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Popular YouTuber Angry Joe Spoils Black Adam for his fans

Unlike Angry Joe, I will give you the benefit of the fact that this contains spoilers for Black Adam's (+ ENDGAME, SPIDERMAN NWH, AND MANDALORIAN SEASON 2) mid credit scene. If you have yet to see this film, do not read my article.

I have been a fan of popular YouTuber Angry Joe for over a decade. I look forward to his weekly news videos, notoriously funny reviews, and his annual lists. I'm upset with what he did, but even still I'll forgive him, and keep supporting him, as we are all human and make mistakes. I also realize I represent a very small outlet, and compared to his millions of followers, my opinion may never even reach him. I also know how excited he was for this news, but that's no excuse for this, So was I. At the end of the day, spoiling the major reveals and twists in our favorite nerdy films, shows, and video games is just an uncool thing to do. In the nerd world, we are treated to a lot of fan service, especially in our favorite super hero films, and these moments can be really special. Studios work really hard to keep these moments a secret so fans can experience them first time in theaters. I remember some really special moments in recent super hero films, that I am so glad I got to just experience that moment in theaters for the first time. If Iron Man's "I am Iron Man moment" in Endgame or Cap's "Catch" had been spoiled for me I would have been very sad about it. I'm not saying these reveals need to stay secret forever, but launch weekend for a film should be a minimum for these major reveals. Imagine you were walking into the launch day showing of Spider-man No Way Home only for someone to walk out from the previous showing screaming, "Tobey and Garfield Confirmed!" or imagine you saw a blurry leak of Luke Skywalker showing up at the end of Mandalorian. These grand reveals, were just beautiful to experience in the moment, and for the trolls on the internet who spoil them, we hate it when that happens. Let people experience these moments live in the moment.

In Spider-man NWH and Mandalorian and Dr Strange MOM and many others, there were huge rumors leading up to their releases about major appearances. The creators worked hard to hide this and protect the reveal. Disney edited out these guest spider-man in trailers. Disney even created fake concept art with Plo Koon in the Mandalorian to keep Luke's appearance a secret.

Black Adam was no exception. Months leading up to release there were much speculation and rumor and hope that Superman would make an appearance. Like Joe, I am a huge Superman fan, and he is my favorite superhero. Like him, and like Dwane Johnson, I really want Henry Cavill and Superman back in the DCEU. Dwane "The Rock" Johnson has been a vocal proponent of getting Cavill and Supes back in the DCEU. He has been on social media promoting the new film, and he can barely contain his smile at the implication of Superman.

I really hoped he would make an appearance, and almost like Spider-man NWH, it was "all but confirmed" but still, was amazing to see Tobey show up on screen.

So imagine my sad disappointment when a notification popped up on my phone at 6AM Friday morning from Angry Joe, just hours after late Thursday night releases...completely spoiling Super return?? I do not care if you want to have a spoilers discussion video. Great, go for it. It is labeled as a Spoiler Discussion in the title, and in the video they say it's spoilers. Where he was wrong, is the SPOILER WAS ALSO IN THE TITLE.

Just look at this and tell me this isn't a spoiler...

The film wasn't even live for a few hours! I got this notification at 6am on FRIDAY MORNING. My matinee launch day Noon ticket didn't even protect me from spoilers. Hours before the earliest showing I could attend, I got a notification. I wasn't carelessly scrolling social media and came across it. I know better than to scroll social media. If I was just aimlessly scrolling, then if it wasn't Joe it would just have been someone else. However, this was PUSHED TO MY PHONE because I am a fan of his show and have YouTube "Bell" notifications turned on. The title "OMG YES IT HAPPENED" combined with a happy Joe in a SUPERMAN outfit for the thumbnail. For his fans, we all definitely know what this means, because that's all Joe could talk about for this film leading up to this.

Angry Joe confirms that Superman appears in Black Adam. This carelessly worded and imaged notification spoils the moment I was most looking forward to MOST in Black Adam. Part of me feels bad for stomping on his excitement, but when I sat in theaters and saw Henry Cavill show up, I was excited too. But my excitement was dampened by the fact I knew it was coming. I wish it could have been a surprise. That should have been my choice. Putting the spoiler in the title of your video is just poor poor poor execution, and as a lifelong popular successful Youtuber, he should have known better. This was unfair to his fans. Once again it is NOT that he did a spoiler discussion video. He does these often. But putting the spoiler itself IN THE TITLE is where I take issue. He confirmed Superman's appearance, just hours after preview showings went live. This wasn't like the movie came out Friday and he posted this on Monday. The movie came out Friday and he posted this Friday morning.

I checked his comments, and no one else was complaining about his spoiler. Maybe I am alone, but he negatively impacted my viewing experience, and that's just uncool. He will probably never see this, but He owes us an apology for spoiling Superman's appearance in the title of his video. I expect better from a big Youtuber, and offer him this humble feedback from a fan...


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