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Ubisoft Press Conference - Gi E32018 Recap #7

Below is our Ubisoft E3 2018 Recap.

1. Just Dance 2019

Before you skip this paragraph, please understand something. I hate Just Dance. This coming from your friendly neighborhood fat man, trust me. But this was by far the most entertaining E3 performance I have ever seen. The video starts with a dancing panda mascot, a kick ass marching band, and gorgeous dancers. I sat on my couch sweating and heavy breathing while they just danced to some trumpets through an alley, through a building, AND THEN INTO THE CROWD LIKE IT WAS LIVE ALL ALONG. While Ubisoft arguably started with their weakest game, I must say this was a top 5 E3 moment. Also like 3:34 into the video, that man is humping his saxophone. You’re welcome.

(full presentation, with cinematic trailer at beginning)

2. Beyond Good and Evil 2

I honestly knew nothing about this series going in, but I’m absolutely blown away. After just watching the animated trailer, I feel like I already care about the well being of these characters. This is an action-adventure RPG where you assemble a crew, visit other planets and, I assume, whoop alien ass. The amount of detail that was put into this universe is stunning, and it’s fantastic to see the gameplay is just as seamless. I for sure wasn’t expecting Nightwing - I mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take the stage. Ubisoft announced they are partnering with Gordon-Levitt and his company Hit Record, and allowing the fan community to submit their own art and music (you will be compensated don’t worry) to be in the game. I don’t think anything like this has been done on this large of a scale before, and that’s cool as hell. Having no prior knowledge of this game, I’ve been trying my best to eat up any content I can find about it because this already looks like a Game of the Year contender.

3. Trials Rising

When I thought things couldn’t get any more fun, some dude came out riding a dirt bike dressed in Stars and Stripes, posed like the man he is, and straight Chris Farley’d into a fake podium. I had no idea what game he was about to talk about and I didn’t care. Turns out it was the Creative Director for Trials. I never got into these games myself but I can see the fun in them. You ride dirt bikes on crazy obstacle courses while trying to wipeout as hard as you can. The new game will be set to launch in February of 2019 for all platforms, including the Switch. Gives me enough time to grow a gnarly beard and learn sick motocross tricks.

4. The Division 2

I was pretty worried about this one going in, but Ubisoft pleasantly surprised me. The Creative Director came out to explain the story of the game, telling us how the story takes place 7 months after the outbreak of Small Pox runs rampant through the U.S. You play the part of what seems to be the Modern Warfare version of Robin Hood. Helping the innocent good guys by… shooting the bad guys in the head first? Makes sense to me honestly. They announced that FINALLY the game will feature 8-player raids, and there will be 3 episodic DLC packs planned the first year. They will include brand new areas and stories, and did I mention that they will all be FREE? It really feels like Ubisoft has learned a ton from the “positive feedback” they were given regarding the first game. With these new announcements, I’m really excited to play this sequel. I’m hoping it’s able to hold my interest longer than other social shooters with RPG elements. *cough Destiny cough*

5. Mario with Donkey Kong

Composer Grant Kirkhope conducted a live performance of the band Critical Hit, while some footage for the new Donkey Kong DLC played. The new expansion will be out on June 26th, and I’m too bored to talk about it any further.

6. Skull and Bones

Then came the real reason I watched Ubisoft’s press conference. This game looks immaculate. The gameplay showed off some of the best graphics I have ever seen, and the cinematic trailer was intense. The game is an open world, online experience where players can fight against, or team up with others in the hunt for booty. The gameplay trailer featured massive multi ship battles, in game online bosses that require multiple ships to kill, jaw dropping graphics and fast paced naval and ground combat. A lot of people are trying to compare this game to Sea of Thieves and that honestly confuses me. As a big Sea of Thieves fan, I can’t see many similarities between the 2 games other than the online experience and the pirate theme. If I was excited about this game before, seeing this part of the press conference doubles my excitement. I can’t wait to be a pirate, kill merchants, steal their stuff, fight other pirates and get scurvy/gangrene/syphilis. Sounds like college all over again.

7. Transference

Let me start off by saying that I think Elijah Wood is a vampire. Dude still looks like he’s 16, and makes me feel uncomfortable when I stare into his… absolutely gorgeous blue eyes…. Anyways, Elijah Wood came came out to talk about his new narrative VR project. The trailer seemed kind of like a spooky acid trip, and seems to really focus on the depths of consciousness. I’ll sign up for any dark, first person adventure. As seen with Resident Evil Biohazard, if done right, creepy VR gaming is truly in a league of its own. Transference is coming this fall to PS4, Xbox One, Rift, Vive, and PSVR.

8. STARFOX! ...well, Starfox content in Starlink?

For those of you who know nothing about this game, this one is a bit unusual but interesting. Set 400 light years away in the Atlas System, players fight an alien legion with huge ships and lasers. What’s so interesting about the game is that you can purchase collectibles and model ships and components, mount them on a little doohickey on the controller and use those toys in game. But the new announcement was in the inclusion of THEE BOY. Fox McCloud. One of my favorite video game characters Star Fox, and his signature Arwing will be included in the game, coming out for all consoles. They also brought our almighty father, Shigeru Miyamoto, up on the stage to accept an awesome statue of the Arwing. It was as heartwarming as it gets, but I expect nothing else from the always fantastic Miyamoto.

9. For Honor expansion

For Honor is getting a new expansion called Marching Fire and introduced a bunch of new things. The new mode, called Breach, features teams of 4 and pits them against each other. It also brings a new faction and four brand new fighters. They called this For Honor’s “biggest and most ambitious expansion so far”. I don’t mean to be rude (that’s never true), but no one cares anymore. This is a year too late.

10. The Crew 2

The Crew 2 will span 9 major cities and 7 different regions in the U.S. and gives players the ability to race, buy new cars, and do other… car…. things. The open beta can be pre loaded now and ready to play on June 21st. The game itself will be available on June 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC

11. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

After first impressions, I believe this will be the most ambitious Assassin’s Creed yet. This latest installment will take place in Ancient Greece, and you will play as the apparent grand son of Gerard Butler. According to Creative Director Jonathan Dunmont, Odyssey is “pushing our frachise into full RPG”. As a very avid RPG lover, this excites me to no end. This game will let you finally choose between a male or female character, will include a multiple choice dialogue system, possibility for multiple endings, and finally romance. Like most RPGs, the gear is customizable and the loot system from Origins makes its return. The land of Ancient Greece is filled with massive diversity which includes lush forests, gorgeous beaches and even snow capped mountains. Odyssey has a release date this fall, being October 5th. As someone who has played most of the Assassin’s Creed games, I am ecstatic at the twists they have brought in the past few years. RPG elements are what this series needed to survive, and it seems they are doing much more than surviving.


Ubisoft for sure closed out this conference on a high note. They showed a ton of games, some good, some bad. Regardless of their content, I must say that this one one of my favorite conferences to watch this year. They brought a ton of fun, a ton of dancing pandas, a ton of immortal hobbits and a ton of games that genuinely look incredible. Ubisoft, I must say, you have impressed me.

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