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Square Enix E32021 Event Recap

Good god what a disappointing E3 event from Square Enix. Did no one at Square think that maybe this should have been a smaller live stream at another time than E3? This should have just been a Guardians of the Galaxy mini event with a reveal for that game. Calling this an E3 event is pretty pathetic.

There was NO FINAL FANTASY 16 or even a look at 7 Remake Part 2. There was no full Nier sequels. There was no Tomb Raider. There was just a huge lack of NEWS in a news press conference.

The look at Babylon's Fall we have been waiting for was too short. More was missing from this event than was present, and it was just disappointing.

If they had just added some new cinematic trailers for one or two of their most anticipated sequels, or given us updates on some franchises we want news on this could have been successful. This was just so empty. The few things that were here, however, did have some interesting aspects.

Full Event: FAIL Rating

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardian's of the Galaxy looks to fix everything players and critics hated about Avengers by making this a single player non-live service with a story focused narrative instead of a looter live service.

Babylon's Fall

We finally get a brief look at Babylon's Fall after years of no news on Platinum's newest title. It looks very similar to some other recent gold-plated looter slashers like Godfall or Elden Ring to me; however, the character models still intrigue me.

Life is Strange: True Colors

I'm not sold at Life is Strange: True Colors just yet, and am more excited on the Remaster for LIS 1. However, we got a little glimpse at just how the "Empathy" powers work in this new game.

Final Fantasy 1-6 Remasters

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Rumors were circling that a Final Fantasy "Dark Souls" style game would be announced at E3, and it is finally revealed here as Stranger of Paradise.

For more gaming news, stay tuned as more gaming coverage will drop over the weekend as we head into E3 2021. We will keep everyone up to date on social media so follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more!


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