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Naraka Bladepoint - Game Infinite Impressions Review

Nakara Bladepoint is a new fantasy battle royale, set in an Eastern-Asia inspired universe. As someone who loves Japanese, Chinese, and other Eastern-Asian games and art, I was very excited for the first Battle Royale I’ve seen and played in that style. The Samurai inspired, Katana action is super fluid, and the Asian inspired landscapes are truly beautiful.

The immediate stand out from my first few hours in the game were those incredible and beautiful visuals. The world, the match loading animations, and the character models are just absolutely phenomenal. The visuals is something I would expect from s full price AAA game, which alone I feel justifies it’s small entry pricepoint. However, that being said, being a full multiplayer battle royale game, I could see it might necessitate it adopting a free to play model at some point in the future, to maintain player counts.

I will warn you, that your first few rounds will be up against bots as the game cushions new players into the mechanics. While many found that annoying, reflected in the steam reviews, I enjoyed the brief buffer as I got a feel for the combat, weapons, abilities, and loot system. Once you start playing with real players, the challenge increases, and so does the fun factor.

I commend the developers for giving us weapons and characters that feel and play different. The ranged weapons in the game feel properly balanced against the melee weapons. The presence of ranged weapons in a game can often make melee weapons feel underpowered, but Naraka handles them well.

I will also say that I really enjoy how Naraka handles character customization. While often times, these online BR games lock customization entirely behind paid skins, Naraka blends the premium content strategy with a minimal amount of free customization. Unlike some BR games, you can immediately alter some minor character details like skin tone and hair style.

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