We are extremely excited to launch our new indie news focused article series, "Indie Game Round Up!" Each month, we will showcase indie games we have discovered that we think our viewers need to know about. It is really exciting because a passion for supporting indie developers is actually one of the things that lead to the creation of Game Infinite in the first place. While Game Infinite has evolved to host so many things from our Gi Channels, reviews, our Merch Store, and supporting other types of creators, supporting Indie Devs was the motivation that started it all. I wanted to create a news platform that didn't just focus on AAA news, but also gave a voice to indie devs. Moreso, I didn't want it to just be the big indie games that are already seeing success. Other bigger news outlets such as IGN or Gamespot, they also share indie games; but these are indie games that have already hit success, already had their name spread. I wanted to also support indie games that haven't released yet, share development news of indie developers that are still hard at work on their first game. When I realized how many solo and small teams are working on amazing games, and most gamers haven't heard of them, I wanted to help spread that word. Lately we started doing weekly community gathering and sharing events on twitter, "Screenshot Saturdays" and "Wishlist Wednesdays". We have had well over 100 indie devs participating, sharing their games and we were blown away by the amazing submissions. I was inspired to create an article series that showcases upcoming indie games that you may or may not have heard of, and to put them on your radar. Below are several amazing looking Indie Games we can't wait to try! They are in no particular order.


(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may NOT be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming possibly unplayed an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. We cannot speak to final product. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. Any images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however may contain screenshots we have taken. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. These games are listed in no particular order)


Release Date: TBA

Developer: Horribly Awesome

Horribly Awesome is a a solo dev creating "Sol Diver". They describe Sol Diver as a "3rd person sci-fi action RPG" exploring "solarpunk/cyberpunk" style on a alien planet through the eyes of their character Seraphina. Seraphina is an android looking to reclaim her corrupted memories, find out who she truly is.

We have been looking forward to Sol Diver ever since discovering the game. It's art style reminds us of No Man Sky and the character / fighting gives us Nier Automata / Genshin Impact vibes. The developer is super friendly, active on social media with updates, and a great supporter of the small dev community. Their game is featured with permission in the background of this month's promo.


Release Date: TBA/2021

Developer: ThinkingStars

Steam Wishlist:

ANNO: Mutationem is a Cyberpunk world with a beautiful art style. I have played the demo and enjoyed the time so far. ANNO is an hybrid 2D/3D action-adventure game with RPG elements. For those of us who were disappointed by Cyberpunk 2077, this could be a game to scratch that itch.

3. Summoners Fate

Release Date: 2022

Developer: GiFriends Members - D20 Studios

Steam Wishlist:

Developer Description: "Summoners Fate is a roguelike deckbuilder where exploration and careful management of dice-rolling events are at the heart of every run. Choose your summoner, build your deck and attend a goblin birthday party!"

We have been following Summoners Fate longer than any game on this list. We were Kickstarter backers and have been enjoying watching our friends and GiFriends members at D20 working tirelessly on their game. We met them originally years ago at Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconson, way back when Game Infinite was starting. It is great to see them so close to their release, as supporting devs is a huge foundation of why Gi is here. I wish these guys best of luck!

4. An Amazing Wizard

Release Date: 2023+

Developer: Jakub

Steam Wishlist:

Developer Description: "An Amazing Wizard is a 2D fast-paced, metroidvania inspired roguelite. You'll explore procedurally generated magical worlds with over 250 Artifacts, more than 100 Spells and dozens of Magic Weapons to unlock and use. After every death you'll respawn in a different world. There are no checkpoints..."

Developer Jakub is hard at work at their beautiful platformer An Amazing Wizard. We are currently in talks of bringing Jakub into our GiFriends community circle with some cool Amazing Wizard merch planned on our store. You can support Jakub by wish listing the game and saving our GI Store to be ready to buy an Amazing Wizard shirt!

5. Beyond the Long Night

Release Date: TBA/2022

Developer: NoisyHeadGames

Steam Wishlist:

Beyond the Long Night is a roguelike with a super fun art style and main character. The look of their game and character really captured our attention from first impression. We can't wait to try it, because this one looks super fun. It is available to wishlist now and is coming sometime in 2022.

6. Soul Passage

Release Date: 2022+/TBA

Developer: Ozbay Emrah


We love the art style, the vibrant colors, and the playable character. Everything about Soul Passage looks gorgeous and intriguing.

7. Bo

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Squid Shock Studios

Steam Wishlist:

Players play as a small "Fox Demon" in an absolutely gorgeous art style. The game is a 2D Platform based in

"Japanese folklore" One look at this game made it an instant-wishlist for us, so check it out.

8. Starship Simulator

Release Date: Summer 2022

Developer: Fleetyard Studios

Steam Wishlist:

Hyper detailed space ships to walk around? Vast endless space to explore? Sign us up. Starship Simulator looks like a huge and ambitious project, but one I am excited to experience. I say this a lot but we really really don't get enough open universe space sims. I'd like to just walk around big open space ships and fly around space, and this indie project promises to give us a space sim. Personally, I am very much looking forward to checking this one when it's planned release drops in Summer 2022.

9. Drifting Weight of Feathers

Release Date: 12/15/21

Developer: Ming Yen Wu

Steam Wishlist:

Drifting Weight of Feathers has players play as a Faye, a wanted criminal. The game revolves around players utilizing her g