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Tomb Raider Creator Round Up

The Tomb Raider franchise is an essential core to Game Infinite. We love those games, and it is a big favorite of myself and our GiFriends Mod Jay. The Tomb Raider community has been one of the most supportive of our gaming platform, leading to the popularity and support of our Tomb Raider channel, Tomb Raider Infinite and a popular regular segment on our Twitter, Tomb Raider Tuesdays. where we feature Tomb Raider creators in the community. That is why we wanted to do a Round Up spin off our brand new indie game focused article series, and features many of the amazing creators from Tomb Raider Infinite and Tomb Raider Tuesdays here in the article below. As with everything at Game Infinite, all content is shared with creator permission and credit!

These creators have not paid for this feature and may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission. Content is not featured in any particular order.

1. @ScionJay96 - In Game Photographer/Twitch Streamer/#GiFriendsMODS

Jay is one of the most talented in game photo artists I have ever seen. The shots he captures are just phenomenal, and can make the ones I take in games for Game Infinite look "meh" in comparison. He captures shots that are just well lit, timed, and positioned, as good as any IRL photographer. He also has a passion for the community and the series. His talented and passion is a huge reason why I wanted him to mod for Tomb Raider Infinite. You can support him also on his Twitch.

2. @lili_din_farghul - Cosplayer / Fan Artist

We want to thank @lili_din_farghul whose cosplay is the background for today's article. She previously helped supported our "5 Games that Need to be Made in Tomb Raider" article, and she continues to bring amazing content. She is also more than a cosplayer, and delivers some incredible Tomb Raider fan art. It is rare to find a creator who is so talented at both art and can pull off an incredible Lara on paper or IRL. She is a must follow for any Tomb Raider fan.

3. @_artsbyalex_ - Fan Artist

Alex pulls off some incredibly dark and violet tones that really have a unique look to it. Their almost gothic take on Tomb Raider art is just really unique and fun and we really like it when they drop new Lara art.

4. @jinxdcroft - Fan Artist

Jinxdcroft has a really fun way of bringing what could be simple, more flat sketches to life with color, vibrance, and an almost cell-shaded look. Either way, we really enjoy their style at bringing Lara to life in these pieces.

5. @_adayka_ - Fan Artist #GiFriends

Adayka has one of our favorite art styles with just gritty and harsh look to it. They are so talented at making Lara look intense, and even do art on some atypical backgrounds. They even helped us with a collaboration where they put Lara in our Gi T-shirt! We have our own branded merch available at the Gi Store, and Lara is rocking our signature Eclipse logo shirt in one of Adayka's pieces. You can support Adayka by buying one of our Infinite Girl Variant 2 pieces at the Gi Store, created in partnership with Adayka.

6. @tcmb_raider - In Game Photographer

We really like TCMB's photos. Where it is incredible portrait close ups perfectly capturing mood and lighting, or strong archery poses, TCMB really has an incredible eye for phenomenal shots.

7. @kinia24lara_arts - Fan Artist

Kinia24 has been a great supporter of our Tomb Raider Tuesdays, and we really like their art style. It perfectly brings to life some classic Lara in a fun art style.

We've enjoyed the many amazing art pieces from Woofgalaxy for a while now, and were excited to bring them into the GiFriends Creator Collection. Their amazing OC art is available on our Gi Merch Store. As luck would have it, they also have some amazing Tomb Raider art. As fellow TR fans, we are excited to show their Lara here.

9. @elen_mart_ - Cosplayer

We have been a fan of Elenmart for quite some time as they continuously deliver more and more phenomal Tomb Raider cosplay. Whether she is doing Modern Lara, Classic Lara, Angelina Lara, she continues to just pull of some of the best Lara Croft cosplay we have seen. She is ultra talented.

10. @purecroft - In Game Photographer

One of the things we like most about Purecroft is the soft grey color palette in all of their shots. As we scroll, these shots are just always instantly recognizably "purecroft".

11. @eliottsontot - Fan Artist

Eliottsontot is another creator with just an instantly recognizable art style. We for one just really really enjoy this water color look and bright vibrant colors. When I see Eliott's art, it makes me think how much we just need a game in this art style. I want to see a bright and vibrant color game that looks like this.

12. @leediemer - Cosplayer

Another cosplayer that just absolutely nails the Jolie-Era Croft that is LeeDieMer. She rocks the attitude and look of that era of Tomb Raider, and we want more of it!

13. @surinecosplay - Cosplayer

Another Croft Cosplayer we have been following for a while, Surine is an absolutely talented and phenomenal cosplayers. They don't just nail multiple era's of Lara, but they often succeed in incredible settings and action poses. If you are a Lara Cosplay fans, she is a must follow.

14. @darklara28 - Fan Artist

There is a lot of Tomb Raider fan art out there, but it is rare to see the more supernatural side of the series shine through in the art. I have seen almost none of the Tomb Raider art with magic or Thor's hammer present. The magical mystical elements, not to mention quality talent, really help Darklara stand out!

15. @laraliciously - In Game Photographer

Laraliciously is another photographer who really excels at incredible Lara portraits, but our favorite it the dark creepy setting shot above. This one shot alone really just helps set a mood, a feeling of being lost and alone in a dark creepy jungle. This shot could easily be used for official marketing materials.

16. @monolithic_sloth - Fan Artist

Monolithic Slot is a creator with a unique art style that really reminds me in some ways of the upcoming Tomb Raider Reloaded mobile game. With not quite normal human proportions and a shooter stature, this Lara is instantly recognizable as a Monolithic piece. All their characters have a more cartoonish look that just works and excels. We really are fans of their Lara here, as it stands as a great example of how classic "cartoon" Lara could exist in a new show or game with a totally different look in the modern era. This proves how cartoon design classic Lara could co-exist with the more realism focused games.


Thank You for reading our brand new article "Tomb Raider Creator Round Up"! IWould you like to see this as a regular series? Please let us know in the comments on the post!

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