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You Can Now Subscribe to Game Infinite!

Do you enjoy all that Game Infinite and what our Gi Channels have to offer? Do you enjoy reading our articles, game reviews, or news? Did one of our Gi Channels help you find fellow fans of your favorite game or discover a content creator you now love? Did you enjoy one of the indie games you read about in Indie Game Round Up? Would you like to support a small indie gaming platform to grow and help even more creators? Well now for the first time ever, we are offering our followers, fans, and readers the opportunity to subscribe to us and support us via Patreon. You can subscribe HERE!

I the head of Gi, Jesse, recently through a particular event, found myself in between jobs. I am looking for a main job again, but I was encouraged to take this time to offer more to our loyal followers. Also, with everything that I do with Gi, I want to use this new feature to give BACK to Creators. I don't want to just to create a way for our followers to support the platform, I wanted another way to give more to fans and support creators more.

GiFriends ELITE

Our middle tier is specifically for Content Creators! Content Creators such as indie devs, cosplayers, artists, VP's, streamers can subscribe to our new tier of our content creator community GiFriends with the all new GiFriends ELITE. Elite Creators will get access to premium support options. We will add them to a special list of GIFriends creators who content get top priority for likes/comments/shares. For Elite streamers, viewership of their stream will be top priority. They also get a higher store discount, and we will be launching a monthly special feature of content for Elite creators. For just $6.99 a content creator can partner with us for our top tier VIP support. We will do everything in our power to help them be successful. We care about all of our GiFriends, but just this little bit of support will help us keep this platform going, and for that, we want to really deliver on help these creators back. When I say top priority support, that means, that ELITE creators will benefit from our help in liking, commenting, and sharing their content. We will try to help support events they're doing like kickstarters, livestreams, and the like. We will also be using this branding to tell our followers these creators come with our Stamp of Approval and you should check them out. We will do at least ONE Elite Member shout event each month as a full feature. Elite creators also can take part in Patron polls, article topic idea discussion, and more. For our ELITE streamers, we will make it a priority to catch, spread word, and share their streams. For our ELITE developers, their game will be prioritized in Indie Game Round Up, Game Infinite Reviews, and actual Game Purchase.

Our Other Fans!

For our "none creator" followers we will be offering a 5$ and a 20$ plan. If you are a creator, but don't want to be about of ELITE, you of course can do a "fan" tier. The base 5$ plan will offer some exclusive Patreon posts and polls, as well a discount on our store. This "Infinite Fan" is for those who can spare just 5$ to support a platform you believe in. You have our absolute gratitude. We hope we can deliver to you more than 5$ worth of gaming and nerdy content across Game Infinite and our current list of over 9 Gi Channels. For those who want EVEN more perks, and also MERCH, (because who doesn't love nerdy merch), our Super Fan tier grants even more exclusive perks but also a 3 month quarterly Gi Merch package. I realize that 20$ is a lot to ask of anyone...who do we think we are? Netflix? But this is to help offset the cost of the merch included in the top tier. You can think of this tier as a Lootbox tier! Would you like a nerdy shirt, shirt, print, and poster? If you need more Merch, you get 20% of our store as a member. In addition, if you have a topic in mind for an article, our Super Fans get to submit topic ideas that we will look into!

Commitment to FREE

I want to be clear. GiFriends will remain free to all creators. I do not want to gatekeep our support of creator who are paying us. That will never happen. I also say definitively that our articles, news, and reviews will remain on our website. I am not paywalling Game Infinite off. Our regular content and social media WILL REMAIN as active as ever. All of our monthly events you all love will remain and we have even more planned. I am simply offering a way for our most loyal fans to spare some change and help support us. Gi is currently not funded externally, and needs the help of fans to keep all this going! We will be of course offering our patrons rewards, discounts, and merch, but the bulk of our content will remain free.


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