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Announcing Infinite Summer 2022

Game Infinite is kicking off our new mid year event, Infinite Summer. We typically have our big annual event the "Best of" Event in December/January. However, with Summer always being a huge time of year for gaming news, we are excited to share our Summer plans. Infinite Summer will be our take on the summer gaming festivities. It will go from June 1st to 30th.

It will include:

- Gaming News: Game Infinite coverage of all the exciting gaming news and reveals from Summer Game Fest 2022, Xbox + Bethesda Summer Game Showcase, IGN Summer of Gaming 2022, Playstation June State of Play, and other major events that may pop up.

- Special Developer Interviews: Game Infinite will be sitting down with several indie developers to talk about their games. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to be notified of these special videos

- INFINITE SUMMER TRAILERS: Summer Gaming Events wouldn't be complete with out game trailers, and we have several lined up for you this month!

- Community Discussions! We will be doing community polls, discussion topics, and have planned some sit downs with some special creators for discussion videos.

- Gi Channel Participation: Some of our discussions, polls, or events will play into games from our GI Channels to pull in those communities! If you are a fan of one of our Channels, then enjoy INFINITE SUMMER!

- Gi Store Sale! We will be running a special sale all month long on the GI Store. There you will find a treasure trove of nerdy and anime merch. Items in the Creator Collection and Infinite Girl Collection go to support small creators who we have partnered with! Check out the talented creators, and pick up a shirt, phone case, hoodie, or more!

This is a new event, and there is still prep and planning to be done. If you are a creator or gamer interested in one of our video discussions, or have ideas on how you would like to improve the event, please dm us to chat!


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