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Marvel Snap - Game Infinite Review

Marvel Snap is a game that by all descriptions should totally and utterly…suck. It has every red flag in the book that to be honest, I am surprised I gave it a chance in the first place. If it wasn’t for the fact that many people gave it a thumbs I might have skipped it. I went against my better judgement and clicked on that…I’m ashamed to admit…that *whispers* facebook ad…

Marvel Snap has everything that might scare you away, but I assure you, give it a chance.

Yes…it’s a *whispers even quieter* a Mobile game. Yes it is a card battler. Yes…it is also a free to play game of a major brand. It SHOULD be by all experience total garbage.

Look, I don’t even hate on mobile games like many outlets. I give them the fair chance they deserve, even though I know the odds that they will good are always slim. There are so many just awful free to play cash grabs with predatory micro transactions, and garbage gameplay. There are so many games out there that are just microtransaction simulators with un-fun gameplay.

While I do give mobile games a small chance, I’ll be honest in admitting that I’m pretty prejudiced against any game with cards. I think theyre boring and simplistic and everything wrong with the mobile gaming industry.

Given everything about this game that should make it a cash grabbing, overly monetized, garbage license mobile card battler…imagine my surprise when this not only turned out to be decent, but also one of the best games of the year! This is top 10 material. It is incredibly fun, entertaining, and has a good deal of strategy to it!

Take this from someone who pretty much hates card based games, I can’t put this one down! The simple battle system is easy to learn, but with constantly changing locations and cards, the ever changing powers of characters and locations keeps the 100th match as fresh as the first one.

It involves a deceptive amount of strategy as a single card can be the difference between win or lose, but it is simple enough to dive in even for casual gamers.

The game is filled with a lot of beautiful primary and variant artwork of all our favorite heroes. I actually enjoy the process of collecting the cards!

It also incredibly balanced and well monetized. In a game where I could EASILY see how this could have been abused and made Pay To Win, they managed to show restraint! This is a PVP game where cards with popular heroes could be OP and locked behind expensive paywalls. “You want Ironman? Guess what cough up 20$ and boom he has lots of power too!” NOPE. I got him for free. This game could easily have been predatory that I’m surprised at how consumer friendly and out of the way the monetization is.

Instead of being a game where crappy cards are free and the ones you need to win being paywalled, it is very fair. It also doesn’t really have “crappy cards”. Sure there are more obscure characters but many of them have cool powers too! I don’t feel like my collection is a b team with Ironman, Cap, Hulk and the rest of the most well known locked away.

At the end of the day…this game could have been a SUPER predatory exploitative low effort cash grab banking on the marvel name. Instead, someone obviously cared enough to make a fun simple little strategy game for everyone. I don’t care how much you hate mobile or card games. You need to give this one a chance, if not just to reward the developers who choose to put in that effort and did it the right way. This game can stand to prove that mobile games can be successful without everything we hate about mobile games.


Thank You for reading our review!

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