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Naraka Bladepoint: Nier Crossover Event - Game Infinite Review

Here at Game Infinite, we are big fans of the Nier universe, so much so that we have our own dedicated Nier Gi Channel, @nierinfinite

I have also been an avid fan of Naraka Bladepoint since launch. It is a fantastic (now free to play) battle Royale game. It managed to stand out in a saturated genre of battle Royale shooters, by tackling the genre in a melee focused and fantasy setting. Instead of guns and desert cities, we got fantasy China and mythology, magic, and swords.

Over a year prior to the announcement of this epic crossover, I actually called this with our 5 Game Series. I wrote an article about 2b being the "queen of cross overs" appearing in so many games outsider her own, and pitched 5 games I wanted to see her appear in. Naraka was an easy pick as her combat and aesthetic just fit perfectly in the Naraka universe.

Now that she is here, I wanted to write a short opinion piece on the event. So far only 2b and 9S have appeared with more coming soon. Additionally to the super exciting cosmetics we also got an incredible Nier style Great Sword that floats perfectly with 2b.

(Official Trailer)

Crossover events have become a beloved trend in the gaming industry, bringing together characters, lore, and mechanics from different titles to captivate players with new and engaging content. Naraka: Bladepoint, known for its adrenaline-pumping battle royale combat, and Nier: Automata, renowned for its emotionally charged storytelling and hack-and-slash action, are just a perfect pair. This crossover event successfully merged their disparate worlds, offering players an intriguing blend of gameplay elements.

(Game Infinite Screenshots)

Thank you for reading our review. Tell us what you want to see reviewed next, and what you thought of this crossover event on your favorite social media!


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