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State of Play January 2024 Recap!

Playstation is reminding gamers that they have indeed an epic year planned, after a degree of silence worrying many Playstation fans, (myself included) of a light year for the PS5. This will not be the case as we have gotten word on some truly amazing games, some now with 2024 release dates. Playstation graced us with a beefy 40 minute state of play that did not disappoint.

My impressions of State of Play in SOG Episode 5. Scroll down for article break down.

Full Event

Hell Divers 2

Developer: "Brought to you by the Super Earth Ministry of Truth. Undivided attention is mandatory. The fight for Super Earth begins soon Helldivers. Help us take down the alien threat and replace it with that sweet Democracy."

Stellar Blade

My biggest stand out for this State of Play was Stellar Blade. We knew it was coming ahead of time, and I was extremely excited for this one. We got a new trailer, with a decent gameplay overview, as well as a release date of April 26th 2024. This game is one of the most impressive Unreal 5 games I have seen, and I can't wait to get my hands on it, as it was Game Infinite's Most Anticipated New IP for 2024. It looks to be a healthy mix of Nier, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and other games.

Zenless Zone Zero

The next game by the mega popular Hoyoverse, with their next Genshin-like. This absolutely stunning action anime game looked incredible to me since its first reveal. It was on our most anticipated 2024 games list.


Foamstars is Playstation and Square Enix's answer to Splatoon. Playstation wants more live service games on their platform, and so far they have failed as several PS5 exclusive live service games have shut down or been cancelled. I really hope Foamstars can break this losing streak of both companies as both Sony and Square Enix need a win; not to mention the game is pretty fun. I got to play the beta, and this new trailer only has me more excited.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

What's better than a Shadow Drop? A FREE SHADOW DROP. Fans were happy to hear that a short free to play horror experience was shadow dropping during this event.

Silent Hill fans didn't have to be content with the short free spin off, we got a look at the full Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Judas - From the Maker of BIOSHOCK

The Creator of Bioshock has moved on to create his own studio, and we are getting a new game heavily inspired by Bioshock. We will probably see JUDAS long before the development hell stuck Bioshock 4. For me this was a huge highlight of the event.

The most surprising stand out of this event for me was Rise of the Ronin. This game absolutely blew me away. This is the Assassin's Creed Japan that fans have been wanting, just not technically AC... It was easily one of my favorite trailers of the showcase.

Until Dawn is hands down one of my favorite horror games. It definitely isn't the "scariest" but it is my favorite. I love the story, setting, characters, and entire experience of this game. The news of it getting a film and a PS5 Remaster is super exciting to me. We don't know much about the pricing model which always is a factor for remasters. However, even if there is no upgrade path and this is full price; this will be a day one insta-buy for me.


Watch this trailer at your own risk, as not only does it dial up the Death Stranding Dream Logic WEIRDNESS of the first game...but it genuinely disgusted me. There's a part of the trailer where their little suction cup looking circles on someone's skin with little black hair things, that made me gag. I don't get this game. I don't get why this amazon delivery simulator got enough sales to get a sequel. I love weird scifi, and this is too far past the line for me. If you love Kojima and think he is a visionary; than more power to you. I just don't get it.


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