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We got the opportunity to speak with Tony aka a super talented comic and fanartist. We discovered them thanks to a comic book store we have become a fan of called Knight of Comics. They showcased and invited them to Gi Creator Interview. They blew us away with their amazing pieces, and our readers can learn about their process, style, and journey below.

Make sure to follow Tony on Insta or on X @tonyra_art Creator Interview:

Misc. Fanarts:

Artistic Journey:

Game Infinite: Can you tell us about your journey into comic art? What inspired you to become a comic and fan artist?

Tony: Basically it all started from the pandemic, previously since I was very little I always liked drawing, even in my sketchbooks, after that I started doing other activities and when the pandemic arrived I remembered how much I liked to draw and I thought, I want to dedicate myself to what I love most, which is drawing, and since then I started to take seriously the idea of ​​devoting myself to art.

Creative Process:

(Overwatch Fanart)

Gi: What does your creative process look like? Do you have any processes routines that help you get into the creative zone?

2 - Not all motivation comes to me every day when I see, I just think of a character and then I start looking for what I could do with it and bring it to life by drawing it

Character Development:

Gi: Your characters are quite unique and engaging. How do you go about developing and designing your characters?

Tony: When illustrating a character I always look for a pose that catches my attention, After that it replicates it in a 3D application, to give a better camera view and help me with the lighting, that way I find the exact shape of where I want the light to come from, once this is done I take several references of the character and when I see What I have, I need it for a good piece, I start the illustration.

Metroid - Zero Suit Samus

Gi: We first discovered you for your Zero Suit Samus art? It certainly is one of our favorites of your portfolio. Can you tell us about what it took to bring her to life? What is it about this character that you enjoy?

Tony: Thank you, it is a piece that was very fun to create, I love this piece because it gives me a space warrior. I must admit I am a fan of the suit.

Influences and Inspirations:

Gi: Who or what are some of your biggest influences and inspirations in the world of comic art?

Tony: My biggest influences are sakimi chan , zumi, calm, artblissful, neoart, evul and z_ed are the artists that inspire me the most.

Misc. Fanarts:

Future Projects:

Gi: For our readers who we think will definitely want to keep up with your work, Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re excited about that you can share with us? How can our readers best support your work? Where can they take some of your art home?

Tony: Yes, I have several projects in mind ready to start the month of July, which will be loaded with some anime characters such as:

Bluma - dragon ball

Hellen - increibles

momo - my hero academia sthephanie - no game no life

kim possible - kim possible

Korra - legend of korra

These are the characters that I have established for the month of July. Yes, I have a page where people can take my art to their homes which is called INPRINT, you can find me as, or similarly on my page at patreon. I will soon be adding new tiers where I will give access to monthly commissions and posters, I provide high-quality digital content and the possibility for sponsors to make their dreams come true and suggest some fun art!

Thank you for joining us for our latest Gi Creator Interview! We hope you enjoy our guest’s content. Make sure to support them with a follow! If you are a creator and would like a feature make sure to reach out so we can showcase you!


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