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Top 5 New Video Game Characters of 2022

Each year delivers a plethora of beloved new video game characters for players to fall in love with. The key to success for many video games is their narratives and likable characters. I feel like 2022, was a little light on new characters but, still delivered a fantastic list of characters that we are glad we got to know. This year we see some really deep new characters, characters who are just a blast to play as, or characters who are just dripping in ominous mystery. I always look forward to the new stories we get in games, and characters are the backbone of any good story. I also love a great multiplayer experience, and the addition of new heroes with new abilities is the best way to keep a multiplayer game feeling fresh and new years later.

The Rules: A character must be a new depiction in video games in 2022. If a character is well known in tv/movies it may be allowed if it is a new depiction or new to a game series in some way. Returning characters from games from years past are not allowed.

5. Apex Legends: Newcastle

One of the best additions to Apex Legends in 2022 was in my opinion Newcastle. I felt like Apex left a little to be desired this year with boring new maps and other updates. I really want Respawn and EA to double down and put some effort into Apex 2023. However, that doesn't lessen from how fun Newcastle can be. He is a heavily defensive new Legend. He has a massive fortification wall for a Ultimate that can be great for fortifying positions, especially in late game if final circle is in an open wide area. He also has a mobile shield that he can relocate, and he also has a large shield during reviving. Overall, he is just a tank that can keep a team safe, and fun to play as.

4. The Quarry: Laura

Laura from The Quarry is an underrated character from 2022. The Quarry has many characters in it as it is an ensemble character driven game; however, Laura feels closest to being the "main protagonist" considering you start as her and she is the main hero working to combat the Werewolf threat. She is also just really bad ass in her quick evolution from "teen camp counselor who wants to be a vet" to Werewolf Hunter with a bow.

2. God of War Ragnarok: Odin

I didn't get Odin at first. He's a disarming, unassuming character from the first get go. It preaches peace and seems almost disinterested in war or conflict. He doesn't come off as power hungry or anything. Sure, he's mistreated the side characters in the story, but we haven't really seen him do anything that bad to Kratos or Atreus before or through half this game. I really just struggled with him being the main bad guy. He even seemed like he wanted to break the prophecy to begin with. I just didn't get it.

However, there is a late game twist I didn't see coming. I don't want to spoil it, but to understand why Odin is a great character you have to complete most of Ragnarok. He is just a great villain.

2. Alejandro Vargas

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II delivered the best Call of Duty Campaign we have seen in years. It is dark, gritty, and insane production value. I feel like I was a part of a big budget military film. Part of what made MWII's campaign so fantastic is that bad ass dude right here. Alejandro is a walking bad ass, and stole the show in every scene in a game that included the ominous Ghost. Activision needs to give this guy more appearances in future Call of Duty's. He just has so much gravitas and was easily one of my favorite characters of the year. I aim to someday be 10% as epic as this guy.

1. Overwatch 2: Kiriko

Overwatch 2 has had a rough time. It had one of the worst launches I've seen. It has been fairly criticized for it's lack of sequel worthy content. It's got some work to do. It's still super fun to play, but it has a lot of growth needed. Overwatch 2 introduced three new heroes at launch, and to be honest I felt like Junker Queen and Sojourn were too similar to existing heroes. No offense to their fans, I just felt like their characters were a little boring. Sojourn is a blast to play but admittedly she is just Lady 76.

Kiriko is a new support hero, and she feels FRESH. I understand that Lady Hero Genji is fair. But unlike the other two, she changes enough to feel fresh and feels like a new unique characters. This was aided by her absolutely fantastic Cinematic Short. Kiriko has one of the best shorts of all the characters. We just get to see a support character be a bad ass. In terms of gameplay, I think she is super fun. She has fun and unique gameplay that I feel is diverse and exciting. Despite being brand new, I already have countless hours as her, as she has entered in rotation for one of my favorite picks when playing support.


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