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Top 15 Summer Trailers and Reveals (Summer Games Fest 2024, Xbox & State of Play)

Summer Games Fest 2024 has once again captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers worldwide. This year’s event, a vibrant celebration of gaming culture, brought together developers, creators, and fans for a thrilling showcase of the latest and greatest in the gaming world. With a host of eagerly anticipated titles revealed, the fest set the stage for an exciting year ahead in gaming. From blockbuster sequels to innovative new IPs, the announcements were nothing short of spectacular. In this article, we'll delve into the highlights of Summer Games Fest 2024. This article will recap the whole event, as they technically were a part of the SGF event as a whole; this article WILL include games shown during Sony State of Play and Xbox Games Showcase, not just games from the specific SGF Keynote. Technically those other keynotes were a part of SGF as a whole. I think most gamers agreed that Xbox knocked this event out of the park with their best showcase in years. This article will include new game announcements or just news and trailers on games we already knwo about. We will be of course exploring the most exciting games announced and what they promise for the future of gaming. This is a short recap of our favorite games, and not an exhaustive list of the many many games present at these various keynotes. As this is our favorites, there may be some big reveals not listed here.


Gears of War: E Day - Reveal Trailer

Xbox's big "one more thing" of their keynote, excited many fans. I think many were expecting Gears 6 instead...but this prequel did manage to impress and excite fans. I'm a new comer to the franchise, having enjoyed 5, I am excited for this new installment.

Perfect Dark - Gameplay Reveal

Perfect Dark is a game I have been looking forward to from Xbox for a while. It has been in quiet development limbo for years, and we finally got a detailed look at it. I think visually the gmae looks impressive, and what little we sawwof gameplay looked impressive. Some shots of the main character looked a little off and uncanny, with others and myself noticing in some shots her chin looks unusually HUGE and like a 80's male action hero. Maybe they will be ablke to fix her uncanny face by the time of launch based on viewer feedback. A small nitpick of character modeling decisions aside, the game looks exciting.

DOOM: The Dark Ages - Official Reveal

One of the clear winners of the whole event is DOOM The Dark Ages. Instead of giving us a traditional third instalment in the new franchise, we are getting a "Dark Ages" installment, complete with a more primitive setting. Now DOOMGUY has a metal arm shield and a skull launcher. It looks way cooler than it even sounds to be honest.

The First Descendant - Release Date Reveal

We have been looking forward to the First Descendant for some time now, especially after getting out hands on the beta. This game is visually fantastic, with fun gameplay, and just good overall first few hours. We now have a release date of right around the corner with July 2nd.

FragPunk - Reveal Trailer

Fragpunk looks to shake up the hero shooter gameplay loop with what looked to me to be a really cool new mechanic. It has this card system that provides unique gameplay altering boosts to the gameplay. It is more than just "power ups", but seems to alter the world around players in a bigger way than boosts to the player. It is hard to describe so defeintely watch the trailer. I liked this one, and hope it can find its place in this crowded genre.

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers - Reveal Trailer

Wuchang Fallen Feathers I think is one of those games that seems cooler than the attention I see it getting. I think it has a somewhat generic name, but this trailer really sold me with its visuals, character designs, and overall vibe. This looks better than some random fantasy souls like clone.

Cuffbust - Reveal Trailer

Alien Koalas escape from prison.

I don't have words. This looks...hilarious.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 - Reveal Trailer

Whether you are a die hard fan, a total Hater of anything COD, or a fan who's just a little bit burnt out or dissappointed with some recent releases; I have seen fans across all parts of that spectrum. I put myself in the fan but burnt out on some bad installments category. I really was dissappointed in MW3, Vanguard, and Cold War, but I really liked WWII, MW 1&2 reboots.

Black Ops the first installment to launch fully under the umbrella of Xbox, now coming to Xbox Game Pass. The new movement abilities look good. I am over all excited as long as the campagin is high quality and the multiplayer shows effort, I will be there. With Xbox removing (more) of the barrier to entry...the pressure is on Activsion and the devs to make this game worth people's time.

Cygni: All Guns Blazing - Character CG and Release Date Trailer

This CG Character trailer tells us pretty little about the game...(other than the anti-modern audience Stellar Blade strategy their marketing department is clearly going for). I think it is going to be some kind of ship based shooter? Who knows, but it looks cool.

Valorant - Gameplay Trailer / Console Launch Reveal

I prefer to play shooters with a controller. Whether on PC or Console, I just prefer shooters with a controller. I'm not here to claim controllers are better. This isn't a PC > Console, PC master race argument. I know objectively mouse is better at a lot of things. But I am saying it is my preference, and when Valorant launched; it launched with no controller support. I personally feel sluggish and slow in shooters with Mouse and Keyboard. Because of this, I liked the look and vibe of Valorant but never really got into it. Now that Valorant is launching on Console...I can finally play it on controller. This makes me excited.

Until Dawn Remastered - Trailer

One of my favorite PS4 and horror games Until Dawn is getting a PS5 remastered. This game was always amazing, visually impressive, and sits in that incredible Hyper-Cinematic genre of movie like games. I am really excited for this.

Ballad of Antara - Reveal Trailer

Ballad of Antara is an visually beautiful and intriguing fantasy game, that just really pulled me into its world and color schemes and over all atmosphere.

Civilization VII - Teaser Trailer

I haven't seriously played Civilization since I was a child who put I don't even know how many hundreds or more hours into Civilization III. Seeing this did bring a huge wave of childhood nostalgia.

Concord - Gameplay Trailer

To say that Concord has had mixed reactions to gamers is a bit of understatement. I think if they hadn't shown the game off with a lengthy cinematic trailer that HEAVILY implied this is a single player narrative shooter, aka "Guardians of the Galaxy" archetype that many compared this too...before revealing this to be a Hero Shooter instead, I think players would have responded better. If they had skipped the cineematic for later, and just shown the gameplay first instead, I think more people would be interested. The "bait and switch" put a bit of a bad taste in people's mouth, but to me (even if I am in rare company) amd willing to hear more about this.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure - MAX IS BACK! DIRECT SEQUEL FINALLY!

I am saving my favorite game from the whole event for last. Life is Strange 1 is a 10/10 game, and in my opinion a top 10 all time. I loved that game. It's art style, characters, story, and gameplay were just next level. I (notoriously) hated 2, and really enjoyed True Colors (3). In the roller coaster of emotion that has been the ride that is being a Life is Strange fan....when they revealed that were were FINALLY getting a direct sequel to the orinial with Max returning. I was on the edge of my seat. When I tell you this could being a GOTY contender and a 10/10 in waiting, I can't over sell that enough. Then again, I just hope they stick the landing.


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