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Pin Up Warlords - Developer Interview

We got the exciting opportunity to interview the developers behind the upcoming CCG indie game "Pin Up Warlords". They wish to use the power of blockchain technology to enhance the CCG genre with more fun gameplay and content. Their game is an alternate history World War III CCG game with a focus on card trading and battling. You can learn more about the game at

Scroll below for our interview.

[We realize that NFT, Metaverse, and Blockchain technology is controversial. There are many who have abused or misused the technology in these early days, and many gamers do not want the technology in gaming. The technology has very passionate voices on both sides, and we are interviewing a developer who desires to use the technology to make their game more fun and enjoyable. We as Game Infinite have a neutral and open minded position. We are not here to promote, defend, or judge blockchain or NFT based games. We are interviewing as a news platform a third party, and ask that if block chain games do not appeal to you, that you simply move on and be respectful for the interviewed party. The views expressed by interviewed parties in our interviews are the opinions of said third party and do not represent a specific position from Game Infinite.]

Developer Interview:

GAME INFINITE: What type of game is Pin Up Warlords, and what inspired your team to build it? Are there any games you really enjoyed that gave you inspiration?

DEVELOPER: Our game is a pure PVP trading card game which will soon feature a turn-based territorial conquest mode in the upcoming release. Imagine a risk game with resource management where you can extract resources by controlling resource-rich lands. You’ll be able to sell these resources to other players who can transform those resources into a missile defense system, for example, if they control production centers, etc... Being a play-to-earn NFT-based game, all assets can be resold on a secondary market like Atomic Hub.

GAME INFINITE: How long have you/your team been developing Pin Up Warlords? How many developers do you have on your team? Tell us a little bit about your team.

DEVELOPER: The game has been in production for close to two years, and the art took a considerable amount of time to create. The game itself took a few months to code in Unity. Being fully on-chain with 100% of the game logic on the blockchain, the coding of the smart contract also took quite some time and is fairly complex. The team is fully remote, multicultural, and consists of experienced game developers from several nationalities including French, Spanish, Serbian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Algerian, and Russian. The founders come from start-up and finance backgrounds, but they are hardcore gamers, too!

GAME INFINITE: To those readers who may have heard of NFTs, but possibly don’t really know or understand them, what is an NFT and why is it necessary for Pin Up Warlords? NFTs have been a controversial topic, and many may not know both sides. How does having NFTs enhance the gameplay and experience over a more traditional CCG?

DEVELOPER: The NFT is a crucial element to the game. As a card game, it’s important for cards to easily change hands in order for players to complete their collections! The NFTs allow players to easily participate in the game ecosystem, which the OFC legacy industry doesn’t like. In their case, they don’t want players to be able to resell their skins because they would rather sell another skin themselves. In a nutshell, this is why NFTs are sometimes perceived as “controversial”. I have zero doubt that all game assets will be NFTs in a matter of years. There is no feeling more rewarding than grinding a sword for 10 hours, reselling it, and not being banned by the game for doing it!

Characters / Lore

GAME INFINITE: Can you tell us a little bit about the lore, world, and characters in the game? How did you go about building this world? What inspired your characters?

DEVELOPER: Our series 1 “Great Generals” is inspired by the army uniforms of the era of the “great general” which we modernized and adapted to the “Pinup” anatomy. We have a collectible component to the game where collectors get rewards for completing factions.

Indie Developerment

GAME INFINITE: What is your greatest challenge as an indie developer? How do you overcome those challenges? What is your advice to developers who share those struggles? Have the fluctuations in the emerging NFT market been a challenge?

DEVELOPER: Financing the game development is naturally one of the greatest challenges. Finding the right people, like developers and artists, is another big challenge, too. We had an early investor who helped kickstart the studio and we invested our own money as well. The NFT indie space is exciting because it’s free. There are no gatekeepers, which allows you to go after your players and distribute your game directly. However, distribution is a full-time job and we believe that it needs more platforms. Big players are coming into the WEB 3 arena soon.

GAME INFINITE: We talked about your greatest challenge, but what would you say is the best part of being an indie developer? What would you say to encourage those thinking of making their own game?

DEVELOPER: Freedom is the most exciting part of being an indie developer! Finding the right CTO is crucial if you yourself are not a developer.

GAME INFINITE: As an indie developer, how important and how helpful have social media and networking been for you and your team?

DEVELOPER: Paramount! Gaining visibility through social media and networking is a full-time job. Being in NFTs, Twitter and Discord are the two main platforms we use. You have to maintain close contact with your community and communicate with your players, as they provide valuable ideas and feedback. WEB 3 game development requires a strong relationship with the community since you build the game hand-in-hand with them.

Road Map / Release

GAME INFINITE: What can you tell us about the release window? When will we see our first trailer? Do you have any unofficial timeline goals you can share for release? Where will gamers be able to play and get their hands on the game?

DEVELOPER: The PVP card game is out now on BETA. We plan to release the turn-based strategy game in September or October, and we are very excited to show it to our early adopters!


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