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Infinite Summer 2022 - Full Event Recap

Infinite Summer 2022 was our first ever Summer annual news and community event. It is our dip into the huge and fantastic world of the Summer gaming news super cycle. It is our event that focuses on all the major Summer news events such as Summer Games Fest and Summer of Gaming, as well as a time to celebrate our community and help highlight indie games. In addition to covering all the major gaming news events in June, Infinite Summer 2022 focused on delivering you a list of exciting new Indie Game Trailers in the GiFriends YT Trailer Project, as well as multiple Developer Interviews as well as special Gi Discussion Panels! Check out our full list of our biggest event to date! We want to thank all the panelists and developers who helped participate in this event!

See the full Infinite Summer 2022 event schedule below and scroll for a full break down.

Industry Summer 2022 Event Recaps:

Discussion Panels

Developer Interviews:

Indie Trailers

Scroll Down for individual recaps, panels, trailers, and interviews all in one place.

Industry Event Recaps

Discussion Panels

1. "The State of Gaming" MAIN EVENT Panel - Infinite Summer 2022

Our State of Gaming Infinite Summer Main Event Panel is our massive recap and discussion over all things gaming. We discuss why gaming is important, the impact of Indie Games on the industry and gamers, some of the big release disasters in recent years, as well as recap some of our favorite announcements in June with some games we are really excited for.

Creator Panelists:

2. Tomb Raider - Infinite Summer 2022 Discussion Panel

In this panel, we discuss the Tomb Raider fandom with several talented Tomb Raider Content Creators! We discuss our favorite games and what we want to see in the future. Follow our Gi Channel: @tombraiderinfinite

Creator Panelists:

  • GiFriends MOD / Tomb Raider Infinite Mod / Virtual Photographer: Jay aka @scionjay96

3. Apex Legends - Infinite Summer 2022 Discussion Panel

In this panel, we discuss the Apex Legends community with several talented Apex Legends Content Creators! We discuss our favorite Legends, guns, and what we want to see in the future. Follow our Gi Channel: @apexinfinite.

Creator Panelists:

4. Mass Effect - Infinite Summer 2022 Discussion Panel

In this panel, we discuss the Mass Effect fandom with several talented Mass Effect Content Creators! We go over the best parts of the Mass Effect games, our favorite characters and moments, as well as discuss our desires for the future! Follow our Gi Channel: @masseffectinfinite

Creator Panelists:

  • GiFriends MOD / Mass Effect Infinite Mod / Mass Effect Cosplayer and 3D Render Artist: Cassie aka @cshells_n7

  • Mass Effect Streamer: Matthias aka @Lightspeedstream on Twitch

  • Mass Effect Fan Artists and Infinite Girl GI Creator Collection Artist: Nick aka @nico_artoooo

Developer Interviews

1. Mirror Forge - Developer Interview

We were really excited to sit down with GiFriends MystiveDev working on the super creepy and visually impressive Mirror Forge! Check out our 30 minutes developer interview along with some background gameplay of their newly released Demo. If you wish to get your hands on Mirror Forge, you can play the demo or wishlist on Steam!

2. Awaken: Astral Blade - Developer Interview

We got the opportunity to interview GiFriends "Dark Pigeon Games", the ultra talented creators behind the upcoming metroidvania game Awaken: Astral Blade! We featured the trailer for Infinite Summer, and now we get to see behind the scenes on this exciting platformer. Steam Wishlist

3. AIKODE - Developer Interview

We got to sit down with ACE the GiFriends developer behind the highly anticipated 3D Third-person cyberpunk action adventure game AIKODE. This highly anticipated cyberpunk game hopes to compete with massive titles such as Final Fantasy and Nier with its stunning visuals and story. This AAA level indie game is shockingly being made by a solo developer.

4. Dark Carbon - Developer Interview

Read the interview here

5. Valeria: The Pagan Priestess - Developer Interview

Read the interview here

Infinite Summer 2022 Indie Game Trailers

1. Awaken: Astral Blade

2. Flambeau

3. Bo

4. Race Me Now

5. AWAY: The Survival Series

6. Sol Diver

7. Planet of Lana

8. Alone


10. Valeria: The Pagan Priestess


Thank You for joining us for Infinite Summer 2022"! It was absolutely fantastic to interview all these amazing developers, share their game trailers, and discuss video games with our talented Creator Panelists. What was your favorite game from our event? Tell us on your favorite social media.

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