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Indie Game Round Up - JAN 2022

We are extremely excited to continue our new indie news focused article series, "Indie Game Round Up!" Each month, we will showcase indie games we have discovered that we think our viewers need to know about. This January installment marks our second Indie Game Round Up! We reached out so so many developers and are really excited about the games we have to share with you all this month. After the amazing list of games we had for December, I was very excited to work on our second article. If you missed our first article, we highlight 20 amazing games like Starship Simulator or Sol Diver in our December installment available here.

We brought back Wishlist Wednesdays and Screenshot Saturdays in 2022, and will continue regular support of indie developers this year! We are very excited for this road will take us into supporting more creators. You may have noticed Game Infinite's website looks a little different now. I am excited to mentions as well, we have gone over a massive overhaul for the mobile version of

The new mobile website is much cleaner, optimized, and has a new look. Since mobile is where most of our traffic is, and with the popularity of Indie Game Round Up, I am very excited for this new update in 2022. I have many more indie and creator focused updates planned in the pipeline, and I can't wait to share them with you. As always, if you know about an indie game that needs to get shared in Indie Game Round Up, please let us know!

Please Note -

(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may NOT be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. These games and developers have no implied relationship with each other unless otherwise stated. We have contacted these developers ahead of time. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming, possibly unplayed, an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. Final Game Release is not guaranteed. We cannot speak to final product. The final versions of these games may vary widely from their current state. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. Any images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however may contain screenshots we have taken. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. These games are listed in no particular order.

NFT's are a controversial topic. We ask that readers keep their comments respectful and open. Like any new technology, it has the opportunity for abuse or creativity. The NFT community is a developing one, and our stance is currently neutral. Game Infinite is not currently taking an official stance on the NFT conversation. We support all indie devs in their creative expression. If indie devs choose to include NFT's into their games, that is their prerogative, as long as they follow all laws and use content with permission)

1. Planet of Lana

Release Date: 2022

Developer: Wishfully

Publisher: Thunderful Publishing

Developer Description: "A young girl and her loyal friend embark on a rescue mission through a colorful world full of cold machines and unfamiliar creatures. Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle adventure framed by an epic sci-fi saga that stretches across centuries and galaxies."

Planet of Lana was first revealed during Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Fest earlier this year, and was shown again during the Game Awards. Planet of Lana is an absolutely beautiful looking game, and we were incredibly excited to be able to feature such a highly anticipated indie title in Indie Game Round Up. The "galaxy and century" spanning aspect of this game is what intrigues me the most, as it promises an adventure that spans distance and time in a way we rarely see in games. This game's art style and scope both give me high hopes that this could easily be a indie goty contender for 2022. We can expect to see Planet of Lana, coming sometime in 2022.

2. Little Ghost

Release Date: TBA

Publisher: Sync Book Games

What drew me to Little Ghost right away was it's instantly eye catching art style. There is something about it that reminds me of like school sketch books, like an art book. That feeling of being back in middle school is elevated by all the school based background art like pencils and notepads. There's just something whimsical and fun about Little Ghosts 2D side-scrolling fun.

3. Shred and Tear

Release Date: Late 2022

Developer: Lucid Realm Games

Developer Description: "An ultraviolent, fast-paced, sexy and gory Hack n' Slash Single player game giving you heavy doses Adrenaline-rush with eye-candy fan service QTE and mecha-waifu."

The absolutely insane graphics and quality art that Lucid Realm Games delivers was what first caught our eye for their upcoming game Shred and Tear. The 3D models they produce in UE4 is something I would expect from a AAA studio. Shred and Tear looks like a cross between Hell and Cyberpunk themes, with some Doom vibes as well. We don't have enough games with this style and look, and the mech warfare base promises to be interesting.

4. Pre Dusk

Release Date: 4/18/22

Developer: Okba Amrate

Black and White, hyper contrasted dark shadow based art styles, make for an instantly creepy and interesting atmosphere. Just look at the Mammoth in the thumbnail for the trailer and tell me that isn't an cool dark art style. Pre Dusk is high on our radar now as we look forward to this adventure.


Release Date: TBA

The retro pixel art style instantly invokes nostalgia vibes, combined with the 80's dark blade runner color pallet just makes me feel like im in an 80's arcade. The color, the style, and the over all atmosphere really just scream cyber-retro and looks like a ton of fun. We can't wait to see what Matte Black Studio does with LUCID.

6. Pin Up Warlords

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Dragon Dream Studio

Developer Description: "It's a pure PVP card based game where players compete using their card sets

Main cards consist of NFTs and you'll be able to "power up" using FTs to enhance your character's abilities. Smart use of various combinations will increase your chances of winning."

It is WW3 and in this war, the war is fought with crypto powered trading cards. Players collect unique character packs and can battle friends or strangers with them. Players can win their opponents NFTs and resell them on the secondary market. Players can win battles and earn a utility token that receives commissions on sales.

- NFT Discussion

If you don't know what an NFT is and have seen it everywhere on the internet, it is a newer term in the crypto world that stands for "non-fungible token". The short version is it is essentially the overlap between art and crypto currency. It attempts to add a form a "validated uniqueness" using crypto to a digital image that could other wise be copied an unlimited number of times. NFT's if properly implemented could be the end to digital art theft, and help better support small artists in a digital world. While the concept has a long way to go before it really works well, the indie community is experimenting with ways to adapt the technology into games.

We realize that NFT's are a controversial topic among gamers. We ask commenters be respectful. It's ok to hate the technology, but be nice to developers who are experimenting with it. We are not here to take a side. We do not support those who are mis-using the technology. We take artist credit and support very seriously. We know the ways that they can be abused, and those who are against the technology being used in games, may have valid points. However, the technology may have niche uses to add value, and we leave it up to the creativity of indie devs to find ways to make it work. If any group can make it work, it is the indie dev community.

CCG's or Collectible Card Games may be just the genre to fit NFT's well, as CCG's are all about collecting, battling, and trading digital assets anyways, and a CCG backed by NFT may add some fun and unique and creative elements to it. In a traditional CCG, the value of cards is more subjective to the community, where NFT's can add a layer of validation to that, and can allow for owners of cards to increase in value like a physical card collection might. "Play to earn" doesn't have to eliminate the fun factor of this genre. All the character art in Pin Up Warlords is hand drawn, and owned by the studio, adding another layer of support to these devs. Where some NFT's are using subjectively questionable art, or even stolen art, this is at least supporting original art in a game all about card collecting.

If at the end of the day, you don't like the idea of card games or games incorporating NFT's to their digital goods, that's ok. As long as a dev follows local laws and uses content legally and with permission, we are open to seeing how developers explore this new technology.

7. Ruff 'N Tumble: Mayhem

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Psycho Hound

Developer Description: "Ruff 'N' Tumble: Mayhem is a truly ridiculous multiplayer beat 'em up party game."

Fans of party games like Mario party or casual multiplayer like Fan Guys, might be interested in this goofy and fun party game Ruff N Tumble. The goofy bright neon color characters partake in crazy party games. When we saw a bunch of these characters in a circle tumbling over each other I laughed out loud.

8. Beast Hour

Release Date: TBA

Developer: BH Studio

Developer Description: "Beast Hour is a 3rd person asymmetric PvP-horror with parkour & monsters. As Raider – level up and get abilities to fight or escape from the haunted city."

Steampunk? Wearwolves? Gothic dark victorian setting? Sign me up. Beast Hour looks really cool, and sold me when I saw asymmetrical gameplay as I love that genre. We can't wait to see where BH Studio takes Beast Hour.

9. Phantom Blade: Executioners

Release Date: 2022

Developer: S-Game

Developer Description: "Phantom Blade: Executioners is launching in 2022 on iOS/Android/PC/PS4/PS5. One account, play everywhere."

One of the things that stood out to me about Phantom Blade was it's true full cross progression. When I saw that it will have one account that will work on all platforms really excited me. I am always on the look out for games that support home devices like PC / Console and Mobile on the go. This is great for those who want to play things on the go or on work lunch breaks.

In addition to that, Phantom Blade has absolutely fascinating and beautiful character art. This is a game that could have some really likeable and memorable characters. We have several of their character arts below. Even before playing the game, we are instantly intrigued by the plethora of details and quality characters. The fantasy setting, the mystery, the art style, all get us excited to play Phantom Blade.

10. Aeon Drive

Release Date: Available Now

Developer: 2 Awesome Studios

Publisher: Critical Reflex

Developer Description: "Rush through the cyberpunk landscapes of Neo Barcelona in Aeon Drive, an action-platformer with a speedrunning twist! Use your time and space-bending abilities to get ahead."

Another cyberpunk retro pixel art style game, and this one is actually available to play now, having released back in September. We were approached by Lead PR Alessandro Cossidente of indie publisher Critical Reflex to get their games featured in Indie Game Round. We are excited to feature 3 of their games in this months installment of IGRO, and first up is the beautiful and fun Aeon Drive from "2 Awesome Studios". We really like the design of the main character, and think that Aeon looks like a super fun platform just by itself, but throw in the time bending mechanics, and we could have a real winner.

11. Freaked Fleapit

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Finch Bird Studio

Publisher: Critical Reflex

Developer Description: "Save your soul in a wild cocktail of rhythm-based dungeon crawling and date sims, and dance your way through 9 circles of Hell to heart-pumping music. Which devilishly delicious lady of the Fleapit will be the one to join you on your trip out of Purgatory?"

Rhythm Dungeon Crawling? Dating Sim? Visual Novel? WTF? Does that sound like a pickles and jelly sandwich crazy combination to you? Because it does to us and we honestly can't wait. Another one brought to us by Indie publisher Critical Reflex, this time by the talented Finch Bird Studio. This quirky and anime heavy game looks fun and already inspiring fans around their cast of characters. Whether it is all the crazy wild characters or the retro-pixel looking gameplay, Freaked Fleapit looks to be a wonderfully weird journey. It reminds me of Catherine in that way, in that goofy anime adventure so of way. We can't wait to get our hands on this one, so stay tuned for more on this one.

12. Rose and Locket

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Whistling Wizard

Publisher: Critical Reflex

Developer Description: "Rose, a retired outlaw, wanders through the spirit realm of the Underwest. Take up the once-forgotten skills of the gunslinger, and journey along the breathtaking, cinematic hand-painted landscapes on a quest to rescue your daughter’s spirit."

Our third game Brought to us by Indie Publisher Critical Reflex, promoting the work of Whistling Wizard, Rose and Locket looks absolutely fantastic. I absolutely love this genre of game. The 2D side scroller with the hyper visual art style. It is instantly eye catching, and memorable. Iconic great games like Guacamellee, Gris, Ori, all come to mind, and perhaps Rose and Locket could join those ranks. I really like the design for the gunslinging protagonist, and the background art is just beautiful. Keep an eye out for this one as we don't quite have a release date yet.

13. Valeria The Pagan Priestess

Release Date: TBA

Valeria the Pagan Priestess is in early production with a new debut not yet named indie team of a small group of friends. Valeria is early in development, and we don't have too much news yet; however, we love the look and concept enough we had to give a short tease here. More information will come as it arrives from the developers. Here is just a quick glimpse of the genre and art style with this stationary game loop. Below we have an early concept art piece of their game poster. Their protagonist is a priestess who fights with her swords and trusted armor. Despite being early in development process, her iconic pink hair and imposing look has already inspired some fan art from their circle of followers. We love the 2D side scrolling and retro art style, and think Valeria is one to keep an eye on. When we learn more about the progress on this game, we will be sure to share it in future updates. For now, follow them on twitter to get updates on Valeria.


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. We had so many interested developers wanting to share their games in this article, and we only were able to post so many; so if you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, stay tuned as more indie games will be listed in future articles! Please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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