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Wordle - Game Infinite Review

Wordle has become a new cultural obsession that has many people talking, sharing their wins on social media, bragging to coworkers, and more. Wordle is a game for everyone, not just your crossword loving Grandma. Your coworker, your call of duty loving bro-gamer friend, your hard-core JRPG weeb friends, everyone. Wordle is everywhere. It has been mentioned by various major non-gaming news outlets, and even was highlighted in google with google changing their logo to the green wordle tiles. We just don’t talk about Wordle 219…

Wordle is definitely a more unique game than what we typically review. It’s not on any platform normally I play on; it’s actually "just a browser game". When I first heard about it from my day job coworkers, the first thing I did was was go to look for it on the app store where I was unknowingly greeted by clones that were quickly removed. I then learned the “real” wordle was actually just on a website. It’s 2022 after all, you can forgive me for forgetting that you can still play games in a browser.

The game is remarkably simple, almost too simple that describing it may seem like it diminishes the value. You are trying to guess a 5 letter word, and you have 6 guesses.

That’s it. But…not really. There’s some strategy to it: Choosing your guess words carefully to quickly figure out the necessary vowels, and using sudoku-like logic to quickly get to the correct word.

It’s way more intriguing than it sounds, even to those who don’t normally like Puzzle games. This game has captured the attention of the masses because of it’s simplicity; its “ah-ha” moment when you solve the day’s puzzle. It also incorporates a fun share method that let’s you share your victory, spoiler free.

There’s something fun about standing around a screen with your co-workers, and solving the day’s puzzle together that reminds me of being a child and helping my parents solve a word puzzle in the newspaper.

My only complaint about it is I want more. The score would be higher if it offered more daily content. Each puzzle is solvable in a matter of minutes at most. The game is limited to one puzzle a day, I guess to encourage us to go outside? The game was made by one guy, and he was not expecting the viral destiny of the game, so maybe we can get multiple daily games or a full app in the future.

Try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think! -


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