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Mass Effect Legendary Edition has arrived just in time to ruin all other game releases for 2021.

I kid of course, but perhaps not entirely. How do I even review a 4K and high quality remaster drop for a set of games that is in my opinion the greatest video game ever made? When people ask me what is the best game ever made, I quickly and confidently say Mass Effect 2. The entire trilogy simply has the greatest set of characters, story, gameplay, and world building. It was truly phenomenal a decade ago, and now it has a fresh coat of paint, complete with photo mode?

This review took me way longer than I initially planned. I was going to drop a "Impressions Review" when I finished ME1. But time got away from me, and eventually I wanted to do a full review. I decided I wanted to take my time and do the review when I was done, even if it's been longer than I'd like. Mass Effect is just my all time favorite game, and I didn't want to rush the experience. I didn't want it to end. As a game, I give it a solid 10/10 A+ experience. As a remaster goes, I give them a B+. I don't want to be greedy, and overlook what was done; however I think more could have been done to this remaster, but not enough to take away from its overall score. This was always a 10/10 game only now with improved visuals.

The Mass Effect Trilogy is the greatest video game trilogy of all time. Mass Effect 2 in particular is the greatest game ever made. I give the original trilogy itself a 10/10 score because that is as high as the scale goes, not because that is all it is worth. It is honestly hard to express just how great the game is to those who have never played it.

Mass Effect has some of the greatest video game characters I have ever seen. It excels at telling rich, compelling, character driven stories. The friendships, the romance, the brothers and sisters in arms, the loyalty, are all top notch. When betrayal occurs, you feel it deep. When love happens, you feel it. When characters die...the manliest of us all will cry buckets. What impresses me most, is that some of the best side characters in Mass Effect alone could easily carry their own game. It is rare to see 5-7 Protagonist level quality side characters in one game. I could totally see Liara, Garrus, Wrex being protagonists in their own game.

Great characters aside, let's talk about the story. The overarching story about a massive galactic wide alien machine invasion is just impeccably done. The first two games, you truly feel like you know something is coming. You are trying to save a galaxy that doesn't know yet it needs saving. ME2 is a massive recruitment mission for a suicide mission to protect humanity. Even though I know every trick and strategy to survive and save everyone in the end of ME2, I still sweat as I go, because I truly care about these character's survival. Then when 3 comes, the entire galaxy turns to you, and the game succeeds in making you feel the weight of having the galaxy on your shoulders. While "save the galaxy" is a common trope in games, no one pulls it off quite like Mass Effect. If you are too slow, entire worlds die. When you make the wrong decision, races die. The fate of entire people like the Krogan, Geth, Quarians, rest on your actions. Characters who you have grown close to, die if you make the wrong choice, or sometimes even die no matter how hard you try. Does the one you love most die? Do you succeed in saving Earth? Does your once trusted friend still trust you enough to lower their gun and take you for your word? In the end, everything comes to a final choice, a choice that will dictate how the entire galaxy gets to live after the war.

A gamer who doesn't experience the Mass Effect trilogy is missing out on an epic must experience story. I'd even be willing to create a special 11/10 score just for Mass Effect.

One of the reasons I took me so long to get through the Legendary Edition (besides not wanting it to end, and it being three games of decent length), is I felt the need to stop every 5 minutes and take pictures of everything thanks to the new beautiful photo mode. Below is just a small taste of some of the pictures I grabbed. If you want even more, and love Mass Effect as moch as we do, you should follow our Gi Channel @masseffectinfinite for regular Mass Effect news, cosplay, art, screenshots, and more!

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