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Indie Game Round Up - May 2022

May is here and with a new month, we have a new list of fantastic looking Indie titles to put on your radar! We can't wait to share these with you.

However, not to overshadow these amazing titles, I do want to plug a special update with our brand new GiFriends Indie Game Trailer YT Project! We are partnering up with dozens of indie devs to not just promote them in our article series, but to offer ongoing support with GiFriends and with our new YT Project, sharing their indie game trailers directly on Youtube. Game Infinite aims to be THE place for indie trailers. You can subscribe now and see current Indie Game Trailers with many more to come! This article will have several and in the future we will continue to have IGRU deliver more of these amazing GiFriends trailers! If you are an indie dev, and would like ongoing support and promotion of your game and trailer, contact us on social media! For now, scroll down and check out these amazing new indie games we get to tell you about.

Also in addition to our new Indie Trailer Program in GiFriends, we also want to tease INFINITE SUMMER. This will be a month long event across Game Infinite and Gi Channels. We will be bringing special coverage of the various Jun E3 style events, as well as our own special content! If you don't regularly follow the rest of Game Infinite, and only ever come for our IGRU articles, consider stopping by during June for special articles, events, and videos! Stay tuned for more info!

Please Note -

(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may or may not be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. These games and developers have no implied relationship with each other unless otherwise stated. We have contacted these developers ahead of time. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming, possibly unplayed, an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. Final Game Release is not guaranteed. We cannot speak to final product. The final versions of these games may vary widely from their current state. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. These lists may contain games we have been supplied review copies. These lists may contain games we have backed on Kickstarter or preordered digitally. Any images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however may contain screenshots we have taken ourselves. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. GiFriends now offers a paid tier for extra promotion. If a member is a GiFriends ELITE member, they will be listed as such.

These games are listed in no particular order and are NOT a ranking.

1. Awaken: Astral Blade

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Dark Pigeon Games

We were instantly in love with the artstyle and characters for this amazing Metrovania style platformer Awaken: Astral Blade. We got the opportunity to try out the early pre-release build and were hooked by the fun and challenging gameplay. Everything about the look, feel, and style of this game impressed us early on, and we can't wait for the full release!

(Press Kit Images)

2. Project Genesis

Release Date: Early Access Available Now

Developer: 8 Circuit Studios

We got the exciting opportunity to actually sit down with the developers of 8 Circuit Studios and discuss in depth this amazing and ambitious Genre-bending shooter, Project Genesis. Go ahead and give the trailer a watch, and see our full 40 minute interview below!

(Game Infinite - Developer Interview)

3. AI-Kode - (UPDATE) #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: TBA

Developer: ACE animation

Developer Description: "Aikode (or Ai-kode) is an action role-playing game (ARPG) Hack and Slash in which players take on the role of an android from the "Order" in search of the truth about the world around her."

(Update May 2022: We are excited to bring ACE into our GiFriends Indie Trailer YT Project! They already have our most popular trailer yet with their amazing game AIKODE. Check it out!)

AI-Kode is just an absolutely stunning 3D game that looks like a mainstream AAA title, and that is why we selected this beautiful game to spotlight in this month's promo background.. This game looks like something we would expect from a senior studio from the likes of something like a Square Enix title. The renders look impressive, and hopefully we will see more progress as time goes forward. It gives us major Platinum - Nier vibes, mixed with Cyberpunk aesthetics, and we love it. The game is slated to have a whopping 6 playable characters, with Aiko being the main. It also features varied combat with sword, gun, and scythe combat types. Ai-Kode is definitely one to watch for. Due to the scope of a game that looks like this, this one "could" be far out, but still deserves a spot on our wishlist. We will keep you apprised if we learn any updates!

(Press Kit Images)

4. Shred and Tear - (UPDATE) #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: Late 2022

Developer: Lucid Realm Games

Publisher: Shady Corner

Developer Description: "An ultraviolent, fast-paced, sexy and gory Hack n' Slash Single player game giving you heavy doses Adrenaline-rush with eye-candy fan service QTE and mecha-waifu."

(Update May 2022: We are excited to welcome Lucid Realm Games and Shady Corner into our GiFriends Indie Dev YT Project program. We will be helping share news and trailers for their games. You can check out our first with the official SFW Gi cut Trailer.)

(Update March 2022: We have seen some even more gameplay, a HD main menu clip, and a glimpse at the platforming of Shred and Tear and our excitement level couldn't be higher. We have word from Lucid Realm Games that a demo is coming very soon with plans being for sometime in the coming weeks, but we will update when we have our hands on the game. We could be seeing a playable version of the game very soon! Also, news dropped that Shady Corner is now stepping in as Publisher, alongside a brand new trailer!)

The absolutely insane graphics and quality art that Lucid Realm Games delivers was what first caught our eye for their upcoming game Shred and Tear. The 3D models they produce in UE4 is something I would expect from a AAA studio. Shred and Tear looks like a cross between Hell and Cyberpunk themes, with some Doom vibes as well. We don't have enough games with this style and look, and the mech warfare base promises to be interesting.

5. Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle - #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: Available Now

Developer: Tanuki-sama Studios

Developer Description: "Step into court as Nina Aquila, rookie defense attorney in this thrilling VN adventure game hybrid, and fight for justice in a world where all anime genres exist at once!"

We are excited to welcome Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle into the list of amazing Indie titles a part of our GiFriends Indie Game Trailer YT Project, check it out!

6. Space Within - #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Binary Fantasies

Developer Description: "In this psychological first-person action game, you and your spirit animal fight a demon called Sickness as you carve your way out of the space within your mind and your body lies trapped at a mental hospital."

We are excited to welcome Space Within into the list of amazing Indie titles a part of our GiFriends Indie Game Trailer YT Project, check it out!

We found the retro 80's vibe of the atmosphere in this game to be incredible. It reminds us of the Far Cry New Dragon in some ways with the vibe it is giving.

7. Amira - #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: Feb 2023

Developer: Jondob Games

Developer Description: "A story driven hack and slash about a girl born in a middle eastern-fantasy world filled with monsters and traditions, who finds by chance that her life is prewritten as she was protecting her family's land, thus she now fights for acceptance, love and writing her own life."

We are excited to welcome Amira of GiFriends Jondob Games into the list of amazing Indie titles a part of our GiFriends Indie Game Trailer YT Project, check it out!

Amira really excites us with cell shaded art style and the over all feel of its world. The gameplay and protagonist look intriguing, and we can't wait to get our hands on this one.

8. Mirror Forge - (UPDATE) #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer

Release Date: 9/29/22

Developer: MystiveDev

Developer Description: "Mirror Forge is a first-person psychological survival horror game. Roam between realities of fear, madness & machinery. Solve puzzles, explore an atmospheric world, survive horrifying entities in an immersive storyline where your choices matter."

(Update: May 2022: We are excited to welcome MystiveDev into our GiFriends Indie Dev YT Project program. We will be helping share news and trailers for their games including Mirror Forge. You can check out the official trailer above.)

We were immediately blown away when we saw Mirror Forge, as the game just has good horror visuals for a indie horror game. But it is when we saw the "Emo Harley Quinn" character model, that is when we knew that Mirror Forge was one to watch. Her character model alone sold us on the game. Her face and over all design is really well done. We immediately knew that she had to be the special pick for our monthly background. We just love the design and think she looks better than some AAA characters of late, and we are over all excited to see this one in action. We won't have to wait to long as Mirror Forge has a September 2022 release date.

(Press Kit Images)


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. We had so many interested developers wanting to share their games in this article, and we only were able to post so many; so if you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, stay tuned as more indie games will be listed in future articles! Please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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