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Splitgate - Game Infinite Beta Impressions Review

Someone somewhere asked the question, “What if Halo had Portals?” and a new gaming phenomenon was born.

So far I have been very bored and disappointed with 2021, and I know it’s no one’s fault. Covid caused a weird split in gaming. There many games that launched in 2020 that should have been delayed; and learning from that lessons, a lot of games coming in 2021 were pushed to 2022. This has caused a weird 2021 dry spell. While it has helped me so far to catch up on some major backlog, play some more smaller titles, or even try new genres, I still feel like my top 10 list so far is more sparse than normal. Hopefully the second half of the year will help fill it out, and I have found a major top tier contender in the form of Splitgate.

When I say, Splitgate is the most fun I’ve had in a new game in 2021, I hope that conveys how much of a blast it is. It has the fast, high octane action of Halo, but with the added ability of shooting Portals like in Valve’s famous series.

It’s a formula that works so incredibly well that I am honestly shocked it hasn’t been done before! As a huge fan of both Portal and Halo…it never even dawned on me the two formulas mix so perfectly.

Another thing I find so super enjoyable about it, is how natural it feels to pick up and play. My shooter playstyle is more tactical which makes Splitgate cery enjoyable for me. I enjoy sneaking around, flanking the enemy, and outsmarting, rather than relying on brute force and running and gunning.

Splitgate allows for immense tactical freedom as you can shoot portals out into enemy territory and shoot them in the back, or use it to quickly flank the enemy. Splitgate offers fast, “controlled chaos” on levels similar to Apex Legends. It is a game that to master, you must use portals and be tactical. If you treat this game like Halo and just run around and shoot, you will be outflanked and outsmarted, so if you hate tactical gunplay you might not like Splitgate. However, the tactical element to Splitgate isn’t slow or an encumbrance, but a fun power to use frequently.

Splitgate’s popularity was so large on pc that it delayed the console launch to August, and even delayed the 1.0 non-beta full release for the time being. That being said, the beta is a must play and a fun time for any shooter fan. I rated it a 9/10 because it felt wrong and premature to give a 10 to a beta release I have only had for a few days. It could also benefit from some universe lore and some gender diversity in it's characters. This is still a beta impressions review, and time will tell it's full launch if my score changes. For now, it is a phenomenal must play.

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