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You probably missed the best movie of the year... (Creator: Game Infinite Review)

The people in charge of The Creator's marketing, and especially its trailer seriously need to be fired.

That is my biggest take away after having seen The Creator last night. The film is testament to the power (and failure) that marketing has on a movie... It is also a commentary of the odd state that the film industry is in right now.

I cannot fathom, that my friend and I got a private showing of this film. Granted, we didn't go during a peak time...but you need to understand the absolute marketing failure that is this movie.

This movie should be Avatar. This movie should be breaking records. This movie should be being talked about by friends and coworkers across America. Its theater showings should be full for weeks.

No one at my day job had even heard of this film. I made this a priority to see this because I love sci-fi, I love supporting original films. I love robotics. It has the directing caliber of being made by the director of Rogue One, one of my favorite Star Wars films. This movie is right up my ally. But even I, was not expecting the movie that I got, because the trailers sold me on a slow, cerebral, smart sci-fi film. I was expecting a somewhat slow hard sci-fi movie that makes me think. That doesn't necessarily fill seats in a theater. So much to my surprise, the stuff that DOES FILL seats in a theater was also there but didn't really come across in the trailers at all.

(Don't even watch the trailer. It just doesn't do justice to tone and quality of the film. It doesn't sell what you are getting. Just go watch it)

This movie is Avatar with Robots. It has a lot more action than I expected. It has so many nuclear and massive explosions it makes Oppenheimer boring in comparison. This should have been the IMAX Event of year instead. This movie is explosion porn. You want Nuclear bombs? You got em. It has some of the best CGI we have gotten in YEARS. Not just on the many many explosions, but small scale. Many of the characters are robots or "synths" that are just as visually impressive as the Navi of Avatar. It is a new and original story. This movie SHOULD BE MAKING BILLIONS.

I have never been more confused by a blockbuster's performance in my life. No one is seeing this film, and yet it is easily one of the best films of the year. All we hear are how audiences are tired of super heroes, tired of the endless sequels and reboots, and franchise films. I get it. I didn't want Indiana Jones 5. I didn't want ANOTHER reboot of Batman. I don't want any more live action remakes of Disney cartoons. I am kind of tired of the MCU. We have been complaining how CGI in modern movies have been so terrible lately (looking at you Thor Love and Thunder).

Here, we have a new original story set in a new universe, and it has the CGI better than most franchise films dropping today. Yet...somehow no one in Hollywood thought to market this film for the multi BILLION dollar block buster it should have been? I was expecting this slow sci-fi story...and I was watching massive onscreen war, with massive 'Merica future Tanks invading, with so much dawned on me that I was watching Avatar with Robots.

This film is more than just unreal effects, incredible action, but it also even has the deep emotional story that I was promised. This is a film that makes us think about the complex topics of AI, human fear, human prejudice. It has the cynical commentary of Avatar with a deeper story, and honestly some more likable characters.

I gave this film a 10/10 because it blew me away. Not only does it deliver on the action, it succeeds in convincing you of who the real bad guy is. It slowly changes whose side you think you should be on. It as much a cerebral film as it an action movie. Go see this and see it on the biggest screen you can.


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