the series feeling like a fresh, new experience. Just ask anyone who’s tried to make sense of the chronological order of the Legend of Zelda games, for instance – they might be loosely connected in canon, but thinking about it too hard will definitely make your head hurt!

Nier Automata -

(Nier Automata Fan Art)

Gi: For our Gi Channel community, Nier Infinite, tell us a little bit about your 2b? What stands out to you about 2b from Nier Automata? Why does she resonate with so many artists? 

IDOT: 2b obviously has a very attractive character design, but I think the juxtaposition of that with just how deep and emotional the story is has created a pleasantly surprising impression amongst many gamers – many of whom are also artists. She’s a great example of combining surface-level aesthetics with engaging substance – the looks bring you in, but everything else about the game makes you stay and form an attachment.

She’s also very iconic in how deceptively simple her design is. The pseudo-monochomatic colors, blindfold, and symbolic growth in her own personality ironically make her stand out in an era of ultra-colorful games and art styles. That apparent simplicity also drives creativity, as artists love sharing their own alternative universe interpretations of 2b – it’s again touching on that idea that you can establish the details that make the character iconic, while leaving enough wiggle room to allow for creativity and flexibility.

Fan Community Interaction -

Gi: "How has the response from the fan communities influenced your approach to creating art, and do you engage with fans for ideas or feedback?"


IDOT: I love engaging with followers and other fans! I do my best to respond to every comment I get, and I’ve been lucky to have followers who are very kind and friendly. Many of those who I engage with are also artists or creators of some sort, so I often ask open questions and conduct polls to gather opinions from others.


That said, I’ve stepped away from chasing the flavor-of-the-month trends unless it’s something I feel very inspired to do right away. These days I’d rather take my time and enjoy the work, as opposed to rushing something that’s half-finished but gets a lot more views and engagement. Regardless though, I am blessed by all the wonderful interactions I get to have with peers and fans alike! It’s one of my favorite parts of posting online these days.

Evolution of Style -

(Misc. Fan Arts)


Gi: "How has your style evolved as you've explored different franchises, and do you find that your approach changes with each series?"

IDOT: There has definitely been a big change in my style over the years, both due to franchise influence as well as being inspired by artists that I’ve discovered over time. I’d say my original inspiration was the quasi-photo-realistic fantasy rendering styles of big names like those from Riot and Blizzard – easily some of the best in the industry. With that, there was a bigger focus on things like lighting, value, texturing, rendering, etc.


In the last few years, I’ve been greatly inspired by less conventional anime artists. For instance, one artist I’m very fond of – they go by lalalalack or .lack, depending on the platform – combines anime with painterly strokes and very few layers in their process. Not only is this an engaging aesthetic, but it’s also a great process to use while painting – something that’s messier than the usual lineart and celshading method, but (in my opinion) much more fun and engaging to create. It just feels more satisfying to paint directly on top of what you see, rather than worrying about which layer is which.


Right now, I’m doing my own experimentation to combine my various past styles with the styles of the source material. If I’m drawing an anime character, for instance, I will try to keep elements of that art style in my piece, even if I’m approaching it in a more painterly way. While I can’t say I’ve been entirely consistent as a result, the journey has been incredibly fun and rewarding!

Future Projects -

Gi: "Are there any particular characters or upcoming games you're excited to create fan art for? What can our followers look forward to from you in the future? 

IDOT: I’m hoping to draw more characters from Hoyoverse’s other franchises, most notably Honkai Star Rail, as well as some of the other successful franchises that tend to share overlapping fanbases. I admit that I just don’t have the time to play them all these days, but the designs and storytelling are still very inspiring! I actually made a list on my phone of all the characters I want to draw – it’s growing by the day, so we’ll see how many I ultimately get to do.

Another idea I’ve done a few times now is to combine characters from franchises that end up working well together. For example, I made a 2b and Kuki Shinobu crossover – Kuki being another favorite from Genshin Impact – because they share the same English VA in Kira Buckland. I hope to continue expanding that line of mashups because not only are they fun to do, but a lot of people seem to like the results – myself included!


Lastly, while a bit outside of my immediate comfort zone, I want to do some more mecha and sci-fi art in the future. When I was younger, I almost exclusively drew robots – MechWarrior, Gundam and the like – before pivoting to human characters. So in a way, this would be a return back to where I got my start all those years ago. It would be a challenge, but it’s always fun to change things up a little.

Thank you for stopping by our latest Creator Interview! If you are (or know of) a cosplayer, fan artist, indie dev, or streamer that would like to interview with us, let us know! Make sure to support the amazing creators in this series with likes and follows!


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