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Scarlet Nexus - Game Infinite Impressions Review

I decided to do an Impressions Review for Scarlet Nexus because It might be awhile before I can finish. I’m working on finishing Mass Effect Legendary Edition for a full review, and I also have Ratchet and Clank and Resident Evil Village, I want to review.

Despite a crowded month of games, I didn’t want to let Scarlete Nexus fall to wayside before I could point out one thing I really love about it.

This game does one thing in particular really really well, enough that I wanted to do an impressions review to talk about it. This is a Bandai action jrpg and therefore won’t be as mainstream as other recent games. There are ALOT of games that look like Scarlet Nexus, and some of them are even releasing this year. While it has impressive visuals, gorgeous character models and animations, being in this more niche genre means it might be over looked by many gamers.

This is why I felt the need to point out that Scarlet Nexus pulls off one thing better than ANY previous game.

If I could have any super power in real life, it would be telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with my mind. I think it is just the coolest super power there is, and despite that, It is proportionally far less common in video games. Flight, Strength, Invisibility are so common in games, but the ability to move objects telekinetically is comparatively rare. The last good example I can think of off the top of my head were the Force Unleashed games.

Scarlet Nexus is the best Not-Star -Wars-Star-Wars game to date. It implements the best telekinetic combat in a game I have ever seen.

In Scared Nexus you play as a character that has the ability to grab objects lying around in the map and launch them at enemies or even pull off more powerful moves like slaming or crushing them. Telekinesis in games can be clunky or difficult to control, Scarlet Nexus makes it easy and beautiful to pull off visually impressive feats. The floating in game prompt for locking onto an item floats around smoothly in a way that is easy to grab items in the middle of chaotic combat. Launching the item at the opponent you are attacking is easy and smooth. I have just never seen telekinetic attacks in a game work this smooth and this satisfying.

Scarlet Nexus’s take on telekinetic powers needs to be a model for the next Star Wars Jedi game, maybe even a future Force Unleashed title. However, Scarlet Nexus makes me want one thing most of all and that is to have Disney approach Bandai to make a JRPG Star Wars title. With the upcoming manga and the newly revealed Star Wars Visions, Disney has alluded to them wanting Japanese creators taking on the Star Wars universe. In previous 5 Games I stated how I wanted a Star Wars JRPG and Scarlet Nexus just makes me want it all the more. If Scarlet Nexus had lightsabers it would just be 11/10.

As a Anime action RPG it is a phenomenal game with great visuals, story, and combat so far, but it was this one particular aspect that drove me to wanting to get my impressions out as soon as possible.

(Scarlet Nexus Screenshots - PS5)


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