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The Mandalorian Season 2 - Game Infinite Review (Spoilers)

The Mandalorian Season 2 is the best of Modern Star Wars. I promise, I am one of those fans, who loved all of modern Star Wars too, so it's not like I hated the rest. I say that Mandalorian is the best of modern Star Wars as someone who loved all the others. I loved Rogue One, Solo, and yes EVEN the Sequel Trilogy despite it's flaws. But Mandalorian proves we all know that Dave Filoni and John Favreau know what Star Wars fans want. The struggle to balance the new with the old is something they understand. The show is ridden with nostalgia and call backs yes, but it always feels fresh. There are so many times it could skew too far in one direction, but it never does. Season 1 was a great experience, but Season 2 takes it up a significant notch.

We get answers to unexplained plot points like why "Mando" never takes his helmet off when plenty of other Mandalorians have through out all of Star Wars. It was a plot point that bugged my rational brain for the entire season 1. I needed that explanation, and it was a satisfying one that makes sense and doesn't damage the rest of Star Wars. Season 2 gives us the origin of Baby Yoda including his NAME! Season 2 gives us both Boba Fett and Asoka Taco as returning characters. They felt more than just guest characters, but solid appearances that prepare us for their own shows.

The action in this season is also some of the best in modern Star Wars. The brief fight between Asoka and Mando; the final Asoka and Mando team up battle, are both phenomenal. However, they do not come close to that finale! The fight between a Darktrooper and Mando was a brilliant way to show us the Power Level of just ONE Darktrooper. It gave me major Terminator vibes when one Dark Trooper could so easily outmatch Mando. The fight between Moff Gideon with the Darksaber quickly shot up to the top few favorite lightsaber battles. It is gritty, raw, and intense. The finale would have been complete with that alone, but when all hope was lost, we finally get to see Baby Yoda reunited with the Jedi, with none other than Luke Skywalker showing up. In one of the coolest moments ever, Luke boards the imperial ship and easily destroys the entire garrison of Dark Troopers with ease. This is what fans have wanted for years, and that is to see Grand Master Luke unleash. The scene is reminiscent of the amazing Rogue One Vader scene it gives you chills. The subsequent departure of Mando and Baby Yoda is one of the most emotional moments in Star Wars and you would be forgiven for letting out the waterworks.

There is one more scene that I feel is just 10/10 amazing. The action of the various battles were phenomenal, and the emotion of the finale was all over the place, but there was one scene that really struck me as film gold. In a middle episode, Mando must infiltrate an Imperial remnant base. During the mission, he is forced to remove his mask in order to complete the mission. This is not the first time the audience has seen his face, but this is the first time in the story he truly breaks his code. Revealing his face to IG, a droid, in season 1 felt like a loophole to him and the audience. There was no room for loop holes here. Mando is willing to break is oath, his code he has been willing to die for before, because it was necessary to save the Child, baby Yoda, aka GROGU. He has deep fatherly instincts fro Grogu, and we learn in that episode how far he is willing to go to save him.

All in all, Mandalorian season 2 proves that Star Wars is a live and well, and strong enough to carry all of Disney+ on it's back.

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