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Severed Steel - Game Infinite Review

Severed Steel is a short indie shooter that blew me away. Everything about it is phenomenal. It has super solid AAA gunplay that is reminiscent of Apex Legends or Titanfall with wall running, sliding, and just fast paced movement.

Pair this phenomenal movement with the ability to slow down time and perform slow-mo bullet tike kills and take downs while sliding around, it is just A+ combat. Honestly, what this game should serve as as an example for what shooters should be. I hope that this game is successful enough for a larger studio to notice, and acquire them so that we can get a full length Severed Steel 2 with full voice acting. This is a game that deserves to be picked up by a AAA big budget. My only complaint is I wish it was longer. It left me just wanting more.

Let’s also talk about the beautiful visuals in the game. It is a bright neon cyberpunk aesthetic that looks gorgeous. Also, the “massive lab” setting, and the feel, atmosphere, gun handling, and on screen prompts feel super reminiscent of SuperHot if you ever played that game. In fact, Severed Steel evolves on the SuperHot “john wick matrix action hero” formula by playing it out in real time and having the slow down happen at will instead of being always slow.

if you are looking for an adrenaline filled few hours, than this is a must play for an evening. Hopefully it can get enough attention for a full length, voice acted, multiplayer added, full sequel; because this could be a foundation of the “next big shooter”.

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