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Top 5 New Video Game Weapons of 2022

This one is one of our more unique lists, and one I don't see often from other outlets. However, I really like this list and find it fun to collect. What I find interesting is how reliable it is. Every new year delivers new and exciting games, but there's no rule that says new weapons must be introduced; and yet since we started this list, each year I come across new and exciting weapons in video games.


They must be something novel from this past year of 2022. They have to be a new weapon or newly introduced, in a ongoing game or current release game. We are looking for new weapons that haven't appeared in previous installments or films. If they have something similar in a previous game, they need to be new in some other way. Typically I am looking for a unique take on gameplay or story. Weapons can be any type of object that is a sword, gun, or item that does damage. This list does not include non-physical items that are abilities, powers, or magic.

5. Lost Ark: Death Blade Assassin's "Triple Swords"

What's better than carrying a sword? Better than carrying TWO swords even? Well obviously it's carrying THREE SWORDS AT ONCE. For decades we have seen some of the coolest and most badass of video game protagonists duel wielding swords or carrying two swords on their back. It is a timeless sign of "badassery" to have two swords on one's back. The company of heroes like Starkiller or Geralt of Rivia. Two Swords means epic hero. So does a triple sword mean even more epicness? Well apparently it does, because the Deathblade Assassin from Lost Ark is incredibly intimidating and the three swords is not just for show. They carry two short swords and one long sword, and this has an impact in gameplay. In gameplay, the Deathblade has countless different means of attack. Players have countless customizable attack commands, and each is unique. Lost Ark with the Deathblade manages to make swinging a sword feel diverse and ever fresh. Lost Arks fast, diverse, and lightning combat warranted a high spot on our main Top 10 Game list, and these swords are a big reason why.

4. Vampire Survivors: "Garlic"

How is a simple seemingly unassuming clove of garlic to be one of the most powerful video game weapons of 2022? Well in our Indie GOTY 2022, the humble Garlic is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is the difference between a short run and a long one. It creates and area of affect damage circle around the protagonist in the game which damages all enemies within a certain radius. In a game that ever increases the amount of enemies swarming near you, the Garlic gives you a fighting chance. Without this weapon, the slightest touch with quickly drain you of all health. All the other weapons and powers in the game, have a slight delay or timer, have limited striking distance or time. The garlic hurts your foes before they even have a chance to get to you. It is one of the most necessary weapons of the year in order to survive. If only Kratos or Destiny's Guardians had this magical vegetable, perhaps their journey's would be easier.

3. Overwatch 2: Sojourn's Railgun

What does any accurate, high powered, high rate of fire, assault rifle need to balance it all out? Well an ultra accurate high powered rail gun laser blast of course! Overwatch 2 is finally here, and despite it's many problems and countless hours of fun with it brought new heroes. For this list we had to pick Sojourn's Railgun. Sojourn has been lovingly criticized by the fan base for being a tad bit over powered. After all she is basically Soldier 77, better in everyday than 76. Her movement, area of effect, and gun all just BETTER. A big part of her effectiveness is thanks to her trusted railgun rifle.

It has full auto, accuracy at a distance, high damage; can chew through a tank pretty quick, and just when you thought she was done, all that damage will have charged up the alt fire, which is a rail gun laser with the accuracy of a marine sniper that will one shot most of the "squishes". It's stupid, fun, broken, and you better go play it before it gets nerfed.

2. God of War Ragnarok: *BONUS* Draupnir Spear / Ingrid

I could easily include Thor's hammer Mjölnir in this list; however, it breaks several spirits of the rules. Kratos doesn't wield it (and neither does the player), it's definitely not "new" as we've seen Mjölnir often before. It also works exactly as Kratos Axe essentially so it would have been a ultimately boring gameplay variety. Even the developers said that wielding Thor's hammer would have been too obvious and boring for gameplay. However that didn't stop the game from absolutely delivering for this list. God of War Ragnarok gave us not one, but TWO fantastic new weapons. I couldn't pick a favorite so #2 is a Buy One Get One deal on game weapons. Kratos gets a brand new spear, the Draupnir Spear which he can summon from a magical ring. It is effective for range throwing and close up combat. It can impale enemies, and Kratos can even throw multiple ones into an enemy and detonate them so they explode. It is super satisfying. It is different enough from his Axe and Blades to give gameplay variety, but not so much more powerful that they take away from his other weapons. You can almost play the three weapons at your leisure outside bosses. The fight between Kratos and Heimdal with the spear alone is also just epic on many levels.

However, I have to talk about Ingrid and how much fun it is in concept. Ingrid is much more than a simple sword. She is a sentient sword that fly's around and helps Loki/Atreus. She really reminds me in many ways to the MCU representation of Dr. Strange's cloak. She flies around enemies and attacks them and can even launch blasts of energy. She qualifies for this list because she is still under Loki's control. It's not like she is purely a squadmate, Loki still tells this sword when to attack and can send it towards specific enemies. It's kind of a weird hybrid but just works so well in gameplay.

Honerable Mention: Entropy Gun

I considered the Entropy Gun from Entropy Centre for this list. However, considering how it more of a tool in a puzzle based game, it felt more "weapon" in shape only. It is a tool just in the shape of rifle. This game is not a FPS, and you don't spend time shooting enemies with it. However, despite it's technically not being much of a weapon, being that's not the combat purpose of the game; I felt it was worth mentioning in a special shout out. The gun also talks to you so that's entertaining. If you haven't checked out Entropy Centre, it is a fantastic portal-like.

1. Destiny 2: Glaive

Destiny 2 introduced the Glaive. It is a special spear like weapon, and it became my new favorite way to play Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is FPS game where the main meta is always has been guns. This is a game build around projectile based combat. Yes, the game has swords, but they have limited ammo and are considered heavy weapons. You don't fight the countless hoards with a sword; you bring it out for a big attack on a heavy enemy or boss. This is a game that is gun first in every way. There are so many enemies that you encounter on a single mission that guns are really the only way to go; Until the Glaive. The Glaive is a new weapon type in Destiny that just offered such a fresh take on gameplay that I fell in love with it. It is deceptively also a ranged weapon. You can use the glaive to snipe enemies at distance. It has higher ammo than snipers but great range and damage. Ever since Destiny 2 switched main weapons to infinite ammo, this remains a limited ammo device which helps with balancing. But as long as you collect ammo drops and still bring an infinite ammo weapon for back up, you should only rarely find yourself in a pinch with no ammo for it. Additionally, when holding the Glaive, your melee is replaced with a charged attack. This is really helpful for having a powerful melee in areas where hoards attack you up close. The Guardian's regular melee is pretty weak, and the charged up melee takes a long time to cool down. Having the Glaive really enhances close range combat, which is incredible considering how great a range this weapon has. It is rare to see a weapon with such fantastic close up and far distance utility. The fresh gameplay it brings to Destiny 2, the balance, and the range that it offers are all reasons why I picked it for my favorite new video game weapon of 2022.


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