Indie Game Round Up - April 2022

April is here, and we have another list of several indie games that have caught our attention! If you or someone you know is a developer working on an indie game, and you want some help to spread word about your game, let us know so we can possibly include it in Indie Game Round Up!

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1. Mirror Forge

Release Date: 9/29/22

Developer: MystiveDev

Steam Wishlist:

Developer Description: "Mirror Forge is a first-person psychological survival horror game. Roam between realities of fear, madness & machinery. Solve puzzles, explore an atmospheric world, survive horrifying entities in an immersive storyline where your choices matter."

We were immediately blown away when we saw Mirror Forge, as the game just has good horror visuals for a indie horror game. But it is when we saw the "Emo Harley Quinn" character model, that is when we knew that Mirror Forge was one to watch. Her character model alone sold us on the game. Her face and over all design is really well done. We immediately knew that she had to be the special pick for our monthly background. We just love the design and think she looks better than some AAA characters of late, and we are over all excited to see this one in action. We won't have to wait to long as Mirror Forge has a September 2022 release date.

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2. Alone

Release Date: 9/15/22

Developer: Connor Warrington

Steam Wishlist:

It's dangerous to go alone, bring a friend! Or at least that's the concept of this platformer, that relies on controlling multiple characters to solve traversal puzzles and reach one's destination. You will never be alone in Alone. I have to say I am an absolute sucker for this specific art style and color palette. The simple black and white retro platformer is just so fun to experience. It reminds me so much of Box Boy and I loved every moment of that game. If this game can deliver on that level of fun puzzle platforming, it will be a must play for sure.

3. Phantom Breaker: Omnia - Available Now!

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Mages Inc., Gameloop inc.

Publisher: Rocket Panda Games

Steam Wishlist:

Phantom Breaker Omnia was a game we were very excited to play during Steam latest indie next fest, but were unable to due to a technical issue preventing us. That being said, It is out now as a recent release, so we can't wait to share our full impressions. Phantom Breaker Omnia works hard to keep up with other big name AAA and AA anime fighters, with 20+ unique anime inspired characters and multiple fighting styles. It has beautifully designed and detailed characters and quality looking content. The combat looks smooth and engaging, and definitely has the over the top flare we'd want in an anime fighter. This anime fighter should be on your list to check out if you like that genre. We know we can't wait to experience it, and have it on my to-play list for May!

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4. Swordcery

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Temple Door Games

Steam Wishlist:

Hey do you like Swords? Do you dream about Swords? Do you show a date your impressive Sword collection? Have you ever played Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy 7 and thought to yourself, "Gee, these swords just aren't big enough!" Well then you and your impossible to please self may be happy to learn about Swordcery! Because apparently Temple Door Games asked themselves, "What if video games swords were EVEN bigger and badder?" Seriously, we saw one sword that was 20x the size of the player character. Do the inevitable and just add this one to your wishlist, because to slightly paraphrase the all wise Qui-gon Jinn, "There's always a bigger sword". While not EVERY sword in the game looks like it's trying to steal the heart of Tifa Lockhart, there's over a hundred swords to fit your fancy.

5. Dead Heat

Release Date: TBA

Developer: @saxonbristol

Developer Description: "A haunted Gothic metropolis sparsely populated with shell shocked survivors of a nightmare war, slowly eking out a new life while their greatest fear lives among them. Zombies; the living dead slowly piecing together the remnants of their lost history ... Follow Detectives Sonja Vargas & Lilith Troy as they delve into a post-apocalyptic world of paranoia and murder!"

Do you like Zombies? Do you like retro art style? Do you like murder mysteries? Well if you said yes to all those, then, Dead Heat may be just for you. We really find the dark noir-esque vibe and art style from Dead Heat intriguing, and the character designs to be atmospheric.

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6. Oust

Release Date: 2023

Developer: Cinder Studios

Steam Wishlist:

Developer Description: "Oust blends strategy, rpg, and pvp elements neatly into a beautiful, easy-to-pick-up game. Begin the game as a peasant, customize your profession and fighting style, find equipment and gather support to overthrow the king. As king, manage the kingdom to remain in power as long as you can."

Ever wondered if you could rise to power from nothing? At a video game, not real life, because that's way harder. At least in Oust, you can go from Peasant to King and see how long you can hold onto the throne. We find Oust's art style and color palette to be strangely beautiful in a dark and dreary kind of way. This is one to watch out for next year when it releases in 2023.

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7. Earth's Shadow

Release Date: 6/30/22

Developer: WRF Studios

Steam Wishlist:

Developer Description: "Earth's Shadow is a third person action Sci-Fi dungeon crawler set in the year 3081 on planet Sumbra; a remote alien planet where legends of valuable relics surround this black world, calling to the greedy and brave explorers seeking a bright future... but end up uncovering an even darker past."

Earth's Shadow looks like a dark sci-fi/horror adventure as you fight various alien creatures on a dark and scary new world. It kind of reminds me an indie Returnal in some ways. I for one am looking forward to it's early access launch in June! If you like third-person shooters and alien worlds, this might be one to watch out for!

8. Patrick's Parabox - Available Now!

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Patrick Traynor

Steam Wishlist: