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Top 10 One Punch Man Characters (Besides Saitama)

One Punch Man quickly became my favorite anime when I first dove into the world of anime a few years ago. Since then I have discovered and enjoyed many anime and manga universe, but OPM still reigns supreme for me. I absolutely love the humor and the world and the characters. I takes itself seriously enough to be a good and entertaining super hero universe, while still being a satire at its core. At first, the premise of a main hero who is invincible and able to defeat anyone in one punch, doesn't seem like it should work for a narrative. However, it absolutely does. So much of the story is structured around the creative ways the main protagonist Saitama is actually kept from the fight while the other heroes must deal. Also, the story isn't just about Saitama, but a really great cast of other super heroes. Also, to this day, OPM has some of the biggest and over the top action I've ever seen in fiction. At one point, Saitama is punched to the literal moon, and Terrible Tornado lifts up part of Earth's crust at one point. It is a power scale of heroes that we really never see live action DC or Marvel. In my absolute impatience for season 3 of OPM, I have dived into the manga, to continue the story where the anime has stopped, and I have been unable to put it down.

May contain minor spoilers for events of the Manga after Season 2 of the anime

Reading the manga has encouraged to tackle this discussion.

Here are my picks for the top 10 OPM characters *BESIDES SAITAMA* to be more fair because he's the main character. Also, an honorable mention goes to Blast. He is a cool character in theory as he does eventually show up in the manga, but we still have seen too little of him to feel him out as a character.

They are ranked in terms how exciting or cool they are, not in terms of power level.

10. KING

The best way to describe KING is he is kind of like Domino from the Marvel universe. Upon first glance, KING may seem like a joke character. But many fans of the franchise actually believe he doesn't even know that he DOES have a power, but it's a weird one. You see, King doesn't "have any power" But for some reason, everyone (except Saitama) believes KING is one of the most powerful heroes in the OPM universe. The entire cast of characters all believe KING is the "strongest man". Even villains cower in fear and run from him. But KING is actually just a man. He is not strong nor invincible, but every one just BELIEVES he is. He seems to just have incredible luck. He always seems to be in the right place and the right place, and circumstances lead to the defeat of a monster, or Saitama defeated them and people thought it was KING. There is one part in the manga, where KING is forced to try to intimidate a monster into fleeing, and everyone is watching. So he tries to "fight" but as luck would have it, a nearby battle defeats the monster. It is strange how there is this sort of "Clark Kent Glasses" effect on all the characters. No one seems to question that they have never once actually seen KING fight, but still think he is unstoppable. It also isn't like KING is lying all the time, he has tried to tell the truth but people don't believe him. In one part of the story, he shows up with spilt sauce on his shirt, and soldiers tell stories that he was in a night long battle fighting monsters.

Many fans thinks he has some sort of luck based power similar to Domino, some kind of reality altering ability that bends the universe to his favor. It is hinted at when Saitama first meets him, is that monsters seem "drawn to him". It is also hinted at by the fact that Saitama is the only one who knows KING is powerless. Surely eventually someone would figure it out besides Saitama if it were just a misunderstanding.

9. Child Emperor

If you have only watched the anime, Child Emperor may seem like a strange pick, as there are a few characters on this list, who haven’t had much time to shine in the anime yet, but really get showcased later in the Manga. After the events of Season 2, in the Manga, the Heroes eventually make their way to invading the Monster Association, and several characters really get time to shine. Child Emperor is one of the characters. He is essentially this universe’s Iron Man or Batman in a way in that he relies on his gadgets and inventions. In some ways he reminds me of a “super hero-ized” Calvin McCalister from Home Alone. There is a whimsical child-like nature to his gadgets and gizmos that even invoke many characters to refer to them as “toys”. However, in the manga, seeing Child Emperor in combat is actually really cool. His suits and weapons make for some really fun combat. I thought at first he was more of a joke character, but seeing him in combat, I was convinced.

8. Fubuki (Hellish Blizzard)

Hellish Blizzard is such a fun character, but obviously flawed character. By flawed, I mean that her insecurities are obvious and that makes her relatable, not that she is a badly written character. Her sister is one of the most powerful characters in the OPM universe, and her sister doesn’t support her hero work or want her involved. She has an inferiority complex, and is constantly worried about wanting proving herself. She is also one of the few characters who know about Saitama’s strength. There are only a handful of characters who know Saitama’s true strength.

7. Zombie Man

I love the idea of Zombie Man for a super hero. While not my absolute favorite hero on this list, I think he would really work for a spin off story. He is immortal, but in a zombie and undying healer kind of way. He is more than just “wolverine” with a gun. Much of the story surrounding him in the manga, utilize a more disgusting and gory depiction to showcase how he is immortal in ways we haven’t really seen often before. We have seen characters like Deadpool or Wolverine with extreme healing before, but Zombie Man leans more into the gory and horror elements.

6. Drive Knight

Drive Knight is a really cool cyborg type character that like Child Emperor, really doesn’t get a chance to shine until later in the manga. He is more than just cool looking character design, but really effective fighter. To explain him, he feels inspired from Transformers type characters taking on shapes like a fighter jet or other battle mechs.

5. Lord Boros

The story is called One Punch Man. Saitama is so powerful, he is able to defeat anyone in one punch. While this offers an interesting premise, it also presents obvious narrative challenges. How do you make the action and fights exciting if Saitama can just instantly beat everyone. On the surface it seems too challenging, but seeing how the story’s creator’s many clever ways to tell this story it is great to see Boros show up. On one way around this, is to create other really good characters that can give prolonged battles, and THEN have Saitama show up. Despite Saitama’s one punch rule, there is a lot of action in this story. But whenever Saitama shows up, the enemy is defeated. We never really get to see him in a prolonged fight. In season 1, there are several big bad boss monsters who challenge all the lesser heroes, but Boros is the first character we get to see in a prolonged fight with Saitama.

He feels very mych like a video game "final boss"

The writer still delivers clever loop holes to maintain Saitama’s strength, but extending the fight. Boros is easily one of the most powerful characters in the story, and their fight is legendary. In the end, Boros admits Saitama wasn't "really trying" and he had no chance, but he is still the first character we in a proponged fight and even Saitama says he was the strongest he'd faced. Not to mention their fight is top tier anime. Saitama gets punched to the moon, and punches Boros with a cloud wave across the globe.

4. Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is a fan favorite, and one of the best characters in the story. Everyone loves Mumen Rider. He has a certain “I can do this all day” unyielding resolve of a Captain America type character, but with the added likeablily of no super powers or much of anything. He is the lowest ranked hero on this list in terms of power. He has no powers, and he has no gadgets. He literally rides a bike to fight crime.

It is is hard to describe why the fandom loves Rider so much, but he is just so humble, and wants to help people in a way that feels so genuine. In fact, Mumen Rider is involved in one of my favorite moments in the whole story. The story has a lot of great action, but there is a really real and great moment between Saitama and Rider.

There is a big bad, who is fighting several heroes, including main support character Genos. This monster, “Deep Sea King” is wrecking havoc, defeats Genos, and is threatening civilians. There is this really cool moment between Saitama and Rider. Rider knows he is nowhere near strong enough to defeat the monster, but he is the only one left, he can't just run; he alone is standing between the monster and civilians. Despite Rider's best effort to punch the monster, the monster easily defeats him in one punch.

Saitama appears and catches Rider, telling him he did good. It's a sincere and just great moment. Saitama isn't being sarcastic or arrogant. He respects Rider for standing up to a hopeless no win situation in order to protect people. It's a fanstic big brother moment, and one of my favorites.

3. Garou (Hero Hunter)

If you thought the final battle between Saitama and Boros in season 1 was epic, just you wait until the final battle between Saitama and Garou is animated in season 3 or 4. It is trully some action packed insanity. I refuse to spoil it here, but honestly the Garou arc gets really, really, REALLY good in the Manga. It's one of the best fifht scenes I've ever read in a manga.

Garou is just a really cool character, and in some ways he's meant to be an Evil Saitama character, someone who could be on his scale, or at least approach it. He is someone who is devoted to being evil, but his humanity still makes him not go all the way. He says he wants to be a monster...but acts like a hero on several occassions making him likeable. His dynamic with this small child character is really cool i. Making him a likeable bad guy. Also, the way story writer finds a way to have a ling drawn out battle with Saitama while still "kind of" following Saitam's "one punch" premise is also really, really, really cool.

2. Tatsumaki (Terrible Tornado)

If you've only watched the anime so far, you might be surprised why Tatsumaki is so high on the list. In the show, she may be little more than a slighty annoying and arrogant and even a little bit whiny. She thinks she is the most powerful person in the universe and doesn't work well with others. We haven't seen her REALLY fight yet. But if you finish the manga, she is just INCREDIBLE. the feats she pulls off in Manga in the Monster Association invasion and subsequent battles are just incredible. In fact, she is the best character to date to showcase over the top action and "Super Bosses" without using Saitama. Her battle against the Monster Boss is insane. Without spoiling too much, she lifts up part of the Earth's crust. She is also one of the most powerful female characters in fiction.

Seeing her fight, fully unleashed, and seeing her fight with Genos against *redacted* was just fantastic and one of my favorites battles in the whole story so far.

1. Genos (Demon Cyborg)

My absolute favorite character in the whole show, even if I included Saitama is by far, Genos. He is just so...COOL?!

In terms of power level it is insane to think that he would probably dominate in just about any other major fictional universe, but is only a top tier in the OPM universe. In just the first few episodes we see him destroy a MOUNTAIN. His feats really operates at a scale that really only Saitama or Tatsumaki do in the story.

Besides his menacing and cool character design, it is also cool to see his juxtaposition of his appearance with Saitama. Genos looks like the more powerful character, and having him on such a high power tier only makes Saitama look better.

Another thing that makes Genos such a likeable character is his absolute humility. Despite being such a powerful being, he always is humble to admit he needs to be more powerful. He knows he never will surpass Saitama, but he doesn't give up trying to learn and be better. He also doesn't care about the universe's in-universe ranking system. He knows Saitama is the most powerful being there is, and doesn't care that he "out ranks him" in the Hero Association. To learn from some who society says is "lesser than you" is something that show's incredible character.

Hinestly, if there is one character I would love to see get a dedicated spin off it would be Genos. He's bad ass, humble, never gives up, always learning, and just a fantastically well written character. He is good enough to be able to step outside Saitama's shadow and get his own adventure.

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