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Indie Game Round Up - December 2022

Indie Game Round Up is BACK in December! After taking a couple months off, we have even more Indie Games to share with you all. Game Infinite was really busy in the past month. I had some IRL stuff going on in September, as well I have been hard at work on some big changes for the platform. Our store is going through a HUGE addition, with more news soon to come. We also transitioned our major Apex Infinite and Game Infinite Instagram merger. Now if you check out our old page is now @gameinfinite_archive If you now search for @gameinfinite on Instagram, Apex Infinite courageously sacrificed itself for our new hub on Instagram! Don't worry Apex fans, we have some exciting stuff planned for you soon and will continue to bring Apex content. If you follow us on insta, please check and see if you are following our current @gameinfinite !!

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Please Note -

(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may or may not be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. These games and developers have no implied relationship with each other unless otherwise stated. We may have contacted these developers ahead of time. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming, possibly unplayed, an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. Final Game Release is not guaranteed. We cannot speak to final product. The final versions of these games may vary widely from their current state. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. These lists may contain games we have been supplied review copies. These lists may contain games we have backed on Kickstarter or preordered digitally. Any images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however may contain screenshots we have taken ourselves. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. GiFriends now offers a paid tier for extra promotion. If a member is a GiFriends ELITE member, they will be listed as such. Indie Games may not be affiliated with other Gi Partners.)

These games are listed in no particular order and are NOT a ranking.

1. Starship Simulator | GiPlays

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Fleetyard Studios

We play Starship Simulator's demo playtest in this Gi Plays clip. We have featured Starship Sim before but wanted to show you some gameplay of this fantastic and beautiful space exploration sim. It sees players control a ship and explore a vast and beautiful universe! Don't let this one fall under the radar.

2. Video Game Fables - *UPDATE* “Nightmare Arena” DLC Available Now! - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Momiji Studios

Developer Description: "Funny, lighthearted RPG with fast, unique, challenging, turn-based combat set in a creative, colorful, abandoned game world that hasn't had a player in decades."

*Update* new DLC is now available, the Nightmare Arena!

3. Mirror Forge | NEW TRAILER! - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: 2022+

Developer: MystiveDev

We've featured Mirror Forge multiple times and even interviewed them on our YT Channel. Today, we are excited to share they have a brand new trailer! Check it out but bring a change of pants.

4. Awaken Astral Blade | NEW TRAILER! - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Dark Pigeon Games

We've also featured Awaken Astral Blade multiple times and also interviewed them on our YT Channel. Today, we are excited to share they have a brand new trailer and new hero design! Check it out but try not to fall too in love, we have more games to show you too.

5. Undecember | GiPlays

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Needs Games

Publisher: LINE Games

We played Undecember on Gi Plays and absolutely loved this Diablo style fantasy game. It is fun, beautiful, and a great entry in this top down hack and slash genre. It is available now and free to play.

6. The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe | GiPlays

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Crows Crows Crows

You probably have heard of this one, but since we played it on Gi Plays we wanted to discuss the absolutely FANTASTIC Stanley Parable. In this updated ultra deluxe we get the definitive and latest version of this cult classic. In this portal-like, we see a player exploring a massive abandoned office building. Unlike many games in this genre, it is more than a walking sim as each turn you make, decision you make alters where you end up and the putcome of the story. It is weird, hard to describe, and one of those you want little spoiled so just go play it.

7. Tokyo Stories - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: 2023+

Developer: Drecom Co.

Tokyo Stories is a project name with name subject to change. It doesn't have a steam page yet, and we don't know too much yet. But we couldn't not feature it when we just absolutely love the art style, character designs, and over all VIBE from this pixel 3D Pixel Art Sci-fi/Bladerunner-like game. Keep this one on your watch list!

8. Thumb Tracks - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: BittenGames

Developer Description: "Dodge cable cars and paddle steamers! Avoid tornadoes and flaming balls of lava! Race around giant tumbleweed and crocodiles! All just using your thumb*!"

A fun mobile racer game with retro art style! It is available now for Android and soon for iOS (TestFlight)

9. Entropy Centre - GiFriends | Gi Trailer

Release Date: Available Now!

Developer: Stubby Games

Publisher: Playstack

Whatever you do, DO NOT SLEEP on this game. Entropy Centre rocketed to the top of my to play list as soon as I tried to Steam Nextfest demo. It is a absolutely fantastic portal-like. Players wake up on a long deserted moon base, empowered with a gun that can control time and entropy to rewind objects. It is just incredibly well done and not enough people are talking about it. I'm playing through the story now, and you should too.

10. Future Fragments - NSFW Warning

Release Date: 2022+

Publisher: Melon Opus

NSFW warning, Rated A on Steam.

Developer Description: "Travel to a threatening future and seek the fragments of a powerful weapon to defend your kingdom. Future Fragments is an adults-only, modern take on a platformer with genre-bending gameplay, full english voicework and a branching storyline with choices that actually matter."

Future Fragments has it all with exciting gameplay, full voice work, and branching story lines. As long as you don't play it at work for its high rating, this one might be one to try out!

11. The Time I have Left

Release Date: Late 2023+

Developer Description: "The Time I Have Left is a time-driven escape adventure with RPG elements set in a complex underground facility. A mysterious phenomenon known only as ‘The Miasma’ has marked Aline for certain death. Can you help her escape the desolate halls of Colony 7?"

Do you want to explore a weird, dark, terrifying, cyberpunk world? Do you want to do it when you are under constant threat AND on the clock? Every turn spawns a battle with horrific creatures, and yeah you are going to die either way. Time for some existential dread and dark shadowy vibes in The Time I have Left.

(Press Kit Screenshots)


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. If you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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