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Top 15 Marvel Snap Cards

Marvel Snap has became a essential part of my daily routine. It is just an absolutely fantastic game that I fell in love with back in 2022. It ranked top 3 in our Top 10 Games of 2022, and only if not for the incredible competition making it one of the hardest top three's ever, it was seriously considered for my top spot. I just love how this game has made me fall in love with a genre of games that I normally don't like, card battling.

I thought it would make for a fun discussion to list off my top 15 favorite character cards in the game. At the time of writing I'm "only" in CL 1000's so There are plenty of cards I don't have yet, so if a card you really enjoy isn't listed here, I may not have had much or any time with it. For this list I am focusing on only cards I personally have unlocked. There are some really popular cards like Wong, and Galactus that I don't have yet.

I also am listing these cards in a order of just how much I like them:

-how much I like building decks around them

-how much I like their art

-how much I enjoy their abilities.

-how much they offer fun combos or win scenarios

I am NOT saying these are the most powerful cards in the game, as there are some that are maybe more powerful or more useful. These are just my preferences and characters I enjoy. They are being ranked individually and not being shown as a whole deck as some of these cards work better with other cards or certain types of decks like Move/Destroy/Zoo/Discard. If a character you enjoy is missing, tell us on social media comments!

15. Infinaut

Infininaut is the highest power card in the game at his base power. While other cards can be combo'ed higher he starts at a whopping 20. His drawback is that you can't play a turn prior. While there are some cards that can help get him in play without skipping a turn, its not always easy to pull off or relies on luck. I don't like skipping t5 and it's high risk high reward. I feel like a 5 cost and 6 cost can sometimes out weigh one Infinaut. Its undeniable one of the most powerful single cards in the game, but not my favorite way to play T6.

14. Agent 13

I'm a little partial to cards that give me free cards. It just feels like unwrapping a little present on their turns. Plus she can be really helpful when your just not drawing the cards you want early or have nothing to play. It's purely luck but for a one cost card early on I think she has a great ability.

13. Armor

While only ranked 13, armor is one of the most essential and important cards to have in a deck. She protects all cards in a lane. So many decks build around destroying cards that without armor you could be in trouble and opponent can get an advantage. Armor can prevent your opponent from destroying cards reliant on destroy. If you have big destroys coming up and you need to protect the cards already past destroy, you need to keep them safe. She is a huge counter towards things like enemy killmongers or bucky barnes. Playing without Armor is just super risky.

12. Aero

Aero has a unique ability that can be incredible in T6. She moves all enemy cards played current round to her location. At first this may seem counter productive. Aero is only worth 6 points and odds are the enemy might play more than that. However, in the scenario of a T6 where you control 2/3 of the locations, and you drop her in the losing one, there is a massive probability of victory. One of my favorite moves was playing her T6 on Fisk/Fisk tower destroying their T6 card.

11. Psylocke

Psylocky may seem simple or not hugely helpful at first, but in reality she can be invaluable as a humble 2 cost card. Psylocke has the ability to give you +1 energy the next round. This means if your early drawn cards are all high power she could help you have to skip one less turn. But mostly where she really shines in in T4. If you play her t4, that means for T5 and T6, you get to play TWO COST SIX cards and that can be a huge advantage. I also really like using her on T4, so that I can play T5 Destroyer and then T6 Taskmaster.

10. White Queen

White Queen strategically can be immensely invaluable. She can really level playing field on big T5/6 enemy plays. She gives you a copy of your opponent's highest card in their hand. This is very helpful in the fact that this gives you visibility to what will "probably" be their T6 play. White Queen has won me countless rounds because I knew what their T6 was going to most likely be. This knowledge is helpful in countering, or at the very least matching.

9. Nick Fury

Nick Fury becomes less necessary as you advance up the levels, but earlier on He was very helpful when you don't yet have some of the high cost cards. Before I had some of the big T6 moves, I said I like cards that give me more cards and he drops THREE 6 cost cards. It's like Christmas.

8. Killmonger

Killmonger is one of the most satisfying cards when you pull off his biggest move. He destroys ALL 1 cost cards on the board (yours and enemy cards). You have to be smart with your decks so that you of course don't shoot yourself in the foot. When you are up against the right decks, and your opponent is playing the right lineup, he can be so satisfying. I once cleared out a massive board and it was an instant enemy retreat that made my day.

7. Onslaught

Onslaught is a character I had never heard of before this game, and I consider myself a big Marvel fan, and he has quickly become one of my favorites. He doubles ongoing abilities. My favorite combo is to play him with Ironman. Ironman doubles your power at a location, so pairing him with Onslaught essentially can 4x a locations power. Just an Onslaught and an Ironman together on a location can be 28 points. This combo is also partially why Infinaut is so low on my list. This easy combo is worth at LEAST 28 points over two turns where as Infinaut is only 20 over two turns.

6. Hulk

Hulk may not be the strongest T6 play in the game, but early on he is invaluable. Early on, Hulk is the first big T6 card most players get. He helped me win many games early on. He has no powers, and there's not much to combo or prep for him. You just drop him T6 and hope for the best. At 12 power he's the highest power cards with no prep or drawbacks. While he's easily countered later on, for new players he is just a necessity.

5. Ironman

Onslaughts buddy, Ironman is one of the most powerful cards you get as an early player. He is easy to use and doesnt require much strategy or prep. He just doubles a location's power. Ironman is the difference between defeat and victory as an early player. He is also a great counter to Shang-chi as he is Zero power and his boost applies to the location not the cards.

4. Leader

(Update: Leader got a major nerf that makes him less useful. However this article was written prior to really having much time to experiment with his new details)


I hated Leader. He is next to Shanchi in one of the most hated cards in the game. Many might say he's a little broken. Losing to him feels annoying. You don't feel outplayed or outsmarted, you feel a little cheated.

That being said, it you keep a good attitude and learn to play him or play against him he can be fun to have and fun to defeat.

He copies all enemy cards played in a turn to your side. I'll admit, early game I felt like he was just an instant win that angered me when people played him. These really OP cards are more annoying when you don't have them. When I finally unlocked him for myself, and lost the first few tries, I saw he could be beaten. He has counters and ways to plan against him. This helps make him feel more fun. He can be fun, but you need to be aware for cards and combos that can outsmart him. You need to be winning two locations at T5 to have a good chance.

3. Destroyer

When I first saw Destroyer's ability, I was very confuzed. How could he possibly be any good? For only 3 more power points than Hulk he DESTROYS ALL YOUR CARDS? This game is built on the premise that you must win 2/3 of locations. He is a 6 cost which means majority will be played on T6. I was confuzed how he could be that good. Sure you could drop a Collosus on one location for a measily 3 points. Armor can help protect one lane, but there's some luck that you get her. Little did I know that Destroyer was going to become one of my FAVORITE cards and has my highest win rate.

Destroyer is effectively and hilariously near Leader proof. He plays great with Bucky Barnes. There's a combo I really love which is T4 Psylocke, T5 Destroyer, T6 Taskmasker who copies his power. His ability is so counter intuitive but so effective.

2. Hobgoblin

Some people HATE Hobgoblin but gosh I love his toxic annoying ability. I even smile a little bit when people use him on me. He is one of few cards that actually go over to your opponent's side and gives them a -8 power. He not only is essentially worth 8 points for you but wastes a spot on their side as well! I love him on certain locations. Locations that apply negative power to cards actually BUFF him when they hurt all other cards. Locations or cards that "double" power also double him to -16! If you time it right you can fill up your opponent's location before they get the chance locking in a likely location win. My favorite is dropping him on Throne where only one card can be.

He has some easy counters as Odin can just kick him right back to yourside. Enemy destroy decks can take him out easily. It's also a risk being a 5 cost that the enemy could fill a location same turn you're trying to and you're stuck with him on yourside. Despite his high risk high reward, I love this card.

1. Shang-Chi

I know I am going to really ANGER some Snap fans with my number 1 pick. Again, I'm not saying he's the best or more powerful card. In fact, the developers have called him very overrated with a lower win statistics.

I win more with other cards, like Destroyer. However there is NOTHING more satifying than getting a big multikill with Shang-chi. He has a pretty powerful ability to destroy all cards over 9 power at a location. He can mess up so many big T5/6 moves. He can absolutely wreck certain locations and combos and decks.

I picked him for number one because some of my favorite moments in the game have been with Shang-chi. Some favorites were when I had an opponent with a huge Venom, Thor, Death combo going on with massive power. It was just great. I also found myself with a three cards over 9 at one location, and my opponent was snapping and emoting like crazy. I could SENSE his Shang-chi coming. I dropped Armor with priority T6 and he played Shang-chi. I won. It made my day.

He's really easy to counter with Cosmo or Armor, or with decks that rely on combos and power distribution. But when the stars align for a big kill he is just FANTASTIC.


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