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Star Wars Edge of Balance - Game Infinite Review

So far mine and many fans impressions of the “High Republic” has been poor. I struggled to get into the first book and comics. Many fans criticisms of the new Era prove that Disney has much to do to make this Era stand against all the other great Era’s of Star Wars. That being said, Edge of Balance is the first Manga, giving us a slightly different medium and format for the Era, and it manages to gain traction in an otherwise slow start to the Era. Edge of Balance introduces us to new characters, and Vol 1 balances the mystical story it wants to tell with some fun action.

Edge of Balance wins with introducing us to it’s likable protagonist, Lily. She is a duel wielding Jedi Knight who is both “Jedi stoic” and emotional-likable like a manga protagonist needs to be. Vol 1 also introduces us to a Jedi Wookie…which is just something every Star Wars fan has wanted forever. I will say it is just great to see the Jedi at the height of power and influence. The story is simple: the Jedi are just helping a group of farmer/colonists get settled and feel safe. However, when weird wood-like creatures attack the village we get to see some action.

Star Wars: The High Republic "Era" Trailer

One thing that really works for the story is getting to see multiple generations of Jedi working together in a given area. We see the Cookie, Jedi Master, Kelly the Knight, her Padawan, and younglings all working together in a single story, each learning from those above them. It is a fascinating 4 tier dynamic that I we just never get to see.

Edge of Balance is the first High Republic anything that has intrigued me enough to want to continue the story and see what happens. It gave us the first protagonist I care about with Lily, and showcased a threat that I am interested in.

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