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Kirikcosplay - Creator Interview

We have had the opportunity to feature many amazing creators in this series so far, but we must say it was absolutely an incredible experience being able to share Kirikcosplay with our readers. Their passion for high quality cosplay is inspiring and always managed to blow us away. If you are not familiar with their work, we hope you enjoy this incredible interview about their cosplay, process, and journey here on Gi Creator Interview.

They just next level cosplays from Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, SpyxFamily, My Dress Up Darling, Re:Zero, Game of Thrones and many more.

Make sure to follow her on Insta @ Kirikcosplay

(Kirikcosplay's Just absolutely incredible Yor cosplay from SpyxFamily) Photography: @photographerakane

Kirikcosplay Interview:

Game Infinite: You have many amazing cosplays, from across so many franchises. Can you tell us about what got you into cosplay? What first inspired you? Do you have a favorite franchise? 

Kirikcosplay: Imagine, I was sort of tricked into cosplay. You know it is like, "the first dose is always free" as they say. When I was 16 my friend offered me to do a Guilty Gear cosplay with her and her friends and she said that it would be free of charge and they would pay for everything. I was looking at cosplayers with admiration for quite some time so I decided to try. 

It turned out to be a lie and I had to spend all the pocket money on it. But once I had done the first cosplay and went to the first convention, I couldn't stop. I have fallen in love with cosplay and never looked back.

Regarding my favorite franchises, I am a horror lover and anime lover. So my favorite franchises are Higurashi, Elfen Lied and Evangelion. I also love the Conjuring movieverse, Dark Tower series books and Game of Thrones books. I’m also a big Danganronpa games fan!

Nier Automata - 2b

(Kirik's take on 2b from Nier Automata is just an abolsutely incredible one, and here are just a few of her amazing shots. Check her out on Instagram for even more Nier cosplays and see her featured on Gi Channel Nier Infinite) Photography: @juhar_ph @aster_shade

Gi: For our Nier Infinite Gi Channel community, tell us about your many amazing Nier cosplays! Why do you love this character and universe so much? 

Kirikcosplay: I just love the 2B design. It is very beautiful and I feel very comfortable in her outfits. It's like they were designed for me specifically as something that I would not mind normally wearing. I also loved the game for its mysterious world. While playing the game I kept wondering what really happened to humanity, what is happening overall and I was very happy when the game provided satisfying answers. I also enjoyed the melancholy of a post-apocalyptic world that is presented not as a barren wasteland but as a beautiful lush space, where nature slowly reclaims the ruins of civilization. Also, I liked the existential philosophy that underpins the game's core theme of understanding oneself and finding a place in the cruel and unfair world.

Final Fantasy - Tifa Lockhart


Gi: For our Final Fantasy Infinite Gi Channel community, tell us about your Tifa? Tifa is such an iconic character and cosplay favorite! What challenges did you face bringing her to life? Are you playing 7 Rebirth? 

Kirikcosplay: I haven't played yet cause I was too busy finishing Baldur's Gate 3. However, I plan to give it a go next month. I also played the first part of FF7 Remake and enjoyed it greatly. In terms of challenge, I always feel like I am not feet enough to do her justice as she has this amazingly sporty yet slim physique. It is also hard to do battle poses in her costume which is not the easy to move in as it may look.

Game of Thrones - Daenerys

Gi: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones is a powerful and multifaceted character. How do you capture her presence? What is your favorite moment from the series? 

Kirikcosplay: I started to read the GoT books when I just started university and I loved her character immediately. I can say she is my very favorite female character from the novels I have read in my life. I think this love for the character is what helps me to capture her. I always try to imagine how she would be thinking and acting in the moment I am trying to recreate in the photo. Books really provide great insight into how she is thinking, and I try to use that.

My favorite moment is Daenerys going into the funeral fire of her husband Karl Drogo and emerging with newborn dragons. It is such a sad, emotional and powerful moment.

I also like the relationship between Sandor Clegane and Sansa. I loved the moment when he tried to persuade Sansa to flee with him. I also loved the Jofrey death scene. It was so satisfying.

My Dress Up Darling - Marin Kitagawa

(Marin Kitagawa has taken the cosplay community by storm, and Kirin's take on the character is just very well executed. She delivers the innocent and charming portrayal of this slice of life anime character.) Photography: @photographer_sparrow

Gi: Marin is a cosplayer herself in the anime "My Dress Up Darling." Marin has exploded in the cosplay community, quickly become a must-cosplay for many cosplayers. How do you relate to her passion for creating costumes and expressing herself through cosplay? What is it about this character that has made her so popular in the cosplay community? 

Kirikcosplay: I relate to the difficulties presented in creating cosplay content. It is very hard and takes a ton of time to make costumes and props. I always could relate to poor Gojo who crafts costumes for her. However, there's something incredibly satisfying about the process of crafting and sewing costumes, turning raw materials into works of art, and making something strange from a blend of factory-made wigs.

I think she is popular due to her cute design and since she offers the ability to do several characters in her stylistics since she cosplays in the universe. Moreover, these characters are visually interesting and therefore they are inspiring. It's cool to be able to cosplay the same thing that a famous fictional cosplayer does. Cosplay is a fantastic way to embody characters we admire or create our own unique personas. Just like Marin, I love the idea of transforming into someone else for a while, exploring different personalities, and bringing fictional worlds to life through costumes. 

Re:Zero - Emilia

Photography: @juhar_ph

Gi: We have to talk about your recent Re:Zero Emilia cosplay; it is nothing short of pure elegance. How do you embody her grace and look? What did you do to bring her to life?

Kirikcosplay: Thank you for the compliment! I try to pay attention to detail and use my understanding of her character to recreate the look and pose that I imagine she would take in a setting that looks like a studio where I am doing a photo shoot. I also try to bring a little bit of acting skills when I do cosplays like hers. I try to focus on her gentle demeanor, refined posture, and serene expressions.



Gi: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects / wishlist characters? We’d love to tease our readers with something to look forward from you. 

Kirikcosplay: I have a lot of photo projects planned. But I also can highlight the most interesting of them, in my opinion. I’m going to have a photo shoot in Celty Sturluson cosplay from Durarara!! very soon. The next two are from Naruto and Boruto series, Hyuga Hinata and one more Haruno Sakura cosplay respectively. I think that Naruto series are iconic and still worth cosplaying! I also have a few plans for summer, for example Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and Violet Evergarden from the Anime by the same name. I hope I’ll finish all of them until autumn, actually all costumes are ready, just waiting to be photographed.

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to write about my passion!



(We definitely think that Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite would be an incredible addition to Kirikcosplays portfolio. We enjoyed learning about her cosplay, journey, and process. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her amazing creations.)

Thank you for stopping by our latest Creator Interview! If you are (or know of) a cosplayer, fan artist, indie dev, or streamer that would like to interview with us, let us know! Make sure to support the amazing creators in this series with likes and follows!


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