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Wonder Woman 1984 - Game Infinite Review

I went in to Wonder Woman 1984 expecting it to be exactly the same as every DCEU film to date. Admittedly some films have been really good like the first Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Some have been Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman bad. There was even the absolutely awful Man of Steel abomination. Good or Bad they all use a very similar forumla. They have a big bad CGI monster, a big final battle, and of course the dreaded sky beam is a trope favorite. I went in expecting it to cultimate into another of the same super hero story we have seen good or bad a 1000 times. I was expecting Max Lord to turn into a CGI monster, with Wonder Woman forced to stop the sky beam.

The story was so capable of slipping into these tropes too, Every step of the way I kept seeing where it could go those narrative directions.

Imagine my surprise when instead we got a different story, a story devoid of sky beams, bug armies, and big CGI monsters.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not completely devoid of tropes. The Cheeta villian felt a little unnecessary. However, the “wish based” narrative and the more cerebral villian were wonderful change of pace. The fluidic combat in the film was absolutely fantastic, cinematic, and fresh.


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