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Xbox + Bethesda E32021 Event Recap

Today marked the historical first join E3 Event from both Xbox and Bethesda now that Bethesda is officially under the Xbox umbrella. We got exciting news and updates from both sides of the Xbox and Bethesda fences.

We got a much anticipated look at Bethesda's upcoming Starfield, even if only a cinematic trailer with a late 2022 release date. Xbox Bethesda also gave many updates on popular live service / gamepads games such as ESO, Fallout 76, and Doom Eternal.

Whatever you do, you have to watch the Outer Worlds 2 trailer because it is just that funny.

We also got a much needed update on Halo Infinite with both a new albeit brief story trailer, alongside an energetic Multiplayer trailer. While light on big announcements, surprise appearances, the event did deliver on bringing games. Thanks to the now combined presence of Xbox and Bethesda, the quantity of titles was good. I give the Event a Fair to Good rating.

Full Event: GOOD Rating


I think some fans will disappointed just how far away Starfield is coming, with a late November 11, 2022 release, just proving just how early the game was revealed, not to mention Elder Scrolls 6. With still a year and a half to go, all we got was a cinematic story trailer that showed an astronaut dressed character in some sort of space facility, WE still didn't

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer

If the cinematic trailer didn't convince you, well I think the gameplay one will. The weather affects alone look just absolutely phenomenal, let alone the amazing massive maps.

Back 4 Blood

Hades coming to Game Pass

One of 2020's best not just indie games, but games in general, Hades is coming to Xbox Game Pass.


Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Halo Infinite Trailer

So Discount Cortana anyone? Is MC still looking for her? Is she actually dead? What's happening!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Trailer

A Plague Tale: Requiem

I regret never playing the first Plague Tale because I know that it is a great game from everyone who has played it. I might just need to make time now that a sequel is coming.

The Outer Worlds 2

Ok, if you watch ONE trailer from this event, watch this one. It is hilariously self aware and an entire parody of E3 game trailers. This is the sort of self-humor that I just love. Best trailer of the event.

Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S Gameplay

Forza Horizon 5

Few things are guaranteed in the gaming world like life death micro transactions and a new Forza game.


Xbox ended the conference with a surprise new IP and exciting Cinematic trailer for a Vampire hunting supernatural game.

For more gaming news, stay tuned as more gaming coverage will drop over the weekend as we head into E3 2021. We will keep everyone up to date on social media so follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more!


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