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Square Enix Releases New Footage for Cancelled Tomb Raider Game!

As a part of the Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Event, Square Enix revealed about 7 minutes of previously unseen footage of a cancelled Tomb Raider game titled, Ascension. This game was cancelled and eventually reworked into a very different game that we eventually got in the 2013 reboot. However, Ascension was going to be pretty different. Tomb Raider fans have long known that there was a cancelled project before the 2013 reboot game, but this is the most look we've had at that project since. While personally, I absolutely love the 2013 reboot game, and I wouldn't trade it. However, it would have still be incredible to also get the game that was going to be Ascension. Ascension looks amazing and different in many ways to what we got

Check out the footage below.

Ascension was going to be far far deeper in the "survivor horror" genre than 2013 Reboot ever was. It reportedly was going to be much more horror than action. While 2013 definitely had horror elements and sections, this was going to be far skewed in that area. It also sported a much more open world concept, including horseback travel. We can see from the clip that Lara is able to traverse larger more open area, with sections even featuring horseback combat. Also, while the reboot trilogy was much more rooted in realism, with Lara Croft only ever facing wildlife and soldiers; Ascension was going to have Lara face off against fantastical monsters and creatures. We see from the clip, and some new concept art, that Lara was originally going to be battling sometimes very large and very horror game style monsters in her most fantasy focused outing yet. One thing that also never seemed to make it into the 2013 reboot is the signature orange top that seemed to be front and center in this game. Ascension was looking to make Lara's signature color change from blueish teal to now Orange. When 2013 launched, she wore a more muted brown top instead. It is a shame we never got to see the orange outfit in the games because I really like the design. In one of the concepts below we also sesame other cool outfit designs.

What do you think of this cancelled Tomb Raider game? Did it look promising or are you glad it was never made? Would you like a more horror / fantasy Tomb Raider in the future? Let us know on our social media posts what you thought and leave us a comment.

I can confirm that the new clip is authentic as it was released officially by Square Enix itself. I did my best to verify the authenticity of all the images posted below. I believe each one to be real, however, take them with a grain of salt as some sources were third party.



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